We made the commitment

We did it! We started off 2013 with our commitment to be active by participating in a virtual Commitment Day 5K. We were joined by fellow blogger Denise from Run DMT and her family and one of Denise's running partners, Daffodil. I had hoped that all of my family would be coming, but Ella didn't wake up in time, so James stayed home with her.

I decided last night that I was going to walk the 5K with my kids. Denise and Daffodil went off on their training run and Denise's husband and I walked with the five kids. It was a lovely time! The kids quickly found their good walking pace and I chatted with the 11yo about books, and reading, and it seemed that we made it to the 1/2 way point quickly. The walk back presented itself with a few more challenges as our youngest participant wanted to test his running legs (so cute and wobbly when running!!) and some of the older kids wanted to take the chance to sit in the now vacant stroller. But we soon discovered lots of neat stuff on the trail; apple snail shells, birds, flowers, and soon mama Denise was running up to meet her family!

It was great to just slow down and focus on fitness with the kids. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in how fast I am going, how many calories I am burning that I forget how fun it can be to just move my body and have fun with my babies.

Today was also the first event for my 13 in 2013 commitment sponsored by Jill Conyers with Fitness, Health & Happiness.

 It was also the first day of #Janathon, so I was able to knock off two items on the same event. Love multi-tasking!

I'm ready to expect amazing things in 2013. And it started today with the commitment to keep active.

Commit to be Fit in 2013!

January 1st is less than 30 hours away!! I know many of you are probably making the New Years Resolution to lose weight, eat better, and exercise more in 2013. But how many of you are also planning on indulging in too many libations? Nothing wrong with kicking back, reflecting on 2012, getting excited for 2013, but if you have TOO many adult beverages then you wake up in 2013 feeling L.O.U.S.Y and any commitments you made earlier likely end up getting pushed back a day or so while your body recovers from a hangover. This year I plan on SKIPPING the New Year hangover, and instead me and my kids are COMMITTING TO BE FIT!!  I have organized a virtual Commitment Day 5K with the blessing of the folks over at the "official" Commitment Day 5K. The closest city to me that is hosting a Commitment Day race is Miami and that is about an 8 hour drive, and though I am as committed as they come that's just too far for a 5K. They even sent me a t-shirt, training journal for 2013, and some other goodies, too Laughing

I hope you all have an AMAZING start to your brand new year, and make the commitment to yourself to be more badass in 2013.

Believe in yourself. Believe you CAN DO IT and then expect AMAZING things from yourself. There is no try. You will either do it, or you won't. Make the commitment.

I'll see you in 2013.