Cooking Clean with the T-fal Optigrill

Disclaimer:  I was provided an OptiGrill for review.  All opinions are my own.

Cooking healthy meals for my family is of utmost importance to me. I've found that grilling lean proteins and veggies is the tastiest way to eat clean. I love how the fats just drain right out and the meat is tasty and flavorful.

But I'm not a good griller. I am scared of fire. Like super scared. I was playing with matches when I was 12 and I set my hair on fire. Ever since then I am terrified of being close to fire, and that includes the grill. The thought of turning on the propane tank and lighting the grill literally makes me nauseous.

Late last week our outdoor grill bit the dust, not that I ever used it, but my husband did. Often. 

The day after it died, this arrived for me Smile

I decided that I would try the grill out on Friday night for our Friday Fish. Normally I bake the fish, but the grill directions said it could be easily grilled.

Now, I am not a natural cook. I have a tendency to overcook my meats. The optigrill had me excited because the T-fal OptiGrill is the first and only indoor grill with Precision Grilling Technology, which will detect the quantity, temperature, and thickness of your items and alert you when it is at each cooking stage (rare,medium well done, etc.) So there is no more need to cut into your steak or meats to check if they are done – with OptiGrill you know it will be grilled exactly to your preference.

My first attempt at the grill did not go well. I followed the directions perfectly and when the timer beeped that it was finished, I opened the grill and this is what awaited me. Undecided

I was able to close the lid almost 1/2 way and then gently scrap the fish off the top part of the grill. Even though it didn't present well, it was quite tasty.

The grill cleaned up quickly and easily and I decided that next time I would spray the grill down with a little bit of cooking spray before I put my meat on the grill.

Tonight I decided that I would grill chicken. I pounded it out and seasoned it with lemon and pepper. Set the chicken timer and off it went! It cooked quickly!

Having a family of 5, and only being able to cook 2 chicken breasts at a time meant that I was cooking a lot of chicken. But it was easy and since I was relying on the timer, I was able to go off and help the kids with their homework, etc., and not worry about overcooking the chicken.

This time the meat came out great! No sticking, and the plates are tilted so that fat and grease can flow down and be caught in the basin. Great for healthy eating!

I'm a fan of the T-fal Optigrill and will certainly try out some of the recipes that came in the cookbook that they sent along!

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Have you ever cooked on an indoor grill?