Weekly Workouts, ADHD, & Geocaching June 7-14

by jennifer14. June 2014 20:17

It was quite a busy week! This was our first full week of summer break and I did my best to keep the #TampaTrio BUSY!!

I'm not sure if I shared that James and I had a long long talk a month or so ago and decided that it was time to wean Ella and Ronin off their ADHD medications. We started by tapering down on the weekend, and then by the time school let out for the summer on June 2nd, we were ready to go med free. I'll be honest. I was a little nervous. Scared even. How was I going to handle 3 kids (remember, they are all just one year apart) and 2 which apparently needed medication.

Last week I posted that I was amazed at how well they did. Honestly I thought that maybe it was just a fluke. Fast forward and I think it's safe to say that it was NOT a fluke. My kids DO NOT NEED MEDICATION. What do they need? EXERCISE. MOVEMENT.  KIDS NEED TO MOVE!!

And then a friend of mine shared THIS ARTICLE and it all just clicked. They need to move their bodies in order to fuel their brains.

And now it's my mission to get their IEP's adjusted to include additional breaks for movement throughout the school day. I can handle them just fine at home (as this summer has already proven) but it's at school where their ADHD behaviors were first noticed.

I need DAILY extended periods of exercise to be happy, and functional, so it only makes sense that they would as well.

So what did we do this week??

Sunday-REST DAY!! The trio had a birthday party to attend, and the mom asked if I would help out, so we arrived a bit early and I helped with some organizing and food/drink placement. The party was fun, the kids had a good time. After everyone had left, the mom had quite a mess on her hands, so I offered to take her daughter's geocaching. They had never been before, had never even heard of it, so I loaded everyone up in my car and off we went! Of course we found it! I must admit we're getting pretty good at this geocaching business!


Steps: 12,268

Monday-CrossFit. Both Ronin and I went and got our WOD on bright and early. We did our back squats at 85% of our one rep max, and then our WOD consisted of 15, 12, 9, 6, 3, of squat cleans, and hanging knee raises. Initially I thought about doing the RX weight of 65 pounds, but once I saw the demo of having to touch the ground after each rep, I changed my mind and went down to 55 pounds. And I don't regret my decision at all. In fact, there were quite a few times during the first few sets where I needed to just front squat to recover my heart rate. But I did all the hanging knee raises, and it didn't even hurt my hands too badly.

I'm not sure what Ronin's WOD was as he worked out at the same time as me, but he's getting faster, and stronger every day! Once we came home the kids and I knocked out a bunch of chores, I did some mowing of the front yard and down near our lake, but then the storms moved in! Every time the rain stopped, we grabbed the dog and went and did some walking, running (them, not me) around our neighborhood.

Calories: 870

Steps: 25,530

Tuesday-CrossFit and SWIMMING!! On Monday evening the kids best friends mom (the one from the bday party) called and invited the kids to Vacation Bible School. Initially  my gang said NO, they did not want to go, but then they spoke with their friends and they convinced them that it was fun, so Tuesday was their first day. They were nervous, and so was I. But I dropped them off, filled out all the paperwork, and headed off to CrossFit. The WOD was a doozy!

150 single jumps

40 KB swings 30#

30 burpees

20 box steps 14" (I'm working on alternating legs and not having to push off on my knee)

10 Modified HSPU

20 box steps

30 burpees

40 KB swings

150 single jumps

I finished in 23:09 and I was HURT! Somewhere over the course of the year I have developed plantar fasciitis. I had really been nursing my foot, and going into this WOD, I had virtually NO PAIN, so I decided to go for it. I had been modifying ALL jumping, and since I felt no pain, I thought I was cured.

Ya, not so much. I'm a hobbling mess right now. After the WOD I picked the kids up and they were having so much fun with their besties that I offered to take them back to our house for lunch, a walk to the park, and then some time on the playground. Their mama (who works at home) quickly took me up on my offer, so off we went!

They had a GREAT time together, and honestly having 5 kids didn't seem that different from 3 kids. We spent a few hours at the pool/playground and then headed back to our place so I could get dinner started and their mama came and got them around 6pm.

Calories: 755

Steps: 24,539

Wednesday-CrossFit. Ella decided she didn't want to go to VBS, so she came with me to CrossFit. She wasn't feeling that great, so she made the choice not to do the WOD. After Monday and Tuesday I was really hoping that the WOD would be a nice recovery. And it was. we did 6X5 bench press, and 6X3 strict press, and then a 1 mile row for time. For my bench press I did 60, 65, 70, 2X75, and then 70. The strict press is my most challenging overhead lift so I did 35, 40, 45, 50, and 2X45. For my one mile row, I didn't bust it out. I wanted to keep my heart rate in zone 2, so I finished in 8:20 with the rower set to level 7.  My Loop doesn't track all my "steps" when I row. I started with 4090, and ended the 1 mile with 4462, so it tracked 372 steps. Should have been A LOT more. But technically I wasn't stepping anywhere, so it's all good.

After Ella and I picked up the duo from VBS we headed to the library for the kick off to their summer reading program. The theme was "Frozen" and the librarian read them a very boring story (I am a former librarian, so I'm allowed to say that) and then they did some arts and crafts. We ran into a fellow CrossFit mom with her two boys, so after the library (and the rain had stopped) we took our 5 kids to the park for at least an hour. They ran, they jumped, they had a great time!

Calories: 281

Steps: 17,208

Thursday-CrossFit. I normally take a rest day on Thursday, but since Wednesday's WOD was more of a recovery day, I decided to go to the box. All 3 kids decided to go to VBS. Our WOD was a butt kicker!!

Of course, I rowed 500m each round instead of running 400m. My weight scheme went like this: 30X35#, 20X40#, and 10X45#. My snatch is getting better, though anything going overhead is still very difficult for me. I finished the WOD in 18:17

But BEFORE we even did the WOD we did our front squats at 98% 3-4 sets of 2 reps. I did 35, 65, 85, 2X95, and then Coach Sarah came over and gave me a tip so I went back down and did one more at 85# so I could get a feel for what she was explaining. And it WORKED!

And THEN...I took the kids to the park IN THE RAIN. There was no thunder, or lightning, so why not??

And while we were there, Haley and I looked for a geocache! We found it.

This was a true microcache, with only a log book for us to sign.

Calories: 628

Steps: 16,019

Friday-CrossFit. Ronin and I went off to do our WOD. Friday is makeup day and since I had not missed a day I decided to do a Hero WOD that was in my new CrossFit journal. I chose to do "Weston." However, I modified the waiters walk.

Five rounds for time of:
Row 1000 meters
200 meter Farmer carry, 40 pounds
100 meter Waiters walk, 25 pounds

I finished in 51:03. Though I had to stop to help Ronin tie his shoe, and get a gatorade after his WOD. I also had to re-arrange my stuff because a thunderstorm moved in so I had to finish the 5th round walking around in circles inside my box. But I finished. I also listened to my Polar FT60 and worked out in Zone 2. Specific zone training is something that I am really working on.

After the WOD Ronin and I ran some errands, and in between rain storms, we stopped at parks to play!

We came home, unloaded all our groceries in the rain, (yes, there is a lot of rain going on right now in Florida) and then we had a rain break again. So we headed out for a walk to the park.

Ella did end up getting her hair in the muddy water. BUT WHO CARES?? She was out playing, being active, having fun. Nothing a shower couldn't wash off!

Calories: 531

Steps: 17,308

Saturday-REST DAY!! I truly did take a rest day. We went out for breakfast, I mowed the back yard, which I wasn't able to do earlier in the week because of the non-stop rain, and I went Father's Day shopping. I also stopped by the Battle of the Boxes and watched some of my box mates compete in a local competition. They did GREAT!!

Steps: 14,000

I am still on track to make my goal of 500,000 steps in June. I am currently at 252,907. Tomorrow is the 1/2 way point of the month and I wanted to be at 250,000 by the end of Sunday, and I've already exceeded that, so I'm well on my way to making my goal!

How was your week? As busy as mine??

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Weekly Workouts and other stuff June 1-June 7

by jennifer8. June 2014 09:36
June is here!! That means that my kids are now officially on summer break! We all love summer, so this is a pretty exciting time for all of us!! My youngest two children both have ADHD (as well as my youngest having ASD) and my husband and I have decided to un-medicate them this summer. It's going VERY well. Better than I could have expected. I think the key is to keep them busy busy busy!! School let out on Tuesday, and we've been going strong since then! Sunday-Rest Day. I know we were busy and did a lot of stuff, but I have no idea what! Steps: 18,352 Monday-CrossFit. We started off with back squats, and then moved in to our WOD. Our WOD was:400m run30 crawlers400m20 crawlers400m10 crawlers BUT...I don't run, so I rowed 500m in place of each run. And crawlers are HARD!! Whew! That was a gasser for sure! Calories: 551 Steps: 20,638 Tuesday-CrossFit. Last day of school! WooHoo!! But before school got out for the summer, I got in a nice long workout!!A yoke carry?? I know what a yoke is. I read ALL of the Little House on the Prairie books and I fondly remember the descriptions of Pa Ingalls plowing his fields with a yoke. But the Yoke of CrossFit is different than the Yoke of years gone past. While in my mind I was picturing dragging something along behind me, when I walked out the back door, this is what was waiting for me.  Not quite what I had in mind. I volunteered to go first and made it about 5 feet before I asked for more weight to be placed on it. I made it another 5 feet and asked for more weight. I ended up with 100 pounds, and easily carried it the 50m. I could have carried much more but it was awkward. Post-WOD we did 2 miles. Calories: 952 Steps: 19,396 Our subdivision hosted an end of the year pool party, so of course, I took the #TampaTrio. We had a BLAST! They had a dunk tank and a water slide, lots of kid friendly food, and filled the pool up with beach balls.Wednesday-CrossFit. First day of summer vacation!! But before we play, we workout. So off to CrossFit we went! I can't remember what we did and I didn't have my new WOD book and I didn't take a photo. so ARGH!! But I know I walked one mile Post-WOD. Then the kids and I spent the afternoon at the pool. It was lovely Calories: 648 Steps: 19,268 Thursday-Body Pump. For the first time in OVER A YEAR, I went to a Body Pump class. I used to do Body Pump all the time before the great gym shakeup of 2012. It was AWESOME!  I'd love to add a weekly Body Pump class to my schedule, but I just can't afford another gym membership and the drop in fee is $15 per class, so I guess this one free class will have to do. But Pump would be the perfect compliment to my intense CrossFit workouts. And then the kids and I spent the afternoon at the pool of one of my CrossFit coaches. It was a simply lovely day. Calories: 540 Steps: 18,862 Friday-CrossFit and Geocaching. A more detailed post on Geocaching is coming soon. We love to cache! Friday is always make-up day at CEF, so I made up Thursday's WOD. Front squats at 83% and then a 5 minute workout of 3 wall balls, 3 burpees, 6 wall balls, 3 burpees, etc...until the 5 minutes was called. I made it to the first part of 18 wall balls. I went into this WOD thinking I was going to need to do something else afterwards, but NO! That 5 minutes was plenty! And then we did a 1 mile post-wod walk. And then the kids and I spent the afternoon geocaching at Lake Park! Calories: 648 Steps: 18,639 Saturday-Rest Day! And I got sick, too. I think it's just a summer cold, but it still stinks. I didn't get sick at all last year, and then BAM, summer starts and I get a cold. Ronin had his end of school pool party with Cub Scouts, so I took the kids to do that. I was really not feeling well, but they really wanted to go, and I thought the sun might make me feel better, and it did. UNTIL I got home and then it just hit me hard and I sat my butt down and didn't move for the rest of the night. Ugh. For the first time this week I did not make my daily step goal of 16,666, but since I had exceeded my goal every other day this week, I was okay as far as meeting my weekly goal. Steps: 11,180 In order to meet my monthly goal of 500,000 steps in June, I need to walk 16,666 steps per day, or 125,000 steps per week.I managed 126,335 which puts me over my weekly goal. Thank goodness. I also managed to do 100 air squats every single day (except Saturday) as part of the Polar and FitFluential squat challenge. So how was your week?

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Weekly Workouts, June fitness challenges and other stuff May 25-31

by jennifer1. June 2014 14:44
Weekly Workouts is now going to become weekly workouts and other STUFF! I am so busy during the week and I'd love to be able to tell you all about our adventures on a daily basis, but let's be honest. I can't. I have 3 kids, a husband, and a big yellow dog, AND school is about to let out for the summer, so this new format will have to do! I had quite a few issues with my Loop in the month of May. It wasn't synching up with my H7 heart rate monitor and it was tracking inactivity at weird times. Like when I was sleeping. I probably got up to go to the bathroom and then had a restless sleep, so it thought I was up. My loop does not track steps on the bike or rower or airdyne , so these are all actual steps. Sunday- I know I mowed the backyard and did a bunch of household chores, but that's all I can remember!! We'll call this a rest day! Steps: 12,662 Monday-Memorial Day. We went to the pool for an hour or so and then went to the movies.  We saw the new X-Men movie. It was good, though the kids didn't really enjoy it. We'll call this a rest day. Steps: 14,727 Tuesday-Cycling. James took the day off and we headed out in the morning for a nice cycle ride together. It's always an extra special day when we get the opportunity to spend the day together. We had a great discussion about some goals for our future, and made sure we were each on the same page. We are now. Calories: 862 Steps: 10,558 Wednesday-CrossFit. The WOD is listed below.I ended up PR'ing on my split jerk!! First time I got 85 pounds up and over my head!! PROGRESS! I also wore my new Reebok all terrain custom designed  shoe. I LOVE THESE SHOES!! I wasn't sure how I was going to like them at first because they were bothering the top bridge of my foot, but they ended up loosening up and felt great! They also prevented me from slipping at home later that afternoon when I was mopping the floor! The traction on these kicks is AMAZING!The #TampaTrio should have gone to CrossFit kids but Ronin ended up having a picnic table bench seat (wood and big and heavy) fall on his foot, and he was in quite a bit of pain, so we took the night off.Calories: 492 Steps: 15,480 Thursday: GARAGE WOD Ronin had a school "readers theater" performance at 10am, so right at the worst time ever. I couldn't do the 9am WOD or 10am WOD, and the husband and I had discussed doing a cycle ride together when he got home from work, bringing Ronin along with us. But around the time I picked the kids up from school, dark clouds were seen on the horizon, and I could hear the rumble of thunder, so I decided I'd set up my first garage WOD! I called it "Jenny" and it was 5 rounds FOR TIME: 20 deadlifts (90 pounds) 30 hand release push-ups 40 situps 50 air squats Rest 2 minutes between each set. It was AWESOME!!Ronin decided to try his hand at his FIRST deadlift, so I took some weight off my bar, and he lifted 60 pounds, though his form wasn't great, so I took it down to 50 pounds, and he killed it. Oh, I also mowed the front yard after I got home from Ronin's school performance. Steps: 16,629 Calories: 397 Friday-CrossFit. My box, CrossFit En Fuego was hosting it's 2nd in-house competition on Saturday, and though I couldn't attend, I was able to do one of the competition WOD's with Coach Sarah's Premier class. We did the Hawaii 5-o Partner WOD. It's a 25 minute cut-off, but with a partner you complete: 50 calorie row 50 shoulder to overhead (I did push press) 50 ring rows 50 box step-ups 50 ball slams 50 hang cleans 50 ball slams 50 box step-ups 50 ring rows (we made it to 14 ring rows before time was called) 50 shoulder to overhead 50 calorie row And then a 2 mile shakeout. Steps: 16,128 Calories: 841 After my workout I went to the kid's school to go through a walking museum for Ella's STEM class. It was super cute and I learned a lot about all sorts of different animals. And then I went and got my produce co-op from Carlita's. Blackberries, Mango and Pineapple. Life is good.  We also had some SINKHOLE excitement on Friday night! Ronin was running across the lawn and the ground gave way beneath him and his one leg went down. Thankfully he was able to get out because this hole is DEEP! I called the non-emergency line for my county and they ended up sending out a firetruck, and 4 police. We now have a patch job until the county can get out here and fix it properly which is going to be a HUGE job!Saturday-REST DAY. This was just all around a busy day. The kids had a birthday party in the early afternoon. It was a swimming/diving party and we had a great time! I did some lap walking in the pool. Not sure if my Loop tracked it or not. It was really hard to tell. All 3 of the kids LOVED jumping off the high dive. Here's Ronin!And then later that evening Ronin earned his Wolf patch through Boy Scouts, and is now officially a BEAR!!It was a really nice night. The husband and the daughter's came along, too. We had a meal of baked ziti and salad and cupcakes! I even had a cupcake (or 2) and they were mighty tasty! Here's Ronin getting his new bear scarf and slider.I can't even put into words how much Ronin has benefited from scouting. Last night when we took Matthew on our (late) evening walk, I asked him how scouting made him feel. Without missing a beat he said CONFIDENT. I love that. I love him. He's getting to be such a big boy. Steps: 11,872 So now May is OVER!! And on to June and what promises to be a VERY BUSY SUMMER with my kids and husband. And with a new month brings new challenges. I have 3 challenges for June. A step challenge, a squat challenge, and an eating/drinking challenge. For steps, I have committed to walking 500,000 steps in June. That works out to 16,666 steps per day. I think I can do it. For the month of May I walked a total of482,035 steps and that wasn't even trying for a goal. That was just my life, so I'm pretty confident that with purpose I can walk 500,000 steps in June. I'm also doing a June Squat challenge hosted by Fit Fluential and Polar. I'm aiming for 100 air squats every single day. This is over and above what I do at CrossFit.  I did my first set of 60 at the park this morning (Sunday) while Ronin was swinging, and I happened to glance down and notice that I was wearing my I love squats tank from Fit Like Flint.And for my food challenge, I'm going on a modified Whole 30 diet. It just makes sense for this month. We have no holidays (except Father's Day, but that's not MY holiday) so I have no reason to drink, or eat cupcakes. I say modified because I will eat black beans and plain Greek yogurt. But the big thing is NO BOOZE/BEER!! The kids get out of school on Tuesday and I'm ready and excited for the new summer routine! They are also going off ALL ADHD medications and in order to keep us all sane, we're ALL going to need to be BUSY! How was your May? What's on the agenda for June?

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