The CrossFit Chronicles: Edition 3

On Wednesday I finished up my Ignition series at CrossFit En Fuego. What does that mean? It means I'll be able to torture myself through snatches, box jumps, thrusts, dead lifts (and so much more) without the voice of Coach Jen in my ear telling me exactly what to do. I'll miss that voice. Tongue Out Seriously, I will. She'll be there, and she'll be around, sometimes even leading our sessions, but there is just something to be said about having personalized CrossFit sessions. Okay, enough of my wallowing (there will be plenty more at the end of this post), let's get to the nitty gritty of Ignition 3.

We started off like we had with our other two Ignitions, with some joint mobility, and then went right into our warm-up. Burpees. Oh joy. I don't hate burpees, but burpees hate me. They make me super dizzy, so I always have to modify them. It's a CrossFit goal to not have to modify burpees one day.

So we warmed up with burpees, pass-thru's and jacks. Then we went into skills. And we had a lot of skills today! Why does CrossFit have a way of making moves sound dirty and perverted? And why do I like it? Makes me feel like a middle school boy. Tongue Out We did wallballs (hehe), toes to bar or knees to elbows (I modified), HSPU (hand-stand push-up...ya, so not happening in week 1, but maybe someday!! I modified), clean, snatch (hehe), thruster (hehe). Of all those moves, I liked the thruster the best.

Wallballs were harder than they looked, and require a bit more skill and coordination than I was initially prepared for. If I remember correctly, you hold the ball in your hand, squat, propel yourself up, throw the ball to a marked line on the wall (hence the term wallballs) and attempt to catch the ball in a squat. I think. There were quite a few steps involved, though Coach Jen made it appear effortless. It took me a few tries to get it right but eventually I did. And the ball only hit me in the face once. Me and balls don't typically get along, so only one smack in the face is progress.

After wallballs we went to Knees to Elbows, but no pictures to show of that. My description will have to do. You hang your body from a pull-up bar, and picture this....pull your knees to your elbows. Tongue Out It was hard. I modified it somehow. Just sort of pulled up my knees to chest. So I'll call it knees to tits boobies to keep with the dirty minded CrossFit theme.

Next up....hand stand push up. SMH. Seriously?? Coach Jen showed us what to do, and then we were off. But ya, this former fat girl had some major issues getting that booty up over her head, so CJ graciously helped me.


It was scary! She did let go of my legs and I held there for a short while and then I did get down by myself. I'll keep practicing. But in the meantime, a great alternative for me is a pike push-up on a box.

Next up was the clean. It was harder than I thought it would be. I have issues with getting my elbows to go out in the "correct" form and it all goes so quickly!! CJ had me practice just bringing my bar up to chin, up to chin, up to chin, until I finally felt what it was supposed to feel like. I only hit myself in chin TWICE. Good times. Honestly though, that let us both know that I could handle weight on the bar. Next up was the snatch. It was also a challenging lift, and I need to wear longer shirts to CrossFit. I am pretty sure I am attempting a snatch in the picture below, and not a clean. My bad.

And then we ended with a thruster which was my favorite of the moves. It's simply a front squat with an overhead push press.

And then we were ready for our WOD!! Since I had been having issues with the clean I said to CJ "how about I just practice getting my elbows in the correct position?" I was totally not trying to take the easy way out, but she called me on it and said something to the effect of "ya, I don't think so, you can do the clean, so suck it up, buttercup." 

3 sets. 15-12-9. 15 cleans, 15 burpees, 12 cleans, 12 burpees, 9 cleans, 9 burpees. Take breaks if you need. For time. I didn't take any breaks. I finished in 6:33

  And I'm doing it!!

And then we were done!! I was finished with my Ignition series!!

Now, some of you might be wondering about my socks. I won those socks from an online giveaway and was just waiting for the right time to wear them. I wasn't quite sure where I would wear knee high socks? I couldn't imagine wearing them to Spinning, but CrossFit seemed just like the right place. And let me tell you...these socks were made for CrossFit!! During some of the CrossFit moves you have to rake the weight bar up your shins and had I not had these socks on, I would have totally wrecked up my legs. CJ told me she has witnessed men with bloody shins from raking the bar up their legs. Surprised These came from The Sox Box and I'm going to have to get some more. My legs aren't pretty but I'd like to keep what I got! I love how they also have motivational text on each sock! Mine say "STRONG MAMA." In the picture below, I had just finished my WOD, and I'm still breathing heavy! And I am covered in chalk! Chalk really helps with the roughness of the bars. I need to get down to Dicks (more perverted talk in the sporting world) and get some tape for my hands.

The trio and I were all sick today, so I wasn't able to go to CrossFit, but I plan on going tomorrow provided no one wakes up sick! I am feeling better and by bedtime they were all feeling better too, so here is fingers crossed that we are back to normal. I even had to cancel my dog Training Thursday, missed a super fun Spinning class that I had planned for Pi day, and a blogger event at the Container Store. Being sick sucks. Enough of the whining. Life goes on.

The CrossFit Chronicles: Edition 2

Today was my second day of Ignition (intro to CrossFit) and wow, did I ever learn a lot!

We started off with our warm-up and then quickly progressed into the skills. And pretty much everything I thought I knew, I learned that I didn't know. I think it was Socrates who said "the more I learn, the less I know." True, So-Crates. So true. I thought I knew how to do a deadlift, I thought I knew how to do a push press. Key word...THOUGHT. It's a totally different game when you are doing it with a heavy bar and big weights and for time. No pussy-footing to the beat, this is hardcore stuff. And for some simple things like jumping rope, I learned that you can make it even harder by doing something called a "double under." The first time I heard Coach Jen say it I thought she said "double udder" and I was seriously laughing in my head because CrossFit does have some crazy names for their WOD's and I thought that "double udder" was some sort of cow mammary gland reference to a workout. But a double under is a move when the jump rope makes two passes instead of just one. And it makes a really cool noise when you do it. I was doing the single jumps and Coach Jen challenged me to try a double under because I had the speed, so I went for it, and I did it!! Sure, I did it only once, but I did it! And we both heard it and then I got excited, a bit freaked out and I stepped on the rope. Tongue Out Typical Jenny move.

We went through all the skills and it took us just under an hour and then Coach Jen announced that it was time for our WOD. I wrote out my routine on the floor in chalk, chalked up my hands (I learned that as badly as I want to wear gloves, they really get in the way of proper form) set up my goodies, and TIME! Off we went. As many rounds as you could do in 8 minutes. And I did 5 complete rounds, I seriously finished the last rope as TIME was called. I was totally breathless. I looked down at my Polar and my heart rate was at 103%. Whew! I have never worked that hard before....E.V.E.R. (insert Taylor Swift song here LOL) I recovered quickly, and felt AWESOME!! I wanted to stay and work out some more, but I had some personal stuff I had to deal with so I had to leave. But wow. Amazing stuff. I felt great going into the workout and I felt empowered after the workout.

Monday is my last day of Ignition and it looks intense! I think saw something about a handstand. Whaaaa??????

What else did I learn today? I learned that the RX for CrossFit is 3 days on, 1 day off, and at my box, Friday is make-up day. Jen and I put together a tentative schedule for me. I'll WOD on M, T, W, spin on Thursday at Pura, do make-up on Friday (using Thursday's WOD), do the partner CrossFit on Saturday (though not tomorrow, we are going to the zoo) and take Sunday OFF!! Sounds like an amazing schedule to me Cool

And of course I'll have some Saturday's when I can't make it because of kids' sports, or races, etc., but that's okay! It will all work out.


How is your CrossFit training going? What's the one move that you did that you totally surprised yourself with??? You know right now mine is the "double udder."