Take your group fitness HIGHER!

I had an amazing opportunity to try out a new type of group fitness class. Jess, from Cuban Running Crisis arranged for a group of the Tampa Bay Bloggers to  try out AIRobics at AirHeads, an indoor trampoline arena in the Tampa Bay area. I thought I knew all about AirHeads because my children have been begging me to take them there for at least 18 months because "all the kids go there mom, and it's so much fun." We have an indoor trampoline "arena" near our house that I've taken the children, and it has NOT been fun. It's small (compared to AirHeads), the kids fight, they only get a certain amount of time on the trampoline, and frankly IT STRESSES ME OUT, so I have been a bad mama and have not taken them to Airheads. But all that is about to change!!

AirHeads stated on their website that their AIRobics class, trampoLEAN could "burn up to 1,000 calories an hour" and you all know me and my wonderful Polar HRM tracking my HR and calorie burn, and the challenge was ON! 1,000 calories per hour?? I have NEVER taken a group fitness class and burned that much. I think the closest I came was an RPM+ class and that was 904. And I did puke at the end of that class. Fair warning though, the instructor told me that was her goal. Wink

We were all pretty excited to begin the class! We came prepared and ready to work!

We were warmly welcomed by both the Founder and CEO of the company and they had a wonderful continental breakfast set up for us! I did not have anything to eat before our workout, only the cup of coffee I drank in the car on the way over. That was a good thing, and you'll learn why in a bit.

We started with a quick warm-up. My heart rate got up and stayed up nearly the entire time we were ON the trampoline. We basically did a HiiT (high intensity interval training) workout that included:

 Jumping Jacks

 Lunges. Check out my 90 degree angle. Pretty good lunge form, I think. 

 Mountain Climbers

 Burpees. Burpees are hard for me no matter what. But on a trampoline. O.M.G. 

 And my favorite exercise....the PLANK!!

We worked out for about 15 minutes, and then took a break. And then would come back and workout some more. And we did that 3 or 4 times. On our first break (or maybe second...I can't remember) the manager came up to us with a wonderful surprise!! CHILLED TOWELS!! And they were the perfect degree of chilliness....it was fantastic!

And what would working out on a trampoline be without getting some air??

It was a lot of fun!! My favorite thing we did, which was also the most difficult for me, was the sprint relay. We divided ourselves in to groups of 3 or 4 people per square, and then we sprinted down and back 3 times in a row. Running on a trampoline is HARD work. Very hard. And I tried to run as fast as I could! At the end of my third lap, I seriously thought I was going to puke. My heart rate was 180, which is very close to my max anaerobic threshold. Had I eaten any of that wonderful breakfast, I would have thrown up. It's been a LONG time since I've worked out so hard that I felt like that.

Oh, and did I mention that Gayle from News Channel 8 was there filming it all?? Really glad that I didn't throw up.

I have been doing group fitness for over 4 years, and this class was the most fun I've had working out in a VERY long time. Maybe it was the company (Denise, Caroline, Heather &  Jess) or our instructors, Kim and Frankie (in pic below), or maybe it was the trampoline. I don't know, but it was a blast!

Now here is the ever elusive question....did I burn 1,000 calories in the one hour class? The answer is no.


Am I disappointed? Heck NO!! Do I think it's possible? For my body, maybe...but that would mean NO "real" breaks between sets, keeping the heart-rate up near anaerobic the entire class, and full out going for it. And ya know what, it's not worth it to me. I'd rather have fun with my girlfriends, laugh at myself a little bit, cool off with a chilled towel, and ENJOY group fitness. Because really that's what working out should be all about! Finding activities that you LOVE to do, and just keep doing them over and over and over.

Thanks to Rich Heruska, founder of AirHeads for hosting us and treating us so wonderfully. We had a great time, and I know I'll be back.

Rich was nice enough to give us each passes to offer away to our readers!! I have four passes here to give away to 2 lucky winners. Each winner will get 2 passes. Each pass is good for a whole session of OPEN BOUNCING, or one group fitness class. Your first group fitness class is FREE, so you could technically get 3 group fitness classes from the two passes. Or bring a friend. Or bring me! I'd go again! Wink You can use the passes at any AirHeads location; Tampa, Largo, or Orlando. Passes expire April 30, 2013.

What do you have to do to win?? Easy. Tell me:

1) what you'd use the pass for: open gym or group fitness

2) who you would bring

3) which location you would visit

That's it! I'll pick two winners on Monday and get these in the mail to you ASAP!!


And yes, I'll be taking my kids to AirHeads as soon as our schedule allows. They will LOVE it!!

**Where noted, photos by Caroline Calcote**