Ghost Stories for Kids

Can you believe that October is right around the corner? My kids have been busy trying to figure out what they'd like to dress up as this year. Zombies seem to be leading the list right now. But besides dressing up, this is a great time to introduce your kids to some ghost stories!

The #TamapTrio love a good ghost story. Listed below are some great ghost stories for the independent readers in your life! You could also do these as a read-aloud for younger kids. You may want to read the books beforehand to make sure that they are not too scary for little ones. Of this books on this list, my kids LOVED The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier. In fact, if you scroll to the bottom of the post you can see Haley and Ella meeting Jonathan at the ALA Annual Conference last summer. The girls absolutely loved his book Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes. The Night Gardener, while more "scary" than Peter Nibmle, is equally fantastic and showcases the brilliance of the author. The Night Gardener is a Victorian ghost story about two abandoned Irish siblings who travel to work as servants at a creepy, crumbling English manor house. But the house and its family are not quite what they seem. Soon the children are confronted by a mysterious spectre and an ancient curse that threatens their very lives. More than just a spooky tale, it’s also a moral fable about human greed and the power of storytelling. And I don't know about you, but I'll take any opportunity to teach my children about morals and values. 

Have you or your children read of these books? Do any titles/covers look interesting to you??

 Haley & Jonathan at ALA 2016

Ella and Jonathan at ALA 2016

Is Busch Gardens HowlOScream Ok For Kids?

Every year around Halloween time Busch Gardens transforms itself into a land of nightmares!! This year there are six haunted houses, two live shows, crash test zombies (so fun, more on that later) and scare zones scattered throughout the park. 

The past few years I have taken the #TampaTrio to Halloween events at our local zoo. They enjoy themselves, but I always hear "mama, this isn't scary" or "mama, this is for babies." And they beg me to take them to see a "real haunted house."

This year Busch Gardens invited me to come out and preview Howl-O-Scream, their annual scary event, and Ella, my 10 year old BEGGED me to take her. BEGGED. But I didn't take her, I took my husband. But while we were there, a horrible rainstorm moved in and James and I were only able to go through 3 haunted houses, neither that I found to be scary, and I am a real chicken. At least when it comes to horror movies I am a real chicken.

So because of the rain ruining our evening Busch Gardens was kind enough to invite me back out to experience all of the thrills of Howl-O-Scream.

My husband had no desire to go back, and Ella jumped at the chance to begin begging me to take her, so I thought about it, and thought about it, and decided we would give it a chance. I let her know that at ANY time all she had to do was tell me she was done, and we would immediately leave the park. 

The following is a guest post by Ella, age 10. 

Every year, Howl-O-Scream has a different event symbol that reigns supreme over all the terror. This year I really wanted to go with my mom and so she took me!!  We had so much fun! We got to the park when it was still light outside and my mom walked me through all the areas that we would see later at night. It was cool to see all the decorations in the daylight. They had scary decorations and just plain old fall decorations. 

Once the sun went down, the haunted houses and scary creatures came out!!

The first haunted house we did was Deadfall. Deadfall is about killer plants (and people) with a major thirst for blood. Actually, the people might have been plant hybrids.  I thought it was the scariest haunted house in the park! I had a glow necklace that I wore and the people could see me from a mile away! When they were done scaring people they came right up to me and scared me even more! I know that my glow necklace (that a Busch Gardens employee gave to me) was like a "scare me" beacon.

I saw a demon with a chainsaw near Sherika. He pointed that chainsaw right at me.  It was so creepy! Right past the log flume we went into a scare zone. The zombies there had weird baby talking voices and are carrying around creepy dolls! One of them said "do you want to play with Annebelle? She is quiet but you'll she'll love to play with you!"

When we went to Crash Test Zombies the zombies would ride in the bumper cars and slap your car! One of them was coming mainly for me! When we crashed into them it was like we were kicking zombie butt! Bumper cars and zombies were a great combination!!

There was a scare zone right outside Crash Test Zombies, and of course it was a zombie scare zone. But I wasn't scared!

We walked over to Kumba and during the ride my mom's hair got so blown out and it was so funny! After Kumba we came across another haunted house: Zombie Mortuary. You'll never guess what happened here! There were people in oven's screaming like it was future Howl-O-Scream! It was so creepy! I was attached to my mom like a flea!

When that was over I went on the Sand Serpent! I love the part when it twist's you really fast! When you get hungry you always have a place to eat your local, Dragon Fire Grill! We saw a show with a werewolf that looked like Chewie from Star Wars!

Leaving Pantopia we came across another scare zone. It was a creepy clown scare zone and there were creepy clown dude's asking me to play with them! One of them was in a cage and it was just creepy. Remember I had that necklace on so they could see me more. Then we went on Cheetah Hunt. We had a fast pass so no wait. It was so fast. It was faster then if your on a car chase! The rides are always faster at night!!

Then we went in another haunted house called Zombie Containment Unit 15. We were given a Z.E.D gun to shoot zombies with. It was awesome they were everywhere! They called me soldier like I was a big deal! This was a super fun interactive experience!

Then we walked our way to Montu and did about five SIX loops upside down. Everyone should be able to experience this! Guess what we did next? Then we did Scarlet's Revenge here's a clip what it is about. I thought she was Maleficent.

Don't you think she looks like Maleficent?

Its just Scarlet has huge horns. When we went in it was like a tour of the house in a HAUNTED house. When we came out Scarlet was screaming her head off GET OUT OF HERE! And I just said "you look like Malefincent."


After Unearthed, we had 3 haunted houses left to see! The Basement (which my mom said was totally disgusting, and boy was she right!), the Circus of Superstition, and Death Water Bayou. First up....Circus of Superstition.

It really wasn't that scary. Just loud and the flashing strobe lights messed with my eyes. I didn't like that feeling. Then we went through the Basement. Mom warned me it was gross, and it was DISGUSTING!! It was a family of very unhygienic cannibals. It smelled so real and it was nasty.

I was glad to be out of that stinky haunted house. And then we only had one left! Death Water Bayou.

Death Water Bayou had a voodoo theme. I had never heard of voodoo before, so Howl-O-Scream taught me something!!

And just like that our night was over!

With our fast pass, we were able to go through EVERY haunted house (6 houses, plus Zombie Containment Unit) and ALL the rollercoasters, plus we got to see one show!

We came home and I went right to bed, no nightmares, no big deal. I can't wait to go back next year!


So to answer the question posed by the title of this blog Howl-O-Scream okay for kids? Maybe. First and foremost....KNOW YOUR KID. If your child spooks easily, is afraid of the dark, etc., then Howl-O-Scream is probably NOT for them. More likely than not it will be your kids who ask to go. It will be up to you as their parent to determine if they are ready. And maybe you only can figure that out by taking them to the event. You will know pretty quickly if it's too scary for them, and with a plethora of security around, you will be quickly escorted to safety.  Ella and I had a "safe word" that she was to use if she ever felt overwhelmed, too scared, or just wanted to go. She didn't need to use the safe word. Be warned is gross, with lots of blood and gore. I know my oldest child would not enjoy this event. And I think Ronin would like it for a short time and I think he'd end up sleeping in my bed, so I am holding off on taking him for a few more years. We saw kids of all ages at Howl-O-Scream. We saw babies and toddlers in strollers, and lots of teenagers.

Ella and I had a great time, and I look forward to carrying on this yearly tradition with her.

Jenny's Top 5 Tips to Avoid Halloween Temptations

Halloween starts the beginning of the Holiday junk food season. Walking through the stores you just see dozens of different types of candy. Candy is just empty calories, void of any nutrients, and one snack size bar can pack a whopping 100 calories. I have to run a mile to burn 100 calories. Do I want to run an extra mile just for a piece of chocolate. No, I do not.  Losing and keeping off over 200 pounds is not easy, so what do I do to avoid the temptation of Halloween candy??

This is always a challenging time of year for me, but I have come up with some tricks to help me avoid the lure of binging on Halloween candy.

1. WAIT to buy the candy. Don't buy it as soon as it gets on the shelves. Wait until Halloween day. There is NO reason to buy candy before Halloween day. No reason at all...

2. Buy candy you HATE! If you have to buy candy for your trick or treaters buy candy that you don't like!! For me, I can't stand Candy Corn. If I had to buy candy for little ghouls and goblins, that's what I would buy. Candy Corn.

3. Get it out of the house!! I haven't bought Halloween candy in years. The days right after Halloween can be just as challenging as the days leading up to Halloween especially as a mom to 3 kids who go trick or treating so the kids and I have a deal. I allow them to eat what they want while we are out walking and collecting. Then we come home, and that's the candy that we pass out to the kids that ring our doorbell. That's right. We re-gift our candy. Tongue Out Anything that is left gets donated to Treats for the Troops on November 1st.

4. Enjoy Halloween parties for the atmosphere, NOT the food. Attending Halloween parties often means that there will be unhealthy food choices. Try to focus more on the festive aspect of Halloween, the fun costumes, the scary decor! And ALWAYS bring a "safe dish" that you know will help keep you on track.

5. Wear a cute costume.  Wearing a body fitting costume can help you to remember your goals and remind you NOT TO INDULGE!! Make sure it's a costume that makes you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to stay on plan.

And there you have top 5 tips to avoid Halloween Temptations!

What do you do to avoid Halloween temptations?