Weekly Workouts May 11-May 17

Wow! What a week! And I mean that in a good way! We went out of town for my cousin's wedding on May 10th. We headed down to my hometown of Venice, Florida and the husband and I brought our bikes. We were hoping for the chance to be able to get in a ride on the Legacy Trail on Mother's Day, but honestly I wasn't sure if we were BOTH going to be able to do it. I knew James could do it, but with the #TampaTrio around, who could watch them? I didn't want to ask my mom since it was HER Mother's Day, too (my 3 are a lot of work), but it was my DAD that stepped up and said he'd LOVE to watch them! Surprised Really??? Awesome!! So without further ado, here is my week in workouts, and don't forget to join in on the #20X31 challenge, and link up with my friend Jen over at JVKom Chronicles!


Sunday-HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!  James and I cycled nearly 20 miles on the Legacy Trail. It was such a nice ride for both of us. We wanted to go further, but we had to get back to Tampa to pick up our dog from the kennel by 6pm, which meant we had to leave Venice no later than 4pm. We probably COULD have done the entire trail, but this was a nice, slow, easy ride for us. We stopped a lot since the trail has so many scenic spots to sit and watch the bay. It was a wonderful ride!! And my dad did GREAT with the kids!

Calories: I did not wear my heart rate monitor.

Steps: 14,859. Just steps. The Loop does not track movement on the bike as steps.

Monday-CrossFit. My knee has been bothering me again. Really badly. So even though I wanted to follow the squat program weight, I couldn't. Well, I could have, but I didn't want to take the chance of further injuring my knee. Fitness isn't about that for me. I also joined the 5pm class so that my kids could do the 5:30pm CrossFit kids class and I wouldn't have to make a double trip to the gym. But I've decided I'd rather make the double trip and be able to do MY workout at MY time.

After squats we did Cindy. I had to modify it because I needed to be closer to my kids since Ronin had an incident and I wanted him to be able to be close to me. So instead of doing pull-ups, I did ring rows which put me on the same side of the gym as the kids.


Complete a 20 minute AMRAP of:
– 5 ring rows
– 10 Push-ups
– 15 Squats

I made it 13 rounds.

Calories: 349

Steps: 17,987

Tuesday-CrossFit. We did 10-15 minutes of foam rolling, quad smashing and mobility work.

Then we did FOR TIME:

200m shuttle run (I did a one minute sprint on the Air Dyne)

40 double unders (I did med ball slams)

20 KB Swings (35 pounds)

But I didn't pay attention, and I did 5 rounds.

I am having big issues with my knee, so I had to modify the run and the double unders. No jumping or running for me.

And then I mowed my lawn.

Calories: WOD+ lawn=759

Steps: 23,394

Wednesday-CrossFit. We did power clean skill work and then built up to a heavy power clean. I am working REALLY HARD on my form, and FINALLY I got a triple extension caught on video!! I was so proud of that and that made me decide to stick with that weight (65#) for the WOD.

The WOD was a EMOM 12 minute. Even minute: 12 lateral bar burpees (or as many as you could complete in 45 seconds. I always made it to 8 burpees, and ODD minute: 1 power clean, and 1 power clean and jerk.

Then 75 weighted situps. I had to hussle through this WOD because I had ABC News coming out to my house at Noon to tape a segment.

Calories: 737

Steps: 13,183

Thursday: REST DAY!! I decided to take my Polar OWN test to check my fitness level.

I was pretty happy with the results. For my age, that puts me right in the high end of the "average" group. I'm only ONE point away from being in the next level, so that's a new goal!

Steps: 11,778

Friday-CrossFit. It was make-up day.

We did front squats, and again, I backed down the weight from my knee injury. And for the WOD I subbed box step-ups instead of lunges.

The WOD was FOR TIME, 50 box step ups, 40 shoulder to overhead (I did push press) 30 back squats, 20 tricep dips, and a 10 calorie row.

And then I finished it off with a 2 mile shakeout walk.

WOW!! That calorie burn was AWESOME!!

Calories: 1080

Steps: 22,657

Saturday: REST DAY!! We went blueberry picking and spent the afternoon at the pool. It was a GREAT day of rest!! Check out Haley and Ronin actually getting along VERY well at the pool. This picture makes my heart smile Smile

Steps: 12,023


Overall, it was a great week. I had some low numbers earlier in the week, but that was by choice since I had some outstanding commitments which didn't allow me to work out as long as I normally do. That's okay. Hopefully I'll be back to normal this week!


Total Weekly Steps: 115,872


And when I checked my weekly data from my Polar FT60, it was very happy with me :) I even earned a trophy!!

How was your week in workouts?? How did you get active?


Women Who Lift: Meet Mandy

Welcome to my feature: Women Who Lift. If you are interested in being interviewed for the series, please email me at jennifer@metamorfit.org  I would love to spotlight you. You don't have to have a blog, you just have to be a woman who lifts!

Today I am spotlighting Mandy. Mandy works out at my box CrossFit En Fuego, but we haven't worked out in the same WOD more than a small handful of times. I really connected with her via social media. She's very inspirational. She sets goals for herself, makes a plan, and meets those goals! She also has a lot of fun along the way. You can check out her blog here: Formula Fitness


Meet Mandy

Name: Mandy Phillips
Age:  28
Occupation:  Teacher and Entrepreneur
Location: Land O’ Lakes, FL
Favorite WOD: Anything weightlifting related,  CrossFit Total, Grace, and Linda
Favorite Lift:  Deadlift
Deadlift Max: 250 lbs
Back squat Max: 155 lbs
Overhead Max: Which lift? 115 lbs (Clean and Jerk)
Favorite Girl?  Grace or Linda
Got Muscle-ups? No, not even close….but that’s okay, one day I will!
1 mile run: 11 minutes exactly (running not my thing at all, but trying to change that!)

How long have you been CrossFitting? I am actually right at the 3 year mark! Started in September 2010, but have had to take a few breaks due to grad school and a torn ACL needing surgery.

What keeps you coming back/motivated? I am competitive by nature and my biggest competitor is myself!  I love challenging myself in an environment that pushes me, while having phenomenal support from fellow CrossFitters and the amazing coaching staff at CrossFit En Fuego.

How did you find CrossFit? I was brought to CrossFit by some co-workers that had been going.  So thankful they brought me!

What is your athletic background?  I have played sports my whole life.  Tried every sport I could as a child, but found my niche in softball, volleyball, and golf!  Notice little running involved in all of those.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? CrossFit has dramatically changed my life!  I am always looking for ways to further myself and increase my health.  I have lost weight, gained muscle, and just become more confident in my body and fitness overall.    Also, it has made my relationship with my husband even stronger!  He recently started CrossFit in Feb. 2013 and we have never looked back!  Took be a long time to get him there, but now we are a team and love focusing on our fitness together!

What is the one thing you have done at CrossFit that you never thought you could do? (muscle up, double unders, heavy deadlift, run a mile, etc.)
Double Unders were a struggle for me for a long time.  I am able to do those and am currently working to lose the single I have in between my doubles!  Running has always been a struggle for me and with the help in my fitness gained through CrossFit, I am now training for a half marathon!  This is certainly something I thought I would never do!

What motivates/inspires you?  I am truly inspired by others!  I love watching people push themselves to do things they thought they would never be able to do.  I love watching people hit an obstacle and persevere through overcoming it!  This is what pushes me to do the same!  This is the exact reason I have started training for the half marathon and I have even started blogging about my fitness journey (formulafitness.org).  The feedback I have gotten from this truly pushes me to continue training because I know I am inspiring others as I achieve my own goals!  Love being a motivation to others!  That is what motivates me!

What is your proudest CrossFit achievement?  Before I had my ACL surgery, I was able to achieve a 500 lb CrossFit Total.  That is a combination of my max lifts on deadlift, back squat, and strict press.  That was always the number I wanted to hit and I did it!  Now my goal is to get that again!

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve through CrossFit? My next main goal is to complete an unassisted pull up!  I have always had a hard time with pull ups, but am getting closer and closer everyday to lose those bands and achieve this goal!

What goals have you achieved in CrossFit? Some goals that I have achieved are lowering my body fat %, increasing my strength on my lifts, and increasing my endurance through workouts!

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit? Outside of CrossFit, my husband and I really love hanging out with friends, traveling, and working on projects for our new home!  Sports of course are always a huge interest for us too!  Go Bucs, Rays, and Bulls!

Do you follow a special diet? Paleo? Whole30? I have followed many ways of eating healthy before (WW, watching caloric intake, Low Carb, and Paleo).  Currently, I am doing Paleo, but trying to figure out how to continue this while training for my half marathon.  I have gotten a new Polar Heart Rate Monitor that has helped me track my calorie expenditure, but now I have to learn how to incorporate this into my diet!

What is your favorite meal?  I am a huge steak lover and actually I think one of my favorite meals is what we had for dinner last night.  Chimichurri Steak, Sweet Potato, and Asparagus….yum!  Recently a close runner up has been Meatballs, Spaghetti Squash as “noodles”, and homemade spaghetti sauce!

Any advice for new members? My advice for anyone thinking about doing CrossFit or just starting is to just do it!  Don’t be afraid!  The number one thing I love about CrossFit is that they scale all workouts to your current ability, while pushing you slightly past that point to continue to challenge you.  Don’t get frustrated you can’t do something or because others around you can and you can’t!  Who cares!?  They are not you!  They have not lived your life!  You are you and you define your competition!  Push yourself to be better than you were yesterday, then you can look back and see how far YOU have come!

Women Who Lift: Meet Renee

Welcome to my feature: Women Who Lift. If you are interested in being interviewed for the series, please email me at jennifer@metamorfit.org  I would love to spotlight you. You don't have to have a blog, you just have to be a woman who lifts!


Today I am spotlighting Renee. Renee is a woman that I am proud to know and who inspires me every time I get the opportunity to work out with her! Renee was one of the first women I met when I began to workout out at CrossFit En Fuego. She had just returned to the box after the birth of her second daughter and I was immediately impressed by her dedication, motivation, and her willingness to help other people. Renee is a strong woman, and encourages those of us around her to reach our full potential. Often, Renee is there when I set my new PR's because she's the one who tells me "you got this Jenny, just add 5 more pounds."  Or when I struggle and have to take weight off she's just as encouraging, "it's okay, you gave it your best, try it next time!"  Renee, and I (along with a few other CrossFit ladies) will all be participating together in a triathlon together this month. Renee has been helping with the cycling and swimming part of our training and she's just as encouraging in the water or on the bike, as she is in the box. That's just the type of person that she is. Smile And I'm so happy to have her in my life!


Meet Renee


Name: Renee M.
Age: 41
Occupation: Stay at home Mom
Location: Odessa, Florida
Favorite WOD: Any Hero WOD
Favorite Lift: Deadlift
Deadlift Max: 245
Back squat Max: 115
Overhead Max:  95 Which lift? Clean & Jerk
Favorite Girl? Cindy
Got Muscle-ups? Not yet but working on them
1 mile run: 11:00 (HATE RUNNING)

How long have you been CrossFitting? I Crossfitted for 5 months during my pregnancy, I took a 3 month break after the birth of my daughter, I have been back for 6 months.

What keeps you coming back/motivated? The people and the Crossfit community.

How did you find CrossFit? Our 10 year old daughter started Crossfitting 1st over a year ago, to help with her BMX racing.

What is your athletic background? none

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? I have become healthier, I sleep better, more endurance, and Stronger.

What is the one thing you have done at CrossFit that you never thought you could do? Flipping the biggest tire at the box

What motivates/inspires you? I'm motivated to keep a healthly lifestyle for myself and my children and to show them how to stay healthy themselves. Plus I want to kick my husband's a$$ in WOD's.

What is your proudest CrossFit achievement?  Completing Murph

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve through CrossFit? I would like to have an unassisted pull up by the end of the year.

What goals have you achieved in CrossFit? I'm still a work a progress, but learning all the movements and Oly lifts were a goal from the beginning.

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit? Cycling and swimming.

Do you follow a special diet? Paleo? Whole30? 100% Paleo 80% of the time.

What is your favorite meal? Pizza 

Any advice for new members? Do your best, don't stop and work to your ability.  It's you vs. you.


Do you have someone at your gym that goes above and beyond to help encourage other members?  Did you workout while you were pregnant? Do you workout with your spouse and/or kids?