Weekly Workouts March 30-April 5

How is it April already? Wow.

I had a pretty decent week in training. So much is still going on in my house and my life that I am barely keeping my head above water, which is why I haven't blogged in a long time. Whew. Such is life.


Sunday-Rest Day. You know what I did. Unpacking, organizing, cleaning, getting the house back in order. And walked the dog a few times. The house was still not finished being tiled, so I couldn't do "too much" unpacking of stuff.

Total steps: 14,401


Monday-CROSSFIT. A 12 minute AMRAP of:

100m sprint

5 pullups

5 situps

and keep adding sets of 5 until time expired. I made it to the set of 20.

Total Steps: 16,826

Calories burned: 483

And then it was report card day so we went and got frozen yogurt and then the kids and I hung out in the front yard while the tile dudes finished the house!

Tuesday-CROSSFIT It was also April Fool's Day. MURPH was posted on the whiteboard, but I'm no fool, so I didn't fall for it, but you can believe I posted the pic and played the joke on all my friends! HA! Worked like a charm!

What we actually did was about 20 minutes of power snatch technique, then 6 minutes of power snatch one every 30 seconds. Felt good, and I went up in weight by 5 pounds. Afterwards we did a 1000m row, 50 dumbbell snatches, 800m run. And I did it! I ran! Well, I walked/ran. First time since the Spartan Race that I ran.

Total Steps: 21,190

Calories burned: 616


Wednedsay-REST DAY I had a parent/teacher conference for my middle daughter, Ella. She's reading The Hunger Games (actually she's finished now) and there were some issues with it being above her designated reading level with independent school reading, so with my background in Library Science AND I'm a trained AR power librarian, so I felt equipped to meet and discuss. How did the meeting end up? With me volunteering EVERY Thursday in the classroom and media center. Tongue Out

Thursday-CROSSFIT Whew! This was a FOR TIME workout with a 25 minute cap!

100 double unders

90 air squats

80 double unders

70 air squats

60 double unders

50 air squats

40 double unders

30 air squats

20 double unders

10 air squats

I have issues with double unders. I did some skill work on the doubles before we started the WOD, and then off we went! I tried so hard. Every attempt counted as 1 double under even if I didn't get it. So I did a LOT of jumping because I usually have to do single single single double attempt, single single single double attempt. I whipped myself in the butt a few times and that really hurt!

And then I came home and MOWED THE LAWN!! It needed it so badly!

Total steps: 23,930

Calories: 668+725=1393

Friday-CROSSFIT Make up day!! Today I did DEATH BY DEADLIFT!!

Deadlifts are my favorite. Deadlifts make me smile. The RX weight was 95#, but we were rushing for time, so I just threw some weight on the bar and did 85#. I made it to minute 14 before I wasn't able to complete the entire set of 14 HRPU. I made it to 12. So I took a one minute rest, and then went for it again, and this time I finished them all. I could have gone for 15, but I tapped out. I also did some extra ab work and took a one mile walk. It was a good workout day!

Total Steps: 14,471

Calories: 826


Saturday-Rest Day Lots of laundry. House cleaning, and just general chores. Took Matthew on a few nice walks. The weather was just beautiful!

Total steps: 16,810

Total weekly steps: 119,904

How was your week in workouts??


Weekly Workouts March 23-29

Is my house ever going to be finished with the remodel?? This week we didn't have contractors in the house, but I still had a ton of work to do. I had to prep the last two rooms of our house to be worked on this coming week. I had to arrange appliance deliveries. My girls both got braces on Tuesday. It's just been such a challenging 6 weeks with my schedule being so wacky. Thank goodness it's almost over!!

So how did I do with my weekly workouts?

Sunday-REST DAY!! Well, kinda. I spent the day down in Venice with my mom and dad and we took the #TampaTrio to the North Jetty Beach.

Total Steps: 17,231

Monday-CROSSFIT!! Today I did the CrossFit Open WOD 14.4 I modified the WOD after the rowing portion so that I could continue to work, yet still record a score for the Open. It was a FUN WOD.

Calories burned: 579

Total Steps: 13,201

Tuesday-CROSSFIT!! Wozers. This WOD was a foreshadowing of what was going to be appearing for the Open WOD 14.5

But it was a lifesaving WOD for me. FINALLY after MONTHS of not being able to squat below parallel, I finally got it on Tuesday and it was all because of this WOD!!

Total Calories: 733

Steps: 16,479

Wednesday-CROSSFIT!! This was supposed to be a recovery WOD. We started off with a fun obstacle course warm-up. We had box jumps/step-ups then went to a gymnastics mat for somersaults, then 5 burpees, then 10 hanging knee raises, then we climbed under 2 bench press benches, and then we did a bear climb. 2 rounds. It was fun! Here I am posing at the top of the box, showing off my new Reebok Skyscape shoes. I love these shoes!!

And even though this was a "for time" WOD, I went a little slower because I wanted to go heavier on the KB swings, so I chose the 35 pound bell. And tire flipping is always fun! I picked a heavy tire, too.

Total Calories: 586

Steps: 23,999 (seriously had I checked this before I went to bed I would have walked one more freaking step!)

Thursday-REST DAY!! I have no idea what I did today.

Steps: 13,743

Friday-CROSSFIT!! Open WOD 14.5 Oh my word!! You can read all about it here!!

It was a calorie burner that's for sure!

And I didn't stop most of the day. It was an exhausting day and I couldn't wait to get to bed!

Total Steps: 14,086

Calories: 1157

Saturday-REST DAY!! And I did rest. I even took a nap! Though I also pulled up carpeting in the master bedroom. I also went to the box and celebrated the end of the Open!

Total Steps: 11,470

Overall it was a pretty decent week, but I'm really looking forward to my schedule returning to normal!

How was your week in workouts??

Weekly Workouts March 16-22

My kids were on Spring Break this week, and our house is still undergoing remodeling. Thankfully the remodeling is *almost* done, just two more rooms (our bedroom and Ronin's bedroom) and then we'll be done!! Lots of packing and unpacking still going on, but we'll get there...eventually.

Spring Break and remodeling have taken a toll on my workout schedule, but I managed to get in 4 CrossFit workouts, spent one day at SeaWorld, and two days away playing with my kids at the beach.

So here's how last week played out for me.

Sunday-REST DAY!! Well, as much rest as one can take with lawn work, unpacking, rearranging, that sort of thing.

Steps: 16,217

Monday- CrossFit. And it was St. Patrick's Day, so of course we had a themed WOD! We did 4 leaf clover!

1 minute of floor press, rest 1 minute, 1 minute of ring rows, rest 1 minute, 1 minute of double unders/singles, rest 1 minute, 1 minute burpees jumping up to a 6" target REPEAT everything 4 times. I started off the WOD with a 65# floor press, and made it one round, then had to drop to 45# for last 3 minutes. With double unders, let's say I tried them. I have no idea if I was actually doing them or not, but I was attempting them! It was a good WOD!

Calories: 397

Total Steps: 15,960


Tuesday-CrossFit. Can't remember exactly what we did, but it involved power cleans and jerks. LOL. That's all I can remember!! Spent the rest of the day with my kids at the pool just chilling in a beach chair!

Calories: 635

Total Steps: 11.070


Wednesday-CrossFit. Complete 4 rounds FOR TIME:

  • 20 wall balls
  • 10 pull-ups (assisted)

And then (not for time) some old school hammer curls with a 25# dumbbell.

Calories: 568

Total Steps: 17,677

And then afterwards I took the kids and the dog to Honeymoon Island dog beach!



3 rounds FOR TIME:

  • 25 push press
  • 1000m row

I started the push press with 55# and did one round with that, then dropped to 45# for the last 2 rounds. That bar gets heavy fast!!


Total Steps: 19,525

Saturday-REST DAY! Well, BEACH DAY!!

Total Steps: 14,428


 Overall my data shows that I moved 110,803 steps. Not my best week, but considering all I had going on, I'LL TAKE IT!!

How was your week in workouts??