Total Body Tabata Blast: Your Turn, Your Chance to Win!

Before we get into the juicy details of our Total Body Tabata Blast campaign (including how you can win #HumanXGear!), we want to give you the low-down on Tabata and why we’re HUGE fans of these high intensity workouts.

It’s short. Alright, no more excuses for being too busy to work out! Each Tabata workout is four minutes and 20 seconds (with 10 seconds of rest in between each set).

It’s effective. Fitness RX Magazine published an article on Tabata in their April 2015 issue, highlighting astudy conducted by the ACE (American Council on Exercise) that tested the effectiveness of Tabata. Tabata-workout subjects averaged 86 percent of HRmax and 74 percent of VO2max, both of which meet or exceed industry guidelines for improving cardio fitness and body composition. They also found that participants torched between 240 and 360 kcals as a result of the workout. Layman’s terms: You burn calories even after the workout is done which means, “Hello, beach bod!”

It’s fun. The combinations of Tabata workouts you can create are virtually endless. It’s not weight or resistance-specific exercise, and it’s not exclusively cardio. Because it’s a combination of cardio, strength training, bodyweight training, and weight training, you can keep your workout new and interesting.

It’s catching on. Tabata is a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), the workout that snagged the #2 spot in the top 2015 fitness trendsand for good reason! Fitness pros and researchers love HIIT training for its simplicity and unparalleled fat-torching abilities. Especially during winter days, this is an ideal (and efficient!) indoor workout alternative that can easily be done at home or in the gym.

So, because we LOVE Tabata, we’re inviting others to join in and create their own at-home Tabata workout. For those who do, you’ll be entered to win daily giveaways and a grand prize pack of $100 worth of HumanX gear!

It’s time to SWEAT, CRUNCH, PULL, and JUMP your way to a strong, energized body. Join us and get your Tabata on!


Step One:

Follow @humanxgear on Twitter or Instagram–look for the #TotalTabata hashtag to find awesome Tabata workouts from fitness pros & participating bloggers. It’s time to get moving!

Step Two:

Post about your Total Body Tabata workout. Tell us what you loved and/or share a tip for others and tag your tweet/post with #TotalTabata and @humanxgear (p.s we love photos AND videos!). We’ll be giving away gear every Tuesday through the end of March AND a #TotalTabata grand prize pack on March 31st. Each post and/or tweet enters you to WIN.

Step Three:

Fill out this short form so we know how to contact you if you win!

GOOD LUCK!! I love all my gear from HumanX and I know you will too!!