Atkins Frozen Meals for the Busy Working Mom

I returned to work 2 weeks ago. My life has been INSANE. I don't remember it being this busy when I worked out of the home from 2009-2012.

Perhaps it's that I'm getting up at 4:30am so that I can get to CrossFit En Fuego. If I don't workout at that time, it's not going to happen in my busy day since I get off of work at 5:30pm and have an hour commute home and the latest my box is open is 6pm. So it's either first thing in the morning or not at all. And not at all is not an option.

By the time I get home from the box, get the kids up, get their breakfast made, lunches packed, showered, dressed and ready to head out the door, that's generally when I say "oh no! I forgot to make my own lunch!"

When this happens (which is more often than I'd like) I'm so thankful that I can just reach in and grab a frozen Atkins meal.

There are so many to choose from!

From the Sesame Chicken


To the Pasta Bake


It makes it super easy for me to just grab and go, and with the net carbs listed right on the front of the box, I can easily know exactly how many carbs are in my meal. And with following the Atkins40 plan, I just simply deduct that total from my 40 daily, and I'm on my happy way!

I haven't been on the scale because I'm really trying hard to not focus on that number. Instead I'm gauging it based on how much energy I have, and how my clothing feels. And both of those measurements are a-okay. So I'm happy.

You can follow Atkins on Twitter, Facebook, and check out their website, too.

If you're a working parent, how do you try to fit in making a healthy lunch for work??

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Atkins.


Atkins40 for a CrossFit WORKING Mom!!

Last time I wrote I mentioned that I'd tell you more about the Atkins40 plan. Traditionally when you start the Atkins program you start off with 20 net carbohydrates per day, but on the new Atkins40 program you are allowed to eat 40 net carbohydrates per day for the ENTIRE time you are on the diet.

On Atkins40 you are supposed to eat roughly:

100 grams protein

40 grams carbohydrates

Adequate amounts of healthy fats

These are just guidelines for the average adult. You might have to adjust slightly to meet your own dietary needs.

This week I returned to work full-time outside of the home. My life has been crazy busy.

As I'm working on tweeking my schedule, it's been so nice to be able to just grab a frozen Atkins meal for lunch and be on my merry way!

But Atkins was kind enough to send me a weekly meal plan!! Can you guess what I'll be doing this weekend??

YES! That's right! I'll be meal prepping and getting everything all set up for next week!

I'm super excited to be back at work, and have adjusted so many aspects of my schedule. Just a few more tweaks and it will all be awesome!!



This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Atkins.