Dealing with Disappointment-Come to Jesus Friday Vlog

The kids and I are super bummed out right now over this debacle with our subdivision pool. How do you deal with disappointment when it is something that is totally out of your control? Fast forward to the end around 6:33 and see the HUGE tomatoes I am growing!!

CrossFit Chronicles: Edition 11

Throughout the month of May I've been steadily increasing my time at CrossFit En Fuego. I'm not staying and lifting more, I'm staying and doing additional cross training. With triathlon season in full swing, I never know when the opportunity to participate will be thrown in my lap, and I want to be ready with my strongest of the sports: cycle and swim. I should be training for the run, and I will, but right now I don't want to! Yell  I've been rowing a minimum of 2,000 meters every day, most days I aim for 5,000 meters (which is 3.1 miles) and a few days I've also thrown in a 12-14 miles on the spin bike after the row. Just like a real triathlon Tongue Out

But what's really impressed me the most these past few weeks is not anything that I've done. It's what I've seen other people do. I've seen women, men, and teenagers all working their hardest, doing their best trying to reach their full potential.

And I've been able to watch our youngest CrossFitters, our CrossFit preschool kids in action, and it's inspiring! 

They get a WOD just like all of us do. Sure, they might get pictures, and be told super cool things like "your elbows are lasers, raise them up" as part of their instruction for a front squat (which BTW, totally helped ME get a better visual after I overheard Coach Jen telling the wee ones that tip! Wink) but these kids WORK! And have fun while they are doing it!

And there is nothing better than watching a 4 year old boy do some front squats, haul butt through the box, drop down and do burpees, spring up, run to the rig and do monkey hangs, and repeat repeat repeat. I sat there rowing with a perma-grin on my face. Watching them makes me so happy.

Here they are learning about laser arms!!


And monkey hangs! I kid you not...I watched this little guy do multiple rounds of toes to bar as well. Call me impressed. And jealous. Tongue Out

And let's not forget one of my favorites! Planks! Though they got to play super cool Plank WARS!! They went up on one hand and with the other hand they had to pull their partner in. Awesome.

Keep in mind...these are LITTLE dudes!! Anywhere from 2-4 years old! 

My kids participate in CrossFit Kids which is for kids a little bit older, and they will be offering BOTH CrossFit Preschool and CrossFit Kids throughout the summer, so contact them if you are interested!! In addition, there will be 3 weeks throughout the summer where there will be afternoon CrossFit Kids Summer Camp!

What sort of activities are your kids doing over the summer?? Do any of you have CrossFit kids???

Push Away the Screen-The Great Mother's Day Race

For the second consecutive Mother's Day, the kids and I woke up at dawn and headed down to Al Lopez park to participate in the 2nd annual Mother's Day 5K run.

This is a great local race made better this year by having Ronin and Matthew join us. Smile James had to work doing a code deploy so for the second Sunday in a row he missed out on all the fun. Undecided I'm sad he's not able to come with us, but so proud of him for all the hard work and dedication he shows to his job.

The kids played on the great playscape while I checked in and got our race bibs. We walked our stuff back to the truck and we still had time for some pre-race photos! Ella is just such a beauty with long, fast legs!

All of us wore our Polar gear today (including Matthew who has a Polar patch on his vest!!)

We met up at the start line with fellow Polar Ambassador Mindy from Mindy's Fitness Journey. Mindy's 9 year old son was running the race, too!


I don't remember hearing the National Anthem (if you were there, please let me know...) and soon we were off!! Ronin took off like a mad-man, and thankfully so did Bryce! I had Matthew (the dog) and the girls. I tried to weave through the people to make it up to Ronin, but the dog created some issues because I couldn't weave through the walkers like I normally can and before I knew it Ronin was out of my eyesight and I made it to Mile Marker 1, and I was all alone. Well, me and Matthew.

I had NO kids with me. Such an odd feeling. I backtracked to find my daughter's and they were holding hands, walking and talking. I asked if they were okay, they assured me "M.O.M. we are FINE, go run" so Matthew and I took off to try to catch Ronin.

Matthew and I sprinted past the mile 2 sign and up ahead in the distance I could see Ronin's white hair, and thankfully I also saw Mindy. Thank goodness because I was quite worried. I knew that Ronin has run enough races WITH me that he knows what to do; he knows to stay on course, and wait at the finish line, but the fact that he was so far ahead of me had me a bit freaked out. Matthew was also nervous and he was really pulling me along trying to get to his boy. I hollered for Ronin, and he turned and saw me, and that little stinker took off!! Surprised I heard Mindy say "I've got him Jenny" and that made me feel so much better, but Matthew and I continued our pace until I caught up with Mindy. She took my photo at Mile 3 and I was so hot and sweaty. And so was Matthew; he was panting up a storm!

I knew Ronin would continue his sprint to the finish, and Bryce was there waiting for his mom, so again, I felt good knowing that Ronin would see a familiar face when he crossed the finish line. Mindy and I sprinted, grabbed hands, raised them high in the air and crossed that finish line with our boys waiting right there for us. Kiss

The four of us (and Matthew) got some water, snapped some pics, and waited for the girls. Ronin was a VERY hot, sticky little dude but he was so proud of himself, and I was quite proud of him, too. This is the FIRST race he's completed where he wasn't "beaten" by one of his sisters.

We waited at the finish line for the girls for quite some time, but they just weren't coming so we decided to head back on the course to try to find them, but a lovely shaded picnic shelter was calling our name, so we decided to stop there first for a few minutes. It was then that we saw the girls and they were still walking. I hollered to them that the finish line was "right there" and I heard Haley say to Ella, "okay sissy, when we get to that bench, we are going to race to the finish line, okay." Ella agreed, they reached the bench, and BAM....they were off like pistons!


Ella came in before Haley, but they really pushed each other that last little bit. It was great to see!

We met them at the finish line, they got their water, and then we got a group shot!

We let the kids talk us into 15 minutes of playground time, and Mindy and I sat under a very shady tree and chatted. This is where I ran into Jen K. from Boys will be Boys and a fellow blogger on the Tampa Bay Moms Blog.

This was a great race. What could have made it better? Just one thing: BLING. I love race bling. I know many 5K races don't give bling, but it would have been such a nice Mothers Day present Smile

Race results came in and I placed 191/326 overall, and 26/46 for my age group. I know I could have done better if I didn't backtrack to find the girls and if I didn't have the dog. But again, this is not my year for PR's. It's THEIR year, and Ronin set himself a new PR. He didn't wear a chip timer so I don't know what his time was, but he did good. I'm proud.

Overall, it was a great race and I hope the kids and I can do it again next year.

I have to give a HUGE shout-out to Skora Running shoes. This was the longest distance I've run in my new shoes and they were AWESOME!! Usually I have to stop at least once during a 5K to adjust my shoe laces, but not this time!! They were also very lightweight and I felt that they really helped improve my overall stride. Excellent running shoes.

These feet were made for running!


Do you run races with your kids? Do they usually run ahead of you? Or do you run ahead of them? Or do you try to stay together? What's the longest race you've done with your kids?