Walking the Gasparilla Lime Cactus Challenge 2015

In 2014 I had originally registered to do this event. However, the week before I injured my foot during the Spartan Race. That injury caused me to defer, and honestly, I'm still struggling with that foot injury. 

So..fast forward to 2015.

My 8yo son, Ronin has been a running fool. All he's been doing is eating, sleeping, and running.

He asked me in early November if he could run a marathon. I had to tell him NO, but I thought he could handle a 15K and he began training. Once I saw that he was serious, I registered him for the Gasparilla 15K. Our plan was for us to drive down to the race together, and then he'd run and do his thing, and then wait for me at the finish line. 

He had been training so hard, was doing so well. He was consistently running 3-6 miles at a 7-8 minute mile pace. He had his little heart set on WINNING his age group (10 and under) and then 3 weeks before Gasparilla his world came crashing down around him.

He broke his tibia. A very bad break. You can see that it broke in several places. He broke it roller skating on a school field trip. When I met him at the hospital after the accident he looked up at me through tear filled eyes, and his first words to me were "Mama, can I still run Gasparilla."

That would be No. Sorry, son. Your 2015 running season is over. Cry

He took the news like a trooper.

And much to my surprise, I did not use this as an excuse to again defer my own registration. Instead I reached out to a friend, Tara from Everyday Ramblings of my Life and asked if I could do the race with her. We had originally planned to do it together last year, but again, I deferred. 

She was kind enough to say "YES OF COURSE" so we made plans to meet-up and do the race together. She's been doing a lot more races than me recently, though I have still been "wogging" on the elliptical so I was nervous that I might slow her down, and my foot is still really bothering me. But I made sure to wear my Feetures Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve and extra cushion socks, and my new Saucony Triumph.

I drove down race morning with Denise from RunDMT, we parked, went to the expo hall, met up with some of her running buds, snapped a few pics, and before I knew it, it was time to head to the start line!

Tara and I met at the back of the pack and we were soon on our way. She had a time from last year that she wanted to beat, me I just wanted to finish. We ran a little bit, we walked most of it. I told her she could go on without me if she felt I was slowing her down, but she just looked at me and said "we started this race together, we will finish this race together." And finish we did!

I LOVED this race!! The out and back along Bayshore Blvd was PERFECT! It started off cold, but we warmed up quickly. I had carried my own water bottle, but I would not have needed it. There was a plethora of water and gatorade available. There were porta-potties E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. and if you read my Holiday Halfathon recap, you know that the lack of bathrooms was a huge issue for me. 

But not with Gasparilla. Everything was perfect. The company, especially. Tara was an awesome 15K partner. She never made me feel like I was too slow, or holding her back. And I was super excited to hear at the end of the race that she had PR'd by over 10 minutes from 2014!! 

After the race Tara and I walked. And walked. And walked some more to find the post-race food and drink. It was quite a distance. In previous years they have always had the food right in the tunnel, but not this year. I felt like we walked another mile to get our recovery fuel. The walk just never ended.

But it was worth it.

Many of my Tampa Bay Blogger friends were invited to try out Ulele a few weeks ago. I was unable to attend because of work, but they all RAVED about it. And many commented about the wonderful beer.

I was so happy to see Ulele at the post-race party with 3 types of beer to sample. That's Tim in the tan shirt, and he's the head brewmaster.

It was very good beer, and just further cemented that I need to get to Ulele's for a proper meal.

After the beer and the fun, we went to the expo.

At the expo I found my fellow Polar ambassador and friend, Mary.

We chatted about my race, about our other Polar friend, speedy Chris who ran the 15K in 50:17 (that's 9.3 miles....) and I asked her about her thoughts on the battery charge of my M400. 

And soon I was home, enjoying more beer, and resting my feet.

I went to bed by 10pm, and I was feeling good! I woke up at 6:30am, and left my house by 7am. The 8K wasn't set to start until 9am, and I had several friends in the half-marathon that I was hoping to see!

My feet were feeling a little sore, so I decided that a shoe change was in order. So for the 8K I wore my Hoka One One.

I'm not sure that was the best choice. I did size down in these shoes as recommended, but I felt my feet slipping in them as I walked and sure enough, I developed blisters in places that I hadn't even been sore the day before.

But Tara was sore too. Together we kept each other motivated, and pumped to finish the race. And finish we did!

And I'm pretty sure she told me that she even PR'd both races from her time last year!!

This was a GREAT race challenge and I plan to repeat it again next year...with Ronin!!

A HUGE thank you goes to Tara for walking with me, to #TeamPolar for the gear to monitor my heart rate throughout the event, and to Enell Sports Bras for providing me with the most comfortable, most awesome sports bra ever, the Enell Lite got me through over 14 miles in comfort!


A Week in My Life August 17-23

Whew. The past two weeks really got away from me and I wasn't able to post any updates.

With the kids returning to school this week, my tree getting hit my lightning and having to be cut down, my dog getting very sick and spending 24 hours in the doggy hospital....and that's all THIS week. My life has been CRAZY!

Thankfully I have returned to my normal CrossFit routine! While I'm still experiencing some pain in my right heel from Plantar Fasciitis, my knee is feeling MUCH better!

My week was a busy one! Here's how it went!

Sunday-I was supposed to go down to the Sand Key Sheraton and meet the cast of Dolphin Tale 2. Let's just say I didn't make it and we'll leave it at that. I don't want to place blame on any one member of my family, but due to circumstances out of my control, I wasn't able to attend.

So instead I drowned my misery in lawn work. I pretty much spent all afternoon mowing and weed whacking, just trying to keep my mind off the fact that I should have been meeting Harry Connick, Jr.

I packed lunches for the TampaTrio and had them off to sleep land by 7pm. I wanted them bright eyed and bushy tailed for their first day of school!

Calories: 778

Steps: 22,156

Monday-WOD! My first WOD without kids since June!! It was nice to get a workout that was just for ME! I wasn't having to worry about what Ronin needed, it was all ME ME ME!!

And it was lovely.

We started our 2nd 12 week squat program. I had to drop out about 8 weeks into our first program because of my knee, but I felt good enough to start this program. And it was a DOOZY!!

After the back squats, we did front squats and then we did a WOD afterwards!

Whew! Lots of great work!!

And then I spent the rest of Monday running around like a crazy woman! I had to drop my phone off to be fixed, my dog got very sick and had to be rushed to the Dr., my daughter had an ortho appt, AND their bus was an hour late, AND Ronin had CrossFit kids. Whew. It was a busy day! But we managed and got it done!

Calories: 462

Steps: 12,909

Tuesday-WOD!! Again, a busy day! I got a phone call that my dog was cleared to come home AND the tree dudes were coming to the house to take down my giant oak. It was an emotional morning, made a bit better by my WOD.

I hadn't done Power Snatches in quite some time, so I wasn't sure about weight selection. I ended up choosing 45 pounds, and I think I could have gone a tad heavier.

But I wasn't ready for what I came home to.

When I left the house this morning, the kids gave our tree a big hug goodbye.

And I came home from the gym and the tree looked like this:

By the end of the day, we were left with this:

It's sort of surreal to know that just two weeks ago I had a healthy, vibrant oak tree and in the flash of an eye it's gone.


But my dog is home. And he's doing much better, so that's a positive thing at least.

Steps: 12,000

Calories: 646

Wednesday-WOD!! Oh my. I thought we'd have a mobility day or a strength day. Ya, not so much.

We worked to a max weight on the push press and split jerk. The complex went 2 push plus, followed by one split jerk. I got to 70 pounds. I could have gone heavier, but I didn't want to! LOL.

Then our wod was a 15 minute AMRAP of 5 ring rows, 10 pushups and 15 double unders. But I can't jump, so I always do slam balls in place of jumping rope. Oh my word. I ended up getting 11 rounds, but oh my word. My shoulders!

Then I came home and had a TON of work to do on our tree.

First I moved this entire stack of wood from the front of our house to the backyard.

The the stump grinding dude came out and ground up the tree stump. So I spent part of the evening trying to level out this mess.

And then I took the ALS ice bucket challenge! As cold as it was pouring that ice water over my head, it was also very refreshing!


Steps: 22,577

Thursday-WOD! Day 2 of our squat program. Oh my legs. Oh my legs. Oh my legs.


I did 8 rounds of the WOD. Oh my legs.

And then I spent the afternoon finishing up the tree business. I am so done.

Calories: 532

Steps: 17,001

Friday-WOD! Friday is makeup day, and since I was present for every WOD this week, I made-up my own! I did Death By Slamballs. EMOM for 32 minutes. Oh man, it was killer!

After the WOD I did a nice 2 mile walk with one of my CrossFit friends. Both of us had a crazy schedule over the summer and didn't get the chance to walk after our workouts because we had kids with us, so it was very nice to catch up.

After my WOD I went and had ART on my Plantar Fasciitis foot.

But before he did ART, I had electric shock therapy, then an ultrasound, then he brought out the tools and really went to town on my foot. OUCH! But we could hear things breaking up and now I'm not in nearly as much pain. Still hurts, but it's certainly much better.

Calories: 828

Steps: 14,000

Saturday-REST DAY!! And a true rest day it was. I took Ronin to a back to school picnic for his CubScout Pack. It was hot and steamy, but it was so much fun!! We're going to have a great year of scouting! They practiced their skills with the Raingutter Regetta!

 It was the first time Ronin had ever done something like this and he really liked it. We're already looking forward to making our own boat for the Regetta in October.

We came home and James cooked a bunch of chicken for the week, and I did a ton of laundry and that was it.

My foot is feeling so much better from the ART therapy!! Seriously, it's like night and day. I'm going to have another treatment on Thursday and I bet after that I'm going to feel almost back to normal!! WooHoo!!


Also, I recently found out that I'm officially an ambassador for Enell!!

Enell is a sports bra company made for women that are #stronghealthycurvy Wink

I started wearing Enell back in 2008 when I first began working out, and they've been my favorite sports bra ever since. And their sizing system is so unique, it's a no-brainer. As my pectoral muscles became larger, and the area above my ribs got smaller, I was able to easily figure out what size Enell bra I would need. So even now, as my body continues to change, it's easy to figure out what size I need with just a quick measure of 2 key areas: largest part of my chest and right below my chest. Bam. Easy.

And with all the bouncing I do in CrossFit, I need something that is going to hold me in place and Enell does just that!


How was your week?? Have your kids returned to school yet?