Runcations and Bling

This is the year of "bling" for me. No, not diamonds, or rubies, but running medals. Tongue Out I've run dozens of races over the past few years, have loads of race bibs to show for it, but very little bling. That makes me sad, and I made a promise to myself that any race that I paid for this year would involve bling.

As a busy mom of three kids, I don't get to do runcations. What's a runcation? It's a running vacation. A vacation centered around a race. I wish I could do it. Boy do I wish I could. And a great runcation would be one that involved nice bling. Like Disneyland. That would be very cool. I have family in North Carolina and Georgia, maybe they'd be awesome and let me stay with them (and watch the kids Wink) so I could run.

What's better than running for bling? Running for EXTRA bling!!

Digital Running Club is offering a Interstate Challenge for 2013. What's the Interstate Challenge? It's simple and easy. You run 2 races, either 1/2 marathons or full marathons in two DIFFERENT states (so think your home state, and then a runcation) submit your results to Digital Running, they will verify them, and for a few bucks they will send you BLING!! Right now the cost is $15.00 but it will go up if you wait too long! They are rewarding early birds with a cheaper fee, so the longer you wait, the more expensive it will be.
I need to look at the races in Atlanta and Asheville over the summer. I might just be able to swing a trip north for my first ever Runcation.

What about you?? Ever take a Runcation?? Where did you go??