Give the Gift of Education

This post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board, through my role as a Believer Blogger. All thoughts are my own.


The Holiday season is quickly approaching!! If you are anything like me, than you are buying all your gifts online and will skip the madness of shopping in person.

The #TampaTrio put together their Christmas Wish List.

And I must say, I am pretty proud of what they put down. They were asked by their Nanny to each chose ONE item that would be a DREAM item, likely something that they would never receive. I'm not sure what Haley's dream item is, as all of the things on her list are totally within our reach. Ella chose a cruise, and Ronin chose an iPad. An "itoy" will never happen in our house because Daddy is a die-hard Microsoft addict.

But what I did notice was that each of them chose at least one item that I would consider educational. Haley asked for books, Ella asked for checkers, and Ronin asked for gems/crystals.

They will certainly get {nearly} all the items on their wish lists.

But what they didn't ask for, and what Daddy and I got for each of them was the Gift of Education.

We have paid off IN FULL all of their remaining balances on their Florida Prepaid College Fund!!

We had 7 years left on Haley's, 8 years for Ella, and 9 years for Ronin, but we decided to pay them off early!!

James and I had our trio when we were a bit older. By the time the kids head off to college, we will be nearing retirement age. We wanted to make sure that the kids had money for college AND we had money for retirement. There have been COUNTLESS times when a friend has said to me "wow, 3 in college at the same time, that's going to be hard on you."

But with the Florida Prepaid College Plan it takes what seems like an IMPOSSIBLE task into one that is very POSSIBLE. And my family is proof of that. 

We've taken a few college visits to my Alma Maters, and so far the Trio all say that they want to stay in Florida to go to college. Did you realize that EVERY Floridian lives within 50 miles of an post-secondary learning institution? I didn't. But this map clearly shows where all state schools are located!

But if something happens, and the kids decide to go to school somewhere else, say North Carolina, OR we move out of Florida what would happen to their plans and our money?? If we move, the child remains eligible for in-state tuition and fees at a Florida College or State University when they use the plan. That is AWESOME!! And if we move, we can apply that money towards college in another state.

You can check out all the plans HERE. There is a plan for every family, for every budget, so don't delay! Sign your kid(s) up today and give them the best gift of all....EDUCATION!


Florida Prepaid College Plan Open Enrollment is NOW

Halloween is quickly approaching! The fall weather is beginning to show itself and the first quarter of the school year is nearly over! I don't know about you guys, but this year is just flying by. With the #TampaTrio now in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, I am beginning to see what life with "older" kids is going to be like. My 6th grader is now more than 1/2 way finished with her adolescent schooling. College isn't looming too far off. It doesn't seem that long ago that she was born and her dad and I signed her up for her Florida Prepaid College Plan.

We have no idea what career path Haley will choose, but we wanted to make sure she had the funds available to go to college which is why we signed her up for her prepaid plan in February 2004, just a few short weeks after she was born.

Florida Prepaid has an enrollment period, and lucky for you, enrollment is open NOW!! To get started, click here or call 1.800.552.GRAD (4723)!

But wait, Florida Prepaid is giving you the opportunity to WIN a 2-Year Florida College Plan Scholarship!! The Florida Prepaid College Board is proud to offer 10 lucky families an opportunity to create a brighter future for their children or grandchildren.

The Florida Prepaid Scholarship Program gives you the chance to win one of TEN 2-Year Florida College Plan scholarships, valued at $9,200! The scholarships will be provided by the Florida Prepaid College Foundation.

• The 2-Year Florida College Plan covers tuition and other specified fees for 60 lower division credit hours at a Florida College.

• A student earning an Associate’s Degree at any Florida College is guaranteed admission to a State University. • In addition to the 2-Year Florida College Plans, there will also be 10 weekly prize winners (a total of 50 over the five-week program).

• You can participate daily! The more entries you receive, the better your chances of winning. The scholarship program runs through 11:59 p.m. on November 15, 2015. Entering is simple. Just visit this link for Sweepstakes Rules and enter daily!!

I am so excited to see what path Haley chooses, and I feel like a Superhero for choosing to start her college fund early! Don't miss your chance to lock in current tuition rates, sign your kids up today! And when you sign up use the promo code BLOG1516 and you will receive a gift from the Florida Prepaid College Board.


I am a Believer Blogger and this post is sponsored by the Florida Prepaid College Board.

Florida Prepaid College Plans #StartingisBelieving

Open enrollment for the Florida Prepaid College plans for 2015-2016 begin on October 15th, 2015. Start saving for your child’s education and future NOW. I am a proud Florida Prepaid College Plan Believer. All though this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. #StartingIsBelieving

It's hard to believe that 6 years ago the #TampaTrio started school. Ronin was in PreK3, Ella in PreK4, and Haley in Kindergarten.

Even though this was their first year in school, James and I had already started their college funds just a few short months after each of them were born, so they started elementary school with a Florida Prepaid College plan already in place. 

Fast forward 6 years to the start of the 2015-2016 school year. 

Ronin is now in 4th grade and wants to be an ER doctor, Ella is in 5th grade and wants to be a veterinarian, and Haley in 6th grade wants to be an archeologist.

Thank goodness I enrolled them in the Florida Prepaid College Plan because all three of their career choices certainly require college, A LOT of college.


There are five Prepaid Plans, each with specific costs, payment schedules and benefits which all include tuition and most fees at either one of 28 Florida Colleges or 12 State Universities. Though each option is designed to be used at a Florida College or State University, the amount covered by the plan can also be applied to other schools nationwide. So as much as I want my Trio to stay close to home (forever and ever) I know that it's likely that they might desire to spread their wings and head to college out of state. Thankfully the plans can be applied to schools outside the Sunshine State.

There are only certain times during each year that you can enroll your child in the plans.  For 2015-2016, open enrollment is Oct. 15, 2015 – Feb. 29, 2016.

The cost of the plans vary depending on how old your child is and which of the 5 plans you choose.

For a NEWBORN these are the current MONTHLY rates:

4-Yr Florida University Plan $182.63

1-Yr Florida University Plan $45.69

2 + 2 Florida Plan $144.35

4 Yr College Plan $114.69

2 Yr College Plan $53.13


Once you enroll and get your account set up you can increase your monthly payment at ANY time simply by logging into your account and making a payment. It can be a one time payment or a recurring payment. This is a great option for grandparents that might be looking to help out. We did it for Ella when she was awarded some money earlier this year. It was so easy for me to go online and make a one time payment, and then the rest of our monthly payments will be the same as they were, we will just finish her payoff sooner, rather than later. 


If you have ANY questions about the Florida Prepaid College Plans, feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to answer them! I feel somewhat like a pro since we've had accounts for 11+ years now Smile

You can also reach out to their amazing customer service team at 1800552GRAD (4723) and they will answer any and all questions you may have.

You can also check out Florida Prepaid College Plans online and figure out which plan is just right for your future college student!