Happy 14th Birthday, Haley

14. It's so hard to believe you are now 14. That seems like more of a big deal than 13. Maybe it's because I remember being 14 so vividly, and I swear it wasn't that long ago!

This was a big year for you. You really blossomed as a flutist. 

Over the summer you participated in the Stetson University Flute Camp. 


You did a great job at Stetson, and realized that playing the Flute was perhaps something that you'd like to consider doing professionally. 

When the new school year started up, you skipped a level in band, AND were chosen as FIRST CHAIR/PRINCIPAL flutist for your middle school band. Your band director, Mrs. Richardson is awesome and is always telling me how much you remind her of herself.


You (with some encouragement from me, Mrs. Richardson, and your private flute teacher) decided to audition for All County Flute. You worked so hard to learn the music, you practiced non-stop and finally audition night arrived.


You didn't think you did very well, and highly doubted you'd be selected. There were HUNDREDS of flutists that tried out.

But SURPRISE!! You were selected!! Only 9 Flutists were chosen, and then they ranked the flutists. You ranked 4th. 4th!! You are one of the TOP flute players in Pasco County and we are so proud of you!!

You did some other things this year besides play the flute.

You attended your FIRST Halloween event at Busch Gardens. You LOVED it and said you weren't scared at all. 


You were also interviewed by the news! You did great on camera! No fear of public speaking for you kid!                             

You also participated in the National History Fair. And no surprise here....you did something on Alexander Hamilton.