Push Away the Screen: The #TampaTrio joins CrossFit Kids

Since beginning my own CrossFit journey last year, my trio have had the opportunity to take a few CrossFit Kids classes at CrossFit En Fuego

CrossFit Kids is a "strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids and teenagers and helps them develop a lifelong love of fitness. In a group setting, children and teens participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well- rounded athletes."

But recently something just clicked inside their little heads and they wanted to do the program with more regularity. I'm the type of parent that doesn't force my children to do a sport that they don't want to do. We've tried baseball, football, gymnastics, and cheerleading, and none of them stuck. They've expressed interest in joining the local swim team, but their practice schedule is very intense, and the kids don't want to commit to all that time in the water at this stage in their young lives.

Together we watched a lot of the coverage of the CrossFit Open, and they loved what they saw and asked if they could do CrossFit Kids. I asked Coach Jen if she had openings in her class, she said yes, so Ronin started "officially" on Monday, April 28th, and the girls on Monday, May 5th.

Haley, my oldest daughter, does not like to sweat. I thought after her 5:30pm WOD in the heat, with no AC would make her change her mind about CrossFit Kids, but NOPE. Not one bit. In fact, she actually said to me "mama, I love CrossFit Kids so much, I don't even care that I'm sweating." Awesome.

In their 2 weeks of classes they've done 2 girl WOD's, Cindy and Fran, learned a bunch of new skills, and they've made some new friends! The kids always play a game after the WOD, so it's a great way to bond and connect with peers.

Here's the Trio in the middle of Cindy. Each one working at their own pace. Ronin at the far end is doing jumping pull-ups, Ella in the middle is doing push-ups, and Haley is doing squats.

But just like with "grown-up" CrossFit, the coach makes sure that the kids warm-up and understand how to properly do all the movements. In the video below you can see them warming up, setting up, and Coach Jen making sure Haley knows how to do assisted pull-ups. She had issues with her feet in the bands incorrectly, and Coach Jen was able to correct that and Haley enjoyed the pull-up part of the WOD the most! LOL. But not as much as Ella.


Ella thought assisted pull-ups were the best thing ever! She said she felt like she was flying. I told her she needs to lose a band or two.

During Fran and the jumping pull-ups, Ella could easily pull her chin up and over the bar. This girl is ready to learn how to kip. She's also got a really nice squat. She very conscious of her form and technique, never rushing, always thinking ahead. I can see her little wheels spinning. In fact, she said to me last night "I'm going to go to the CrossFit Open when I'm 18. 2024 will be my year."


I think it's safe to say that we've FINALLY found a sport for the kids that they enjoy and look forward to attending the classes.

What sport(s) do your kids play? Have you ever thought about CrossFit Kids?

Weekly Workouts May 4-May 10

It was a good week. At least it felt good. Until Thursday. Then I pushed myself too hard, and hurt my knee. But I'll be alright. Don't forget to check out the hashtag #20X31 and join in on the May Fitness Challenge! You can link up with JVKom HERE.

 Sunday-REST DAY!! Not sure what we did. Oh ya, I went to the pool with my kids. That was fun!

Steps: 9,902. I actually went more, but I left my Loop on the charger for a few hours so missed out on quite a few thousand steps.

Monday-I went and taped a special Mother's Day episode for Daytime TV in the morning, so I didn't get to CrossFit until later that evening. CROSSFIT! Squat day. We did 6-8X3 @81% of our 1 rep max. Afterwards, we did a birthday WOD for Coach Jim. It was 3 rounds for time of 31 sit-ups and 31 walking lunges. I did air squats instead b/c lunges kill my knees. Ronin came and did CrossFit kids, so while he worked out, I rowed a 5K.

Ronin really enjoyed his WOD. And he crashed...HARD! I live less than 10 minutes from the gym, and Ronin was asleep before we even made it to the first stoplight. He was out for the NIGHT!

Calories: 744

Steps: 13,191

Tuesday-CROSSFIT!! Ronin was up before the birds and we started walking Matthew bright and early. Then I made it to the gym. I was pooped out, but a good workout always makes me feel better!! And 300 was no exception!!

One of my goals for this year is to be able to step-up on a 20" box with my left leg without needing assistance from either a pole, or by placing my hand on my knee and pushing up. So I scaled the box step-ups to a 14" box and was successful! I also did the RX weight for the deadlifts, which was 95 pounds. And I walked afterwards. Or rowed. I can't remember. LOL.

Calories: 885

Steps: 16,582

Wednesday-CROSSFIT!! We did a build up to a 1 rep max strict press. This is the HARDEST lift for me. Then we did a 2000m row, and a 1 mile run, both for time. In lieu of running 1 mile for time, I walked 2 miles for time.

Calories: 621

Steps: 17,932

And then I went back to CrossFit that evening for the #TampaTrio to do their workout!! They had so much fun!! I'll be doing a post on their experience a bit later this week.

Thursday-CROSSFIT!! One of my En Fuego buddies moved, so I joined her at her new box. It was a running WOD. I did it, I ran, but I killed my knee.

Steps: 16,222

Calories: 716


Friday-CROSSFIT!! It was make-up day, so I made up Thursday's WOD which was front squats and then a 16 minute AMRAP of power cleans, and wall balls. My knee was so sore from the workout the day before that I couldn't do the 86% of my 1 rep max, I had to scale it down. That made me sad, but at least I didn't hurt myself any further.

The WOD was super fun. It was 2X20 power cleans, 2X5 wall balls, then add weight to the bar, and do 2X15 power cleans, 2X10 wall balls, and go from there, for 16 minutes. I did the power clean weights at 55, 60, 65, and then 70. I made it all the way to the end of the Power Clean reps, but only 3 wall balls. And then I walked a mile to shake out my legs.

Steps: 17,503

Calories: 660, though likely higher because I'm having technical issues with my H7 transmitter.

Saturday-WEDDING DAY!! My cousin got married!! It was a great day. I should have totally wore my HRM because I danced the night away!! Whoop whoop! So much fun!


Steps: 23,266 BAM!! Overall, I had a really good week! Well, beside the whole knee issue. But I know my limits, and I can't be running.

Total weekly steps: 114,598

How was your week in workouts??

Weekly Workouts April 27-May 3

This week was a pretty great week in workouts!! For the most part my schedule has returned to normal. Whatever normal is. Tongue Out I'm also participating in the May Fitness Challenge hosted by my friend Jen K over at JVKom Chronicles. You can follow along using the hashtag #20X31

Sunday-Rest Day! I have NO IDEA what we did. I'm sure we did something, though. I just don't know what it was! Surprised

Total Steps: 11,379

Monday-CrossFit. Week 2 Day 3 of our 12 week squat program. We did back squats at 83% of our one rep max. Then a nice quick WOD consisting of 3 4 minute workouts. In the first four minutes, I sprinted 2 minutes on the air dyne and then spent the remaining 2 minutes doing situps, and we repeated this 3 times, but the second movement changed for each round. So first was max rep situps, second was max rep burpees, and third was max rep single jumps.

Afterwards, I'm sure I walked a mile with my workout girls. I just honestly can't remember!

Calories: 723

Total Steps: 23,351

Tuesday-CrossFit No idea what we did. None. Gosh, I hate that!! But I'm sure it was fun, I'm sure I sweated a ton, and I probably walked afterwards!

Calories: 497

Steps: 16,824

Wednesday-CrossFit. Um.....sensing a pattern here. No clue what went on.

Calories: 782

Steps: 16,427

Thursday-Rest Day! Spent the day volunteering at my kids school. It was a nice day, but it totally reminded me why I got out of the school system.

Total Steps: 13,536

Friday-CrossFit Today was make-up day. I did week 2 day 4 of our squat program which was front squats. And after those squats it was Coach Jen's BIRTHDAY WOD MAKE-UP!!

We had to pick the same weight for the power snatches as the power cleans. Therefore, I went with a light 35# because I'm still hammering out technique on the snatch. I flew through the power cleans since I normally do 65 pounds. I finished the WOD in 11:01. It was POURING rain, so no post-WOD walk, but I did do a quick 500m row.

Calories: 712

Total Steps: 14,617

Saturday-Rest Day!!  Just hung around the house, washed the dog and gave him a haircut, did some chores. Nothing exciting. It was pouring rain!

Total Steps: 17,941

Overall it was a good week. I'm planning on working on increasing my step count this week. It was lower this week because of two rainy days.

I've also really been hammering at my diet. Eating much cleaner, and avoiding TV snacking.

How was your week in activity and diet??