It Ain't Over

I was recently contacted by the editor of the Marlo Thomas website. They were interested in featuring my story. MY story! WHAT?? They run a feature called "It Ain't Over" where they highlight women OVER the age of 40 who have overcome an obstacle, hurdle, challenge, etc., to live out a life long dream. You can read my story HERE.

In my case, my lifelong dream was to be a runner!! It took nearly 40 years to be able to reach that dream, BUT I DID IT!! And not only did I want to be a runner, I wanted to run in pink.That's why when I share race pictures, I generally wear a lot of pink! I've included a few here to show you exactly what I mean! Smile

I am so proud of all I have been able to do, and I'm so excited to be able to continue to share my journey with the world. I'm living proof that you are NEVER too old, NEVER too far gone to turn your life around and live out your dreams. You just have to find your WHY. Once you find your why, then you can determine your HOW.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, etc. You can email me at or friend me on FACEBOOK.

Here is a before picture just to give you somewhat of an idea where I was starting from.

And then I discovered my WHY, and determined my HOW. 








Do you like to run in a certain color? What color? Why?

Why I love indoor cycling

I began indoor cycling when I weighed around 275 pounds. It quickly became my FAVORITE form of cardiovascular exercise. Why? It's easy on the joints, the knees, YOU (the rider) are in charge of your own resistance (and no one knows how light or how heavy you are going with your gears!!) so you can make the class as hard or as easy as YOU want. It's all about YOU!

I was contacted by Spinning International/Mad Dogg Athletics in May 2011 right when I hit my goal weight. They had heard of my weight-loss success with cycling and offered me the opportunity to fly out to San Diego with my husband to film a commercial for Spinning. I jumped on the chance and my husband and I flew out for 5 days at the end of August 2011. It was an amazing experience and furthered my love for indoor cycling. While I was in San Diego, Mad Dogg asked if I would consider becoming a certified cycling instructor. At that point I didn’t feel that I was ready, so I declined.

Fast forward one year, lots of cycling later, and some encouragement from some pretty awesome cycling instructors, I decided to go for it. I contacted Mad Dogg who was still interested in having me on their team, and they sent me to training on Sunday December 2nd.

I learned SO MUCH!! But I still don’t feel ready to just hop on a bike and get in front of a group of riders and lead them through flats, hills, sprints, mountains, etc…I want to be the best teacher I can be, so I know I need more experience.

Enter my local cycling studio, Pura Cycling Studio. I had been in regular contact with them (and most of their instructors I am proud to call friends) and they knew I was going for my certification. I met with them yesterday (Friday) and asked if they would consider letting me “intern” under their awesome team, and they said YES!!  Both the owners are also certified under Spinning (Mad Dogg) and I’m pretty sure all the other instructors are certified through Les Mills (RPM) though they don’t teach RPM at Pura, it’s all freestyle. And it’s awesome.  I’ll have all the tools I need at my disposal to effectively learn how to lead riders through a fantastic cardio experience!  And with a wide variety of instructors who all teach their programs just a little bit differently I am certainly going to learn from the best and be able to craft my own unique style Cool

I’m just a little bit excited. AND....indoor cycling also is great training for OUTDOOR cycling. I do both, and let me tell you, I am a much better road rider because I cycle indoors. I fly when I get on my road bike. I trained for my triathlon and my endurance challenge more than 60% indoors.

Do you participate in an indoor cycle program? If so, which one? What type of terrain do you like the best? I love sprints and MOUNTAINS!!

And if you live in the Tampa Bay area, please check out Pura Cycling Studio. I have free passes for your first class so you can try it out and I'd love for you all to learn to love indoor cycling as much as I do!

This is a photo of me taken by the Tampa Tribune in January in the cycle room at my former gym.