Rowing my way through the Open-Recap of 14.4

Last Thursday evening, 8pm, I sat on my couch, Surface tablet on my lap anxiously awaiting the announcement of the 14.4 Open WOD.

I've really grown to love Dave Castro. The guy just cracks me up, and I think I've developed a crush on his smile. I'm looking forward to seeing what he's put together for 14.5 The last WOD of the Open. My guess is that it's going to have some advanced gymnastics skill. No idea what, but something that I can't do. And that's the point. And that's okay. I can't do gymnastics this year, but maybe next year? Yes, maybe next year. That will be the goal. For as hard as I train, I should be capable of more. That's where I realize that it's my diet that's failing me. Time to really figure out how to eat to perform. But I digress, this is a recap of 14.4

It was a great WOD to watch. And I knew from the get-go that I'd score a 60 on this WOD and I was totally okay with that. I can't do a toes to bar. Not even close (maybe that can be my goal for next year?) I can do wall-balls, but 40 of them at 40 pounds would leave me wrecked. 30 power cleans at 95 pounds. My one rep max is 90 pounds. And muscle-ups? Not a chance in hell. Tongue Out

I went into the box on Monday with a plan. I'd do 14.4, do the row as prescribed, and then continue on with the rest of the WOD modified. My judge watched me do the row, recorded my score and then off I went without skipping a beat.

I did 50 hanging knee raises, 40 wall balls with an 8 pound ball. I could have used the 10 pound ball, but I have freakishly small hands and those balls are just to big for me. Surprised So I use the 8 pound because I like the size of it. I should order myself a 10 pound ball in a smaller size and carry it in my gym bag. That's an idea. Okay, so then I finished the wall balls and moved on to the power cleans. I loaded my bar in advance with 65 pounds, and I made it to 15/30 before time was called.

So in 14 minutes I completed:

60 calorie row

50 hanging knee raises

40 wall balls

15 power cleans

but I wasn't done! I wanted to finish the WOD, so I took about a 30 second break, grabbed some water and went on to complete:

15 power cleans

20 ring rows

I finished the entire WOD in 19:18

You can see I pushed myself to 100% of my max heart rate. I really enjoyed this WOD! I enjoyed being able to complete it modified.

I hope 14.5 starts with a skill that I can do. As long as I get something on the board, I'll be happy.

How have you been doing in the games??

Weekly Workouts March 9-15

This week we began our 3rd consecutive week of home remodeling. It had been an exhaustive previous 2 weeks, but I thought I knew what was in store for me for week 3. I was wrong. Undecided Turns out a complete kitchen and bath overhaul is much EASIER than to have 1200 square feet of your home tiled.  I'll be writing a post soon (with pictures!!) about the entire remodel! It looks beautiful!

Okay, so with the craziness that has been going on, my workouts have still been cut short. But that's okay. Remodeling is NOW DONE and life can get back to normal. Well, sort of. The Trio have Spring Break this week, so we'll be out having some fun in the sun!!

Here was my week in workouts! And I need to make sure that I take pictures of my workouts because they are never the same so I can't remember from day to day!!

Sunday-REST DAY!! Well, sort of. We started off the morning with unpacking, etc., and then spent the afternoon and evening walking around Busch Gardens, having a Safari Tour and then seeing the Steve Miller Band LIVE!! It was awesome.

Total Steps: 16,662

Monday-CrossFit Today I did the Open WOD 14.2 It was hard! I cried! I was so mad at myself for not being more successful instead of looking at the bigger picture and how far I've come since starting CrossFit one year ago. In 3 minutes I attempted 10 OHS (overhead squats.) I did more than 10 in an attempt to get 1, but no matter how hard I tried I just could not break parallel. UGH. Something to work on!

Calories: 649

Total Steps: 14,307

Tuesday-CrossFit. Walked in to the box this morning with a better attitude after talking things over with my En Fuego peeps. Our WOD was a great one!!

A 17 minute AMRAP with wall balls and power cleans. The power cleans were a "ladder" with the weights getting heavier on each set of 20.

40 wall balls

20 power cleans (55#)

40 wall balls

20 power cleans (65#)

40 wall balls

20 power cleans (75#)

and then I ran out of time! But I was proud of how well I did, and even came home with a CrossFit battle scar, a nice bruise on my collarbone!

Calories: 539

Total Steps: 24,575

Wednesday-CrossFit. We spent 15 minutes working on GOAT work. I worked on double unders and while I am pretty confident that I managed to get a handful! After GOAT we did STRICT press. This is the hardest lift for me. Ugh. Afterwards we did an 8 minute (EMOM) of 100m SPRINT and with the remaining time we did as many HRPU as we could. Then we rested on the odd minute. I'm taking a break from running, so I sprinted on the Air Dyne for 40 seconds, and did 20 seconds of HRPU.

Total Calories: 435

Steps: 18,835

Thursday-REST DAY

Steps: 15,158

Friday-CrossFit Open WOD 14.3

This was a GREAT WOD for me!! An 8 minute AMRAP of deadlifts and box jumps! I'll have a full recap up soon, but I LOVED it and did better than I thought I would!! WooHoo!! I also had the Trio with me because they were off from school. They loved watching me, and I loved knowing that they were there cheering me on!!

Total Calories: 701

Steps: 12,486

Saturday-REST DAY!!

Again, not too much rest as we did a ton of unpacking, cleaning, organizing, etc...

Steps: 25,092

Overall, it was a GREAT week and I moved over 130,000 steps!!

How was your week in workouts???

Recap of the CrossFit Open 14.2

After my less than stellar performance in the 14.1 Open WOD, I had slightly higher hopes for 14.2. And then I saw the WOD.

Gulp. A 65 pound overhead squat. Going overhead for me is difficult no matter what. After shoulder surgery in 2002, and years of physical therapy, my shoulder still "clicks" and "snags" when I go overhead. Not to mention that tight hip flexors often prevent me from breaking parallel in a squat, and in CrossFit breaking parallel is a MUST, especially in a competition.

Coming in to this WOD, I had a one rep max OHS PR of 70 pounds. But that was taken from the rack, and I'm positive I did not break parallel. But I still thought I had at least ONE OHS in this 42 year old body.

I arrived at the box on Monday morning. But not just any normal Monday morning. It was the FIRST Monday after the time change, and I had gone to Busch Gardens the night before, watched the Steve Miller Band perform live, drank beer, and didn't get home until very late. Then the kids got up late, Ronin could hardly wake up at all, so I dropped the girls off at school, took Ronin to CrossFit with me, he slept on the couch all curled up with his blanket and I went off to begin warming up.

I teamed up with Karin and we both started lifting. I warmed up with a PVC bar, and that's when Coach Pete quickly let me know that I wasn't breaking parallel. Oh boy...this was going to be rough. Not breaking parallel with only a PVC. Yikes. He placed a med ball behind me and told me that was my goal. I needed to feel my backside touch that ball and then I would have broken parallel and once I stood up and kept control of the bar/weight then I would have completed one rep.

The ball really helped me find parallel. I did it with the PVC, I did it with a 35 pound bar, and then I started adding weight. I did it with 45 pounds. I did it with 55 pounds, and then it was time for the 65 pounds. And I did it....but I was still in the warm-up. It was HARD, but I did it.

And then...3,2,1, GO. I went first. And for 3 minutes I gave it everything I had. EVERYTHING. And quite a few times I broke parallel, but then couldn't stand up without the bar falling forward. And quite a few times I got super close to breaking parallel, like within a millimeter, but that doesn't count because I didn't break parallel. I fought so hard. I gave it everything I had.

And I walked away with a score of ZERO. 0.

I was devastated. I am just so hard on myself. I cried, I had a pity party, and I allowed myself to get in to a big deep funk.

I didn't take into account that a year ago there would have been NO WAY I could have even gotten 65 pounds over my head, let alone hold it there in a wide grip, and squat down inches from the ground and not lose control of that bar and all the weight it held.

I did some soul-searching and how I've changed over the past year. I'm so much stronger than I ever have been. It doesn't matter that I didn't get to record a score. What matters is that I had the courage to try.

14.3 will be released tonight, and I'll attempt it tomorrow. I'll have the 3 kids with me since Spring Break officially starts tomorrow, and regardless of the outcome, I'll be proud because I know I'll have given it everything that I can.