Ronin does CrossFit: The Diablo Games 2014

Last year I competed in my first CrossFit comp, The Diablo Games. You can read all about my experience at last years event HERE.

This year I've been struggling with a nagging and severe foot injury, so when the WOD's were announced for the 2014 Diablo Games, I knew I was out. Yell

I was able to complete the chipper WOD Trick and Treat at the box the day before the comp. I did fine, and finished in 12:13, for both WOD's combined, plus the mandatory 2 minute rest. 

But it wasn't that WOD that scared me. It was WOD #2 which involved jump rope. I just can't jump at this stage of the game.

But really, I'm not here to talk about what I can't do, I'm here today to talk about what my son CAN DO!

Ronin has really been excelling in his sports lately.

For his FIRST CrossFit competition, I was more nervous for him, than he was!

He was calm, cool, and collected.

I was there as a volunteer, helping to mark athletes and pass out goody bags, and also served as general "athlete love" making sure everyone was comfortable. But I also had to be on "Ronin Patrol" making sure that he wasn't off getting himself into situations where he could get into trouble. He did fine, no issues.

And before we knew it, Event 1 was up!


Coach Jen prepped all her athletes and they went through a warm-up. She explained what they needed to do in the WOD, and Ronin did not pay attention. This would later come back to bite him.

You'll notice the WOD calls for burpees where the athlete jumps on a plate, Ronin didn't pay attention during the briefing, so he wasn't jumping on the plate, he was just doing burpees, so he got no repped A LOT. As he should. You need to pay attention and do the movements correctly.

After the first event he was in 5th place. He made it to the 12th round of hang cleans, and got in one burpee before time was called. 20 pounds was heavy for him, so he also got no repped quite a few times on the cleans because he couldn't get those elbows up!

Surprisingly he wasn't too disappointed with a 5th place finish. We talked about what he needed to do to move up in the rankings, (mainly...PAY ATTENTION) and he spent the next couple of hours just running and playing while the adults moved through their events.

And then WOD 2 was up!


Ronin felt very confident and comfortable during this event. And any event that involves running, he'll excel. After WOD 2, these were the standings.

He finished WOD 2 FIRST, and must have finished with a pretty good lead to boost himself from 5th, to a 3 way tie for first. And he was tied with 2 girls. Bam. Go girls! #LikeAGirl.

For Event 3, Ronin and I brainstormed how he would tackle it.


We decided that he would go for the 2 small wall climbs IF he was able to get to the wall first, otherwise there might be too much of a line. So he knew that he would have to run FAST to make sure he was out of the building first, and the first one to the wall.

We also spoke to his coach about the jump-rope skill. Due to Ronin's autism, he has some fine and gross motor delays that make more complex athletics difficult, and that includes jumping rope. His coach knows this as she's seen it first hand. We also had another boy competing that has a visual impairment and he can't jump rope either, so for both of these boys, line jumps were put in the place of jump rope. 

And then they were off!

This event had Ronin's name ALL OVER IT! He was finished with the KB swings first, and out that door very very quickly, he scaled that small wall twice, and I cheered him inside and said "back to the KB Ronin" and off he started towards that end of the gym. Thankfully he made it only 1/2 way before his judge hollered "Ronin, come back, you need to do your line jumps." Oops. Bad mama. I forget totally about the jumps. He made it back, did his 20 line jumps, and then was back at the KB. And again was first out the door and off on his 100m sprint.

He finished this event FIRST and actually wanted to do more!! He has so much energy it's just unreal. He finished Event 3 with a time of 3:58. He was very fast.

We both felt pretty confident that after a tie for first after the second event that Ronin would end up placing FIRST for the competition.

And we were right!! He did place first!!

Overall, Ronin did GREAT!! ALL of the kids did GREAT!! CrossFit has given this group of kids the confidence to step outside their comfort zone in so many areas. Its also given my son the opportunity to be with kids his own age, when he's often socially awkward in typical settings. He much prefers the company of adults.

There are a few skills we need to work on before next year, but I can only seem him improving with age, so I expect great things again for the Diablo Games 2015.

Have you or your child ever competed in a CrossFit competition?

Push Away the Screen: The #TampaTrio joins CrossFit Kids

Since beginning my own CrossFit journey last year, my trio have had the opportunity to take a few CrossFit Kids classes at CrossFit En Fuego

CrossFit Kids is a "strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids and teenagers and helps them develop a lifelong love of fitness. In a group setting, children and teens participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well- rounded athletes."

But recently something just clicked inside their little heads and they wanted to do the program with more regularity. I'm the type of parent that doesn't force my children to do a sport that they don't want to do. We've tried baseball, football, gymnastics, and cheerleading, and none of them stuck. They've expressed interest in joining the local swim team, but their practice schedule is very intense, and the kids don't want to commit to all that time in the water at this stage in their young lives.

Together we watched a lot of the coverage of the CrossFit Open, and they loved what they saw and asked if they could do CrossFit Kids. I asked Coach Jen if she had openings in her class, she said yes, so Ronin started "officially" on Monday, April 28th, and the girls on Monday, May 5th.

Haley, my oldest daughter, does not like to sweat. I thought after her 5:30pm WOD in the heat, with no AC would make her change her mind about CrossFit Kids, but NOPE. Not one bit. In fact, she actually said to me "mama, I love CrossFit Kids so much, I don't even care that I'm sweating." Awesome.

In their 2 weeks of classes they've done 2 girl WOD's, Cindy and Fran, learned a bunch of new skills, and they've made some new friends! The kids always play a game after the WOD, so it's a great way to bond and connect with peers.

Here's the Trio in the middle of Cindy. Each one working at their own pace. Ronin at the far end is doing jumping pull-ups, Ella in the middle is doing push-ups, and Haley is doing squats.

But just like with "grown-up" CrossFit, the coach makes sure that the kids warm-up and understand how to properly do all the movements. In the video below you can see them warming up, setting up, and Coach Jen making sure Haley knows how to do assisted pull-ups. She had issues with her feet in the bands incorrectly, and Coach Jen was able to correct that and Haley enjoyed the pull-up part of the WOD the most! LOL. But not as much as Ella.


Ella thought assisted pull-ups were the best thing ever! She said she felt like she was flying. I told her she needs to lose a band or two.

During Fran and the jumping pull-ups, Ella could easily pull her chin up and over the bar. This girl is ready to learn how to kip. She's also got a really nice squat. She very conscious of her form and technique, never rushing, always thinking ahead. I can see her little wheels spinning. In fact, she said to me last night "I'm going to go to the CrossFit Open when I'm 18. 2024 will be my year."


I think it's safe to say that we've FINALLY found a sport for the kids that they enjoy and look forward to attending the classes.

What sport(s) do your kids play? Have you ever thought about CrossFit Kids?

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