Weekly Workouts January 12-18

I had a pretty good week of workouts! I worked out 6 days and 3 of those days were doubles!!

I moved a total of 122,569 steps and burned 19,126 calories for the week. That's an increase of over 12,000 steps, but a decrease of just about 500 calories compared to last week. Weird. I know at one point during my Saturday WOD my Loop wasn't registering because when I uploaded the data it only showed me working out for :40 minutes and burning 97 calories. 

I've also been doing the Mamavation boot camp. Burpees, jumping jacks. Takes me just a little bit of time to knock it all out. I don't track my calories for that workout, but maybe I should??

Weekly Workout Schedule January 12-January 18

Sunday-REST DAY! Steps: 13,927


Monday- CrossFit & Jazzercise  HOLY LEG DAY!!! FOR TIME! 50 weighted front squats, 800m run, 50 weighted back squats, 800m run, 50 air squats. WOZERS! I chose to use 45# and we needed to use the same weight for both weighted exercises. I could have gone heavier in the back squats, but I was pretty proud that 1) I RAN the 800m, and 2) I didn't put the bar down at all during the back squats. After the WOD my friend and I walked 2 miles as a post-HOLY LEGS "walk it out, walk it out" Whew. I had originally planned to go to Jazzercise, but thought that walking might serve me better. I think it did because I experienced NO soreness. 

Calories: 633
Steps: 18,861


Tuesday- CrossFit:
Complete a 20 minute AMRAP of:
- 1/3(assisted) Rope Climb (15')
- 5 (may be assisted) Ring Dips
- 10 Med Ball "Toss and Catches" (20/15)

Because of my clumsiness and overall fear of tripping over a falling ball, or hitting someone with the ball, I opted for wall balls instead of toss and catches. It was a good move on my part. After the WOD I walked 800m.

Calories: 558

Steps: 17,007


Wednesday-Crossfit & Jazzercise. I did it! I made it a double header!! We started with a strict press, working up to a 5X3 heavy weight. Overhead is my hardest move, and strict press is my most challenging lift. I maxed out at 50pounds, but was happy that I did it 15 times. Then we did a quick 8 minute WOD of jump ropes and sit-ups, adding additional sets each round. Then I went to Jazzercise. This was my lowest calorie burn yet. There were a lot of confusing feet moves in the routines this instructor picked which caused my heart rate to basically go into resting mode because I was so confused by what was going on. I should have just run in place. Undecided

Calories: CrossFit: 362  Jazzercise:342 Combined= 704
Steps: 22,898


Thursday-Jazzercise. Thursday is usually my "rest day" from CrossFit, so I decided I'm just go and do some dancing today! It was fun! A great routine with a new (to me) instructor (Beth) and I loved her class! Such fun music!

Calories: 452

Steps: 15,166


Friday-CrossFit & Jazzercise. Another good day. At CrossFit I made up Thursday's WOD. It was great. Started with a 1000m row, then for time, 6 sets of: 10 power snatches, followed by a 100m sprint. I finished in 18:19.

Calories: 414

Then I went to Jazzercise and it was a great day for dancing! Lots of kick ball changes and those are always fun Smile

Calories: 405

Total Calories: 819

Steps: 15,936


Saturday- I made it to CrossFit!! I love Saturday partner WOD's. And what made it even better was that my friend Hope who does CrossFit at another box came and did the WOD with me. It was good. A 800m run, (and yes, I ran!!) and then in teams (we did a team of 4) we did 100 wall balls, 125 burpee plank jump overs, and 125 tire flips. I love tire flips. The wall balls were okay too. The burpee plank jump overs totally sucked. Tongue Out Post WOD Hope and I walked 2 miles and chatted. It was nice to walk and chat. We've never really been able to do that before. 

Calories: 640

Steps: 18,974




How was your week in workouts??


Jump Into Fitness at AirHeads Trampoline Arena!

Last February I had the opportunity to participate in an AirHeads Trampolean group fitness program. They even used ME in some of their ads for the program. I've pointed them out to you in the flyer below. I'm the one in blue with the pink arrow pointing at me.

When AirHeads reached out to me to participate in their Jump Into Fitness challenge, I jumped (see how I did that??) at the chance to do the classes again!

You can try out a class for FREE this week on Tuesday 1/14/14 at 6:15pm, and this Saturday 1/18/14 at 9am and see if the class is right for you!

I know that the class is right for me, and I'll be starting on Tuesday January 28th. I'll be going to get my bounce on Tuesday and Thursday mornings though the month of February.

What do you receive for your $79 monthly fee?

  • UNLIMITED  fitness classes in the 30 day period (but you should really aim for 10 classes for the following month FREE perk!!)
  • weekly wellness coaching by one of our certified instructors.
  • During your initial consultation with the instructor, you have the option to set personal weight loss/body fat percentage goals. 
  • If you successfully complete the 10 class challenge, your fitness pass is FREE for the following month. 


While there is NO designated child care, your kids can jump for free while you are working out and as always, our 'flight attendants" are supervising jumping at all times. Also, you can see your kids from your fitness class! 

I hope to bounce into some of you out at AirHeads next month!


Disclosure: I received compensation and classes to participate in the Jump Into Fitness program. All opinions are my own.

Jazzercise is all grown up

When I mentioned to friends and family that I was going to start taking Jazzercise in 2014, I got comments like

"are you bringing your leg warmers?" or "are you wearing a leotard?"

Neither. This is what I wore (post-workout photo, so crazy hair is a given!) Jazzercise is ALL GROWN UP! No leotards, no leg warmers! And none of the women in my class were wearing anything from the 1980's either!

I wore the same thing I normally wear to CrossFit! Tongue Out Except I didn't wear my Nano's. I wore my Brooks. And I slipped during a ball exercise, but more on that later. Thank goodness for a lot of padding on my butt.

I used to do Jazzercise back in the late 1990's. I loved it and did it constantly for 2 years. I have always loved dancing, and despite trying Zumba a small handful of times, I have not taken a dance aerobics class since meeting my husband and relocating to Tampa. When I met James, Jazzercise was the type of exercise I was doing. But we lived a far distance away from each other, so the time I used to spend in Jazzercise I was now spending in the car driving up to meet him.

This past year I discovered CrossFit and I've made amazing gains in my strength. Simply amazing. But I felt the tug of a true group fitness class calling back to me. Before CrossFit I pretty much only did Les Mills group fitness. But I don't want to give up CrossFit, not at all, so I needed to find something that would work. Les Mills classes at the Wellness Center meet at a time that wouldn't allow me to keep up CrossFit, and no way am I allowing that to happen.

I happened to be driving up US41 last week and saw a sign for Jazzercise and my heart skipped a beat. I came home, looked up their class schedule online and saw that they offer a 9:30am and 10:30am class and those times fit PERFECTLY with my CrossFit schedule!! I can do CrossFit on MWF at 9am, and then drive the few miles south to do Jazzercise at 10:30. On Tuesday/Thursday I am planning on only doing Jazzercise, but the 9:30am class.

Today's class had us dancing to Rhianna (one of my favorites) Pink, Kenny Chesney (I'm not really a country fan, but it wasn't bad) and other Top 40 hits! It was so much fun! We did a circuit workout too. We used exercise bands, hand weights, and an exercise ball for core work. This is when I slipped. I have used exercise balls for core work a lot of time. I mean a lot. But I had forgotten how slippery a wooden fitness floor can be. So as I was rolling out on my back to get into proper position my feet kept going and before I knew it the ball had slipped out from behind my back and my butt was on the ground. Too funny! The lady behind me caught my ball and said "you just missed me slipping too!!" HAHA!! I guess it happens to even the seasoned Jazzercisers.

We did a TON of squats and lunges. A ton. I do a lot in CrossFit but not for like 8 minutes straight. My legs were ON FIRE!! I can't wait to go back next week!! The instructor was great, upbeat, and personable. I had a great time. And yes, we did grapevines.


A few things to know about Jazzercise:


  • Jazzercise is the original dance aerobics class and got its start way before newcomers Zumba, Bhangra, and Dance Trance.
  • Unlike other dance classes, there are no mirrors in any of the Jazzercise studios. No mirrors means no self-judgement and no need for self consciousness. Go nuts. The instructor is trained to give easy-to-follow verbal cues, so follow along with her and you’ll be just fine. It’s like a live version of the Dance Dance Revolution video game.
  • According to the website, you can burn up to 600 calories in one class.  I burned 548 calories. I'm pretty happy with that!! My friend Liz, upon seeing my calorie burn on Facebook posted "not bad for dancing!" Right?? Not bad for dancing!!

  • Classes involve warm up, cardio dance segment, aerobic cool down, toning with weights, and a final warm down. Each and every segment is adaptable for all ability levels. I did the highest level for most of the routine, though a few moves I wasn't familiar with so had to really use my brain to think about it.
  • New songs and routines are used every 10 weeks to keep things fresh. So, if you hate Ke$ha or Taylor Swift, stick it out for a few weeks and there’ll be a new crop of pop stars to dance with next time.


Jazzercise Lutz/Tampa is currently running a special! You can enroll for FREE and the month of January is FREE!!

The Lutz/Tampa location also offers childcare at 9:30am which is great for those days when the kids are home from school and I still need my dancing fix!


Have you ever done Jazzercise???