Getting my running groove back

I started running in 2009. I've run in dozens and dozens of races. I have a wall full of bling, and a photo book that holds all my race bibs. But in late 2012, my body just started to revolt against running, and so I stopped doing it unless I HAD to. I still ran races, (mostly 5K's) but my times were horrible.

I swam, I cycled, I did Body Pump, I did a host of other activities to keep my body active. But I started to lose that sleek runners physique. I noticed it, not sure if anyone else did, but I did and that's what matters.

In February 2013, I decided to run the Gasparilla 1/2 Marathon on a whim. I hadn't run more than 6 miles at one time in over a year, and here I was signing up for a 1/2 Marathon. Talk about peer pressure. Tongue Out

My best 1/2 Marathon time is 2:17. I finished Gasparilla in 3:17. Almost a full hour slower than my best time. And in the process I lost 2 toenails and hurt my butt and while it hasn't been confirmed, I'm pretty sure I have piriformis syndrome. Since February I've been rolling out my glutes and hammies like crazy, and I've been running with more frequency. But I'm still not as fast as I was. It still hurts when I run. And I've pretty much decided that if I don't commit to running WITH someone, or meeting up with someone, running is just not going happen for me. I just don't love it like I used to. But Triathlon season is upon us, and I've committed to three in the next few months. I need to get this run figured out, and figured out PRONTO!! I'd like to place like I did last year.

For the past 2 Tuesday's I've been meeting up with Denise from RunDMT and we've been running. Not together mind you because she is wicked fast, but she's making me accountable, and that's what I need at this stage of the game.

We ran this morning, meeting at 6:30am. It was hot, my butt hurt, but I got it done. Alternating between walking and running and I got in my 3.3 miles. I was happy with that. Denise did sprint work, and I tried my best. Some laps I attempted sprints, some laps I walked fast. It wasn't pretty but I got it done! 3.3 miles. The most I've run at one time since March 17th when I did a 4 mile trail run with Ella, and thinking back on that, my butt didn't hurt then. Denise mentioned that maybe my shoes had something to do with it. I wasn't wearing good running shoes, and I haven't been wearing my normal Brooks, so maybe she's on to something, huh???!!!

So I'm working on it. I'm working on getting my running groove back. I have a great team of people supporting me, and cheering me on. Their belief in me inspires me to want to do more, be more.


Have you experienced Piriformis Syndrome?  How did you overcome it?

Have you come back from injury to become a faster runner?

What types of shoes do you run in??

Track Thursday: What's Beautiful? Speed Work at CrossFit En Fuego

As part of the Under Armour What's Beautiful campaign, I made the goal that I would PR at the Iron Girl Triathlon in September. I can swim like a fish, and cycle like the wind, but the run, oh the run! I am not a fast runner to begin with, and then throw me on the course after the bike, and I feel like I'm running with 100lb sandbags tied to my ankles. If you'd like to experience an Iron Girl event I have a discount code for you! Use the code IGCJHB13 for $10.00 off ANY Iron Girl in the United States. It doesn't have to be the Clermont Triathlon. It can be a 1/2 marathon in your city. Smile

My box, CrossFit En Fuego offers a lot of opportunities for athletes to become better, stronger, faster. They offer a Premier CrossFit class which is like working out with your very own personal trainer for 1/4 of the cost of a normal personal training session!

Monthly, they offer an Olympic lifting class so you can improve your technique. June's class is already in the bag, but I'll be sure to let you know when July's class is coming! The class is FREE for En Fuego members, and non-members can attend and pay $75 for the series of classes.


But what I'm here to really talk to you about today is the En Fuego RUNNING CLINIC!! They offer the clinic on Saturday mornings at 8am FREE to members, but Saturday is hard for me to get up and get motivated to be somewhere by 8am. 9am I can handle, but 8am is just, I don't know...HARD!

They also had it on Tuesday afternoons at 4:30pm, but summer in Florida means that it's generally either raining or about to rain at 4:30pm, so they have had to move the class.

It was planned for Thursday morning at 7:30am. This time worked PERFECTLY for my schedule. I'm up, my kids are up, I can ride my bike to the track, and still make it back in time for my 9am WOD, all those good things. It was all lined up in my favor. And I had NO excuse. And I made it today. I'm proud to say I did it!!

We spent the first 30 minutes stretching and practicing form and technique. And then we did sprint drills. They pretty much sucked. No sugar coating it. But it's supposed to suck. If it doesn't suck you aren't doing it right.

We did 3X400m sprints with a recovery time between each one.

1.)  0.25 miles

Time 2:27

 2.)  0.25 miles

Time 2:25

3.)  0.25 miles

Time 2:24

Average: 2:25.3

If I can maintain that pace, I will be able to run a 9:03 minute mile. That would be freaking awesome. Like seriously. Running a 5K under 30 minutes is a HUGE goal of mine!

I loved the running clinic. Seriously. Having Coach Sarah to push me, motivate me, inspire me (she ran with us, and man she is like a CHEETAH!) gave me the confidence that I can do this! I can break through this running plateau. here's the kicker for me. Apparently 7:30am is not good for most people, so the class is being moved to 6pm on Tuesday nights starting June 18th. This is a super hard time for me. Kids, husband, dinner, etc, etc, etc...there are going to be a lot of excuses why I CAN'T do it rather than why I CAN. I really hope that I can make it work!

Tell me how you became a better, faster runner? Did you use a running coach? Join a team? Run with a faster more experienced friend?