Music Monday: It's time for a good time!!

It's time for Spring Break! And so for today's Music Monday, I've chosen to play Holiday by Madonna!

I am really looking forward to this Spring Break with my trio. It's the first Spring Break in 3 1/2 years that they have NOT been in a childcare setting, and I have not had to work during their break. I worked for a different district than my kids, so our spring breaks were always on alternating weeks. And before I went back to work and was a SAHM, I was morbidly obese, so doing an activity every single day was very taxing on my body.


We have planned one heck of a holiday staycation!! We are going to put our troubles down and CELEBRATE!!

Our schedule is planned, so baring that no one gets sick (knocking really hard on wood) this is what we will be doing!

  • CrossFit Spring Break Workout for the Kids 3 days, CrossFit workout for mama 4 days. One of those days the kids will impress me with their "I can sit at the big kids CrossFit table and play with my itoys while mama works out." I will work out every single day during Spring Break and our adventures will begin AFTER the workout is finished. Tongue Out
  • AirHeads Indoor Trampoline Areana
  • Busch Gardens
  • Trail adventures with the pup and some geocaching
  • 5K Purple Walk
  • BEACH!!!
  • Egg Coloring

And then Haley still has Cheer practice on T/R, though football is canceled and so that means that there is NO football on Saturday, which means I can CrossFit! Yeah for Spring Break!! I have NO IDEA what we are doing for Easter. NONE! There is some stuff going on with my extended family which has put our normal holiday routines on hold. Likely, James, the kids and I will head out for a nice adventure. Perhaps a long bike ride.

I'm hoping to not spend too much time blogging this week, just perhaps getting together a review post of "what I did on Spring Break" sort of thing.

What about you?? Are you on Spring Break? What are your plans? Did you already celebrate Spring Break? What did you do??

Want socks??

About 10 days ago I blogged about the awesome Strong Mama CrossFit Kneehigh Socks that I got from the Sox Box. I LOVE them and wish I had worn them today b/c we did a lot of dead lifts, and double udders unders and  I smacked myself a few times. The socks would have saved my shins from these nice bruises I'm sporting now!

How would you like to win your own pair of Sox Box socks???

It's easy. I like to make it easy on you guys, you know that. What do you have to do???

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 Good luck!