Summer is nearly upon us

How is it already the end of the first full week of February? I just can't even wrap my brain around how quickly this school year has gone by.

What really hit home for me was that last week I registered the #TampaTrio for a week at a specialty summer camp of their choosing. They'll all attend a traditional summer camp, but each year we allow them to each pick one week away from home. Consistently the girls have always picked a week at Girl Scout Camp. But this year, this year is something new for them, and it really shows me that they are growing up and becoming their own unique little people with huge ideas and an eye towards the future.

I know I mentioned that my oldest daughter, 7th grade Haley qualified to take the ACT as part of the Duke TIP program. We received her scores last month and YES she scored high enough to attend one of the Duke Summer Programs. It's a 3 week residential program at Rollins College. She was most interested in the program From Wonderland to Hogwarts which is a creative writing program. But as we sat and discussed her options, she decided that she'd rather attend BAND CAMP!! Yes, band camp. After lots of research she (we) decided on the music program offered at Stetson University.

My sweet little flautist. She has really come into her own this year and I am so proud of her.

And my Ella girl, she decided that she wanted to go to my Alma Mater, Eckerd College and attend their Summer Science Splash program! 


Ella's choice of camp took me by surprise. I know she enjoys science, but to attend a week long science camp? I didn't think she had it in her. I thought for sure she'd be much more interested in attending a drama or modeling camp. I'm proud of her for stepping outside her comfort zone and giving something new a try. 

And we're still working on choosing the right camp for Ronin. Last year he did an ID Tech program and he LOVED it!! But it's the same program this year, and ugh. I don't think I can handle another summer of MINECRAFT!! So I'm the hunt for the perfect camp for Ronin.

So as I sit here and reflect upon how much academic and personal growth my trio have made, I can't help but shake my head in awe and disbelief. Are they perfect students? No. Do they often forget to turn in assignments or study for a test. Yes. But I really try to let them know that these are the years (middle school) where they can feel safe to "fall forward." Now is the time where I am trying to teach them about good study habits and work ethics. 

It's not going to be too long before they head off to college. I've talked about it many times on the blog, but I'm so happy we did the Florida Prepaid College Plan for all 3 kids. 

I have no idea what path in life they will travel, but I'm happy to know that I have provided them with the tools to get there.

There are so many benefits to starting a Florida PrePaid Plan. With the years flying by as quickly as they are, don't put off starting a Florida PrePaid Plan for your kids! 

Florida Pre-Paid Open Enrollment ends February 28.  Use Promo Code BLOG1617and save 50% off your application when you enroll. For more information, visit


Push Away the Screen: Summer Camp at Busch Gardens Tampa

Summer is right around the corner! Holy smokes has the time just flown by!

I'm a working mama now, so that means I need to find summer camps for my kids that will not only keep them safe, but active, and engaged.

When Busch Gardens Tampa Bay reached out to me about sending the #TampaTrio to a week of camp at their facility, I might have squealed with delight, and in all honesty, felt huge pangs of jealousy. I LOVE Busch Gardens.


Whether your kid is five or fifteen, they are ALWAYS ready for an adventure and Busch Gardens day camps offer adventures that last a lifetime! Discover what adventures await your kids this summer at Busch Gardens.

Day camps allow campers to make new friends, learn team-building skills and discover new things. A variety of camps fit kids’ interests and grade levels. From caring for animals to becoming a Counselor in Training, day campers will take on new challenges while having fun.

This summer my kids will be rising 4th, 5th, and 6th graders (again..WOW!! How did that happen??) They had some great camps to choose from!

Ronin chose Zoo Chefs where he'll lend a hand in helping feed more than 12,000 animals at Busch Gardens.

Ella chose to learn how important water is to Busch Gardens, SeaWorld and Adventure Island by choosing Splash Seekers camp!

Haley is going to get her hands dirty while shadowing a field researcher in the Creature Researchers.

ALL camps include:

  • Daily lunches, snacks & drinks
  • A Camp T-shirt and a water bottle
  • A complimentary photo with a Busch Gardens animal ambassador
  • Complimentary admission to Busch Gardens following camp each day for campers


You can check out all the available DAY camps for your child HERE. And the chart below lists some of the camps available for kids up through middle school.


What camps are you sending your kids too this summer??