Running Happy with the Happy Band

I have crazy hair. It's in a weird in-between stage, side wisps that drive me bonkers when I work out and I have headband ADD. I just can't commit to one brand, and then when I find one I like I never remember to put it on when I'm getting ready for the gym. Undecided I need to get multiple bands of my faves and always keep at least one, possibly two in my truck with my extra Polar HRM and my cycle shoes.

Recently I was asked to test out a new headband from Running Happy. They asked me what my favorite color was and if I had fine hair. I like pink and yes, I have fine hair. They sent me a nice grosgrain headband in pink with a special added bonus: a non-slip clip for fine hair. Sweet Cool

I wore it to the gym for a 2 hour workout. An hour of cycle and an hour of yoga. I did not touch the band once during that entire time period. No adjustments necessary and I didn't even feel it, and more importantly, I didn't feel my hair in my eyes! Wink

I did have a few wisps come out, but nothing like I am used to. And after a ton of downward dogs, the Happy Band really held up!  And the no-slip clip did its job!!

Would you like to win one of your own?? It's easy!! You know I like to make it easy! This is what you have to do:

  1. Like Running Happy on Facebook and tell them Jenny Hodges is MetamorFit sent you!
  2. Tell me what type of fitness activity you'd do while wearing your Happy Band

And that's it!!

I'll pick a winner from all the comments made on February 17th Laughing