Jord #WoodWatch-A Review and Giveaway

Right before Christmas Jord Wood Watches reached out and asked if I was interested in reviewing one of their BEAUTIFUL wood watches. I said yes, and they sent me this beauty!


I put it right on, and went about my normal daily tasks including washing the dishes, taking a shower, bathing the #TampaTrio, you know, mom duties.

The next morning I got up and the watch was all foggy and DID NOT WORK. A quick peek at their website told me this:

Q.  Are JORD watches water resistant?

A.  JORD watches are considered to be splash proof. Normal wear and use can include kitchen activities, a day on the beach, the gym, etc. However, full submergence in water is not recommended both for the integrity of the movement and the wood itself. Excessive moisture exposure can result in a diminished flexibility in the bands wood links. If this occurs, allow the watch to dry for 1 to 2 days to allow the wood links to dry and return to their natural size.
I put the watch in some rice and gave it a few days, but NOPE. I broke it. Oops. I'm just so used to my Polar M400 and it's ability to do all activities.
I let Jord know what had happened and they were kind enough to send me out another #WoodWatch.
This time though, I was smart about it and I gifted it to a librarian co-worker. One who was used to taking her watch off for all activities, and was in desperate need of a new watch.

The following is a review from her:

Wearability:  It just fit my ample wrist, so I didn't need to remove any links.  This worked out well because there were no instructions! (Not so good for the not so mechanically inclined)

It was very comfortable and surprisingly lightweight.  The color was perfect!



Fashionability: (is there such a word?):  I thought the watch was beautiful!  It fit my personal casual style, but I felt it could also be worn as a statement piece with business wear- a nice suit perhaps.  My husband, who collects watches was very impressed  (might consider gifting one to him for our anniversary).  Only two other people remarked on the watch, both were men - I'm thinking that the wood and style may appeal more to men.  I maintain that it a beautiful watch!



Functionality:  Some instructions would help regarding setting the date, if you need to remove/add links or if it winds, has a battery or is works on movement.



Overall my friend really loves her new Jord #WoodWatch and Jord wants to give one of YOU your very own!

Just follow the link below and get entered to win! 



Saucony Triumph Review

Disclosure: I was provided product from Saucony through Fitfluential for this review, however all opinions are my own.

When the opportunity to review a pair of Saucony Triumph shoes presented itself to my HUSBAND, I jumped on the opportunity.

During the past 2 years that I've been blogging most of the review opportunities I've recieved have been for ME. I was super excited to be able to surprise HIM with a new pair of athletic shoes. Especially ones that make you go #WHOA

My husband is generally VERY active. Due to a back injury he is no longer able to run, but he walks with me, and he really enjoys riding his recumbent bicycle.

When the box arrived it was all I could do to take a quick photo before James put them on. He was SO EXCITED. It was nice to see him so happy about a pair of athletic shoes.


After I took the photo he immediately put the shoes on his feet. I asked him what they felt like and he said they were very LIGHT. 

He recalled how he had worn Saucony shoes back in the mid 1990's when he was a runner and he loved them back then because they seemed to be especially made for "big guy feet." James wears a size 13W, so I guess he's got big feet?

The next day was a Saturday and he put his new shoes on and we went out for a nice bike ride. Normally he wears his Teva Sandals, but not this day. And when we got home, he didn't take his shoes off like he normally does.

He kept in WHOA mode ALL DAY LONG. That says a lot. And what says even more is that he's been coming home after work and putting his Triumph shoes on.

He LOVES these shoes. And as you can see they go great with everything.

Be sure to follow #WHOAface on Twitter to get other opinions on the shoe. Also you can follow Saucony on Twitter and Instagram @Saucony.

Running Shoe Review: @Reebook #zquick #ReebokZQuick #livewithfire #fitfluential #unnaturallyquick

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.  


Are you a runner? Do you want to run faster?

ZQuick. The shoe that makes you unnaturally fast. Sounds great, doesn't it? I know I was intrigued and super excited to give them a go!

They arrived to me packed up in a nice reusable tote bag! I loved that I had no big bulky shoe box to contend with! I received the Punch Pink color which is just perfect for me because pink is my favorite color!!

The first day I wore them to CrossFit because we had a running WOD.

And I did move #unnaturallyquick though that workout. But I started to notice that the shoes were hurting the back of my heels. This is not unusual for me, but I was hoping it was just a matter of breaking in the shoes a bit more.

The next day I wore them on a run with the dog.

And by the end of the jog my heels looked like this Cry

I contacted Reebok to let them know that I was having issues with the shoes. They thought it might be my socks, so they sent me out a few lovely pairs to try. I really did like the socks.

They also advised that I wait a week, let my heels heal and then give them another try.

I did that, and it didn't work. My heels just don't like the #zquick.

This makes me sad because I love Reebok and I loved the way the Zquick shoes felt when I had them on. It was moving that didn't work. So if I just needed them for standing they'd be great! Tongue Out Back when I was younger and Keds were all the rage, my heels would get ripped up, so this isn't something new for me. I think I just have super sensitive heels and depending on where the back of the shoe hits my heel makes all the difference in the world.

The toe box was super comfortable and I love the color, but I won't be able to wear them. Sad sad sad.

But I was still curious HOW ZQuick could make me a faster runner and this is what they said:
"For handling we also wanted to take into account the dynamics of the foot itself. Your foot changes in dimension when you put weight on.  When your foot is completely weighted, it’ s about 5mm wider than when it’s in the air.  That’s your own naturally handling feature. Your foot spreads out on impact to distribute force over a broader base. To accommodate for that natural handling feature we built slashes into the bottom unit that go all the way to the lasting board so that your Z-series shoe spreads with you."


So while this shoe doesn't work for me, maybe it will work for you. Reebok does offer FREE shipping and FREE returns, so if end up not working out for you, you can return them!


What's your favorite type of running shoe?