Mamavation Monday: My Favorite Exercise

Exercise, Exercise, oh how I love exercise.

Exercise is easy, exercise is fun,

Exercise is great for everyone,

Run, jog, walk, or skip,

Make sure you do at least a little bit.

Increase your exercise day by day,

Keep at it and you will find a way,

To be healthy, to be aware.

Exercise brings benefits,

Many that are free.

Remember with exercise

You can live long and care free,

Free from all aches and pains,

Be healthy and stand tall.

Get up from your couch,


Put away your games and your PSP’s

Walk the dog, and run with kids,

Ride your bike, swim in the pool.

Exercise is my happy place

It brings a smile to my face.



What is my favorite way to exercise? Honestly, I have many. Nothing beats lifting heavy weights at CrossFit En Fuego. Nothing!

But I also love to do races with my kids. They are 7 1/2, 8 1/2 and just turned 10 (yesterday!!) and we love to do 5K's together. We average about 1 per month, some months more. It's so cool to see my kids get faster, more confident and give it all they can to cross the finish line before me.

I don't enjoy running. It hurts. But I do it because I know it's good for me, and I like bling. What can I say. I like bling.


These were my workouts last week and regardless, I aim for 10,000 Steps per day.


Sunday-Rest Day 10,431 steps


Monday- A very humbling WOD. First time I wasn't able to complete an AMRAP in the time specified. We had 10 minutes to complete 40 bar facing burpee jump overs, 20 clean and jerks, and 10 chest to bar. When the 10 minutes was called I was on my 16th Clean & Jerk. But...I went up in weight. Normally I do 45 pounds for my C&J when it's this many reps. But today my friend took my bar and slid some more weight on it and said YOU CAN DO IT. And ya know what...I did. It took me longer, but I did it. I think I did 65#, might have been 60#, but certainly one of those two weights. And then once time was called I completed the rest of the WOD. Took me 12:45 to do ONE round. Then we went and did a mile for fun. Ronin was with me and he was in a running mood, so he ran with another friend because he's much faster than me. She estimates that they finished in 9:20. He is aiming for a 9:00 mile, so he's really close. 488 Calories. 14,653 Steps


Tuesday- WOD in the style of Fight Gone Bad. Which means that it sucked and I loved it!! 5 stations, 1 minute max reps per station, 1 minute rest after the 5 stations, repeat 3 times. Total score is number of reps combined for all 3 rounds. Our stations today (in the order I went in) Wall Balls, Hanging Knee Raises, Jump Rope, Row, 20" Box Step-ups. My total score was 564! Bam! Calories: 537 15,461 steps

Wednesday- NEW YEARS DAY. Rest Day. I was hoping to get outside and do some gardening and take the kids on their mile walk, but it's raining right now (11:40am) and I have a TV interview at 3:45pm, and then we're heading to the circus, so time is limited today. 12,848 Steps


Thursday- Fast WOD. We did a lot of stretching, and then for time complete: 1000m row, 5 rounds of 20 air squats and 14 shoulder to overhead. I did a push jerk. Did the first round with 55 rounds, did the first 7 of the 2nd round with 55 pounds, then dropped to 45 pounds. Did the 3 round with 45 pounds, and the last 2 rounds with 35 pounds. And 15,180 steps. No mile with the kids. It was a very rainy afternoon.  Calories during WOD: 284  15,180 Steps


Friday-JAZZERCISE!! My first Jazzercise class in over 15 years. I loved it! Calories: 548 We did our 1 mile, but walked it. Freezing cold and noses and eyes were watering when attempting to run. 17,999 steps.


Saturday-REST Day. We went to Orlando for Haley's birthday. 20,727 Steps

Total Steps: 107,478
Total Calories Burned: 18,567


What is your favorite way to exercise?? Do you track your steps??

Jazzercise is all grown up

When I mentioned to friends and family that I was going to start taking Jazzercise in 2014, I got comments like

"are you bringing your leg warmers?" or "are you wearing a leotard?"

Neither. This is what I wore (post-workout photo, so crazy hair is a given!) Jazzercise is ALL GROWN UP! No leotards, no leg warmers! And none of the women in my class were wearing anything from the 1980's either!

I wore the same thing I normally wear to CrossFit! Tongue Out Except I didn't wear my Nano's. I wore my Brooks. And I slipped during a ball exercise, but more on that later. Thank goodness for a lot of padding on my butt.

I used to do Jazzercise back in the late 1990's. I loved it and did it constantly for 2 years. I have always loved dancing, and despite trying Zumba a small handful of times, I have not taken a dance aerobics class since meeting my husband and relocating to Tampa. When I met James, Jazzercise was the type of exercise I was doing. But we lived a far distance away from each other, so the time I used to spend in Jazzercise I was now spending in the car driving up to meet him.

This past year I discovered CrossFit and I've made amazing gains in my strength. Simply amazing. But I felt the tug of a true group fitness class calling back to me. Before CrossFit I pretty much only did Les Mills group fitness. But I don't want to give up CrossFit, not at all, so I needed to find something that would work. Les Mills classes at the Wellness Center meet at a time that wouldn't allow me to keep up CrossFit, and no way am I allowing that to happen.

I happened to be driving up US41 last week and saw a sign for Jazzercise and my heart skipped a beat. I came home, looked up their class schedule online and saw that they offer a 9:30am and 10:30am class and those times fit PERFECTLY with my CrossFit schedule!! I can do CrossFit on MWF at 9am, and then drive the few miles south to do Jazzercise at 10:30. On Tuesday/Thursday I am planning on only doing Jazzercise, but the 9:30am class.

Today's class had us dancing to Rhianna (one of my favorites) Pink, Kenny Chesney (I'm not really a country fan, but it wasn't bad) and other Top 40 hits! It was so much fun! We did a circuit workout too. We used exercise bands, hand weights, and an exercise ball for core work. This is when I slipped. I have used exercise balls for core work a lot of time. I mean a lot. But I had forgotten how slippery a wooden fitness floor can be. So as I was rolling out on my back to get into proper position my feet kept going and before I knew it the ball had slipped out from behind my back and my butt was on the ground. Too funny! The lady behind me caught my ball and said "you just missed me slipping too!!" HAHA!! I guess it happens to even the seasoned Jazzercisers.

We did a TON of squats and lunges. A ton. I do a lot in CrossFit but not for like 8 minutes straight. My legs were ON FIRE!! I can't wait to go back next week!! The instructor was great, upbeat, and personable. I had a great time. And yes, we did grapevines.


A few things to know about Jazzercise:


  • Jazzercise is the original dance aerobics class and got its start way before newcomers Zumba, Bhangra, and Dance Trance.
  • Unlike other dance classes, there are no mirrors in any of the Jazzercise studios. No mirrors means no self-judgement and no need for self consciousness. Go nuts. The instructor is trained to give easy-to-follow verbal cues, so follow along with her and you’ll be just fine. It’s like a live version of the Dance Dance Revolution video game.
  • According to the website, you can burn up to 600 calories in one class.  I burned 548 calories. I'm pretty happy with that!! My friend Liz, upon seeing my calorie burn on Facebook posted "not bad for dancing!" Right?? Not bad for dancing!!

  • Classes involve warm up, cardio dance segment, aerobic cool down, toning with weights, and a final warm down. Each and every segment is adaptable for all ability levels. I did the highest level for most of the routine, though a few moves I wasn't familiar with so had to really use my brain to think about it.
  • New songs and routines are used every 10 weeks to keep things fresh. So, if you hate Ke$ha or Taylor Swift, stick it out for a few weeks and there’ll be a new crop of pop stars to dance with next time.


Jazzercise Lutz/Tampa is currently running a special! You can enroll for FREE and the month of January is FREE!!

The Lutz/Tampa location also offers childcare at 9:30am which is great for those days when the kids are home from school and I still need my dancing fix!


Have you ever done Jazzercise???

Will Run for Cookies and Iron

What do cookies and iron have in common?

Not really a whole heck of a lot unless you happen to live in my world during the last weekend of September. Wink

On Saturday September 28th, my daughters and I have been invited to participate in the Thin Mint Sprint 5K and Tag-A-Long Trot 1 mile, sponsored by The Girl Scouts of West Central Florida.

We've decided to tackle the Thin Mint Sprint. We can walk/run, and just have a good time with all the other girl scouts that will be out there!

My girls joined Girl Scouts and started as Daisy Scouts, then bridged to Brownies where they were the last two years. After 3 years of Girl Scouts, this year they would have been Junior's but we're currently looking for a troop closer to home, so they are troopless at the moment. Undecided We have a lot of girls that want to be scouts in our area, but not enough volunteers. I wish I could volunteer, but I can't do it with Ronin. I've got my fingers crossed that we'll get the call of a closer troop very soon!! My daughters have learned a lot of great values being in the Girl Scout program, and last summer they even had the opportunity to spend a week away at a Girl Scout sleep-away camp.

ALL race finishers will receive a MEDAL and the top 50 male and female finishers will receive a box of Girl Scout Cookies!! YUM! 

You can sign up and view the race options HERE.


Now we've covered cookies. Up next is IRON. The day after the Thin Mint Sprint, I'll be heading up to Clermont, Florida to participate in the Iron Girl Triathlon. I've signed up for the  Sprint Distance which includes a 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run. I haven't really been training. Like at all. Surprised Well maybe that's not totally true. I work out every single day. I go swimming (for fun, not laps) a few time per week, and I cycle often. And then I CrossFit, usually 5-6 days per week where I always walk 2 miles after each workout. And recently I've added a 'sled pull' to my post-WOD workout and I think that will have a great impact on my overall performance in Clermont.  So I have been MOVING, I just haven't been practicing like I should be. Especially when it comes to hills. Clermont is hilly. Looking at elevation maps has me intimidated. But I'll finish. And I'll have fun doing it. Some of my best girls will be there to cheer me across the finish line; blogger friends, running friends, and CrossFit friends. And when I cross the finish line, I'll have this beauty to put around my neck.


2 days, 2 medals. All benefiting girls and women. Sweet.

Have you ever participated in a "women's only" race event??