Push Away the Screen: Pretty Muddy Family Edition

The Tampa Trio and I participated in our first ever mud run TOGETHER this past Saturday. We were invited to experience the family edition of Pretty Muddy. Our wave was scheduled to leave at 12:30, and we arrived at 11:30, so we had a little bit of time to kill. Thankfully Pretty Muddy realized that children would be present and had a bounce house and corn toss game for them to play.

This year the race was held at Colt Creek State Park. Loved that it was held at a state park. I much prefer to pay for parking fees to go to the upkeep of a state park.

First off, I have to say that I loved starting in a later wave. We went out to Busch Gardens the night before so we were all tired and it was nice to be able to sleep in a little bit and not have to get up at the crack of dawn to drive out for a mud run!

Ronin was so excited to run that as soon as they counted down 3, 2, 1, GO, he took off and I caught a glimpse of him way off in the distance after the mud slide, and then didn't see him again until the finish!

The first real obstacle was the mud slide. They instructed us to go down head first, but my girls said "but my mama always says to go down slides feet first" so they refused to go down head first. Silly girls. I did go down head first and got fairly muddy.

We also had a lot of fun climbing walls.

And while the girls said that the mud slide was their favorite, they both really liked the obstacle "Social Networking." It was probably the most challenging of all the obstacles, but they still manged to whip themselves up and over that net like it was nothing!

And before we knew it we were at the finish line where we managed to connect with Ronin who claimed he had already taken a shower. Tongue Out

The kids and I had a totally great time together at Pretty Muddy. Having just completed Tough Mudder in October, Pretty Muddy was really  a walk in the park for me, but I had so much fun with the #TampaTrio. My kids did say that they wished it was longer and I found it weird that there was NO water available on the course but I knew they'd need water even if there was water available, so when I run with my kids, I always bring along my handy dandy Polar water bottle. This came in handy for not only drinking, but also for flushing mud out of eyes. Wink

I hope that they kids and I run many more mud runs together because we had a blast!

Have you ever done a mud run with your kids??

A Pretty Muddy Mommy

Yes, I did it again.

It was a super fun day. Lots of girls having fun, laughing, cheering each other on, helping each other out (and over) and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The day began bright and early! Denise from RunDMT and I were scheduled to run in the first wave of the day...8am! And they wanted us there at least an hour early! Brrrr....it was really cold out in Dade City at 7am!

We checked in and soon we were ready to go!

 Denise is a runner; a marathon runner, so I told her right off the bat to not wait for me, and I'd catch up with her at the finish line.

Mile 1 took us though a super-fun bubble tunnel, followed by an icy cold shin deep water pit. And then the running started. Lots of running. It seemed to take forever until I came to the next obstacle. But it was worth the wait and the running. It was the first mud pit! In I went, and out I went. Covered in mud from the waist down. But the top part of me was still clean so I took this opportunity to take some of the mud and wipe it on my face. Remember the lady from the commercial who made the Rice Krispy treats and to make it look like she worked so hard in the kitchen she wiped flour on her face? Ya, that was me. Except it was with mud.

And then the running started again. Up ahead I saw the first hydration station and a sign that said "wood you?" I remembered this obstacle from the sneak peek. You had to take a 2X4, pick it up and carry it (running or walking, I ran) around a loop-de-loop. I noticed off in the distance a giant inflatable slide, so this made me run with the wood even faster. I remembered how fun the slide was at the Mud Crusade and I wanted that experience again! I climbed to the top of the slide, positioned myself just perfectly, gave myself a little push and down I went, about 10 feet and then I just stopped Cry There wasn't enough water on the slide. I made myself sort of bounce down the slide and into the next mud pit. I climbed through, emerged and I was still clean from the waist up. Undecided Now I was on a mission to get REALLY DIRTY!! Next up was a set of muddy tunnels. These were big enough that I could have walked through them on my knees, but no way! I went down on my belly, rolled around a little bit, and climbed out PRETTY MUDDY!! Now I was dirty! YES!! 

I was also on to Mile 2!! Mile 2 brought some walls, some up and downs, a fun beach ball pit, and a hydration station!  I rounded the corner and I heard the announcement that the first woman had crossed the finish line! I realized that I wasn't too far behind so I tried to pick up my pace a little bit and before I knew it, I was coming up on Mile 3 and the FINISH line!!

(this was taken in the morning pre-race)

As I approached the final obstacle the crowd went wild and started screaming YOU CAN DO IT, and then I heard Denise yelling "GO Jenny" so go I did!! I climbed in that mud pit used my elbows to pull myself through the obstacle and climbed out PRETTY MUDDY!! Cool

Having done a few of these mud runs, I can tell you first hand that Pretty Muddy is certainly different from the others I have done. First, they actually had a shower area that worked and worked WELL!! AND this is a big one....they had CHANGING AREAS!! Having a private area to change was so nice. But what was really the best was that there was NO WAITING AT THE OBSTACLES!! They limit each start time to 100 participants and stagger in 15 minute increments, so we were really spread out. Most of the time I was by myself or with one or two other woman. It was really nice. But what was really nice was THE MUD. it was clean mud if you know what I mean. No sticks, stones, etc., like the mud in my other runs. This mud was S.M.O.O.T.H. And running through the quiet back country of the Little Everglades Ranch was very peaceful.

We cleaned up, walked back to my truck and dropped off our stuff and then went back to the party!

I haven't had a beer at 10am since college!! And I was surprised how good it was!

Pretty Muddy was a well-organized, super fun event and I can't wait to do it again next year. 

Image below custom made by Haley.


Playing in the mud...not just for kids!!

I know I've mentioned it before, but since I've gotten fit I have tried a variety of fitness activities. By far, one of my favorites is the MUD RUN!! I have done two just this year, and am now thrilled to be added to the Pretty Muddy Blogging Team. Pretty Muddy will be in Tampa on November 10th!!

So what exactly are mud runs and why is Pretty Muddy any different?  Well, just as the name implies, a mud run is a run through the mud. With obstacles! So imagine scaling a 10ft wall while you are covered in mud. Or sliding down a mud slide into a giant mud puddle.

 Me and my friend Audrey at the Mud Crusade March 2012

Typically a mud run is a 5k (3.1 miles) (though there are quite a few Tough Mudder, Spartan Race that are longer.) There is jumping, running, sprinting, climbing, all generally through mud. Doesn't that sound like fun??

Pretty Muddy is different from the other mud runs I mentioned because Pretty Muddy is for WOMEN ONLY and the obstacles are more architectural in nature rather than bales of hay (girls have style!!) Pretty Muddy is also a non-competitive race. It is not timed. That takes off a huge amount of pressure to "perform." 

So imagine grabbing a handful (or more!!) of your girlfriends, getting dressed up (or not!) in silly, sexy, sporty get-ups and playing in the mud. Trust me, it will be one of the best days of your life!

And at the finish line there is beer. And music. And showers. 


As an official blogger for Pretty Muddy, I will be hosted to a Sneak Peek of the course THIS Friday night, taken out to dinner, and then I'll participate in the race on Saturday, camera in hand.

See you all in the mud!