Thrillers and Suspense January 2018

Staff again has knocked it out of the park by curating this great collection of thrillers and suspense novels new for January 2018. Thrillers and Suspense are one of my favorite types of books to read, and my TBR (to be read) pile just got a lot bigger.....

Thrillers and Suspense
January 2018
"One chance," Chase called.  "How are you going to use it?"  The man rolled to his side and got off a shot that went past Chase's ear.  Within a half second Chase's shot pounded into the man's chest and he dropped the gun and lay still.
~  from Thomas Perry's The Old Man
Recent Releases
Insidious Intent
by Val McDermid

What it's about: A vengeful serial killer targets single women attending weddings -- and DCI Carol Jordan, clinical psychologist Tony Hill, and their embattled team have little to go on.

Why you might like it: A plethora of police procedural details and the complicated relationship between the self-destructive DCI and the profiler who cares for her makes this a complex, rewarding read.  

Series alert: The 10th in a fast-paced series, this is a "must-read for series fans" (Booklist). Starting at the beginning (with The Mermaids Singing) will benefit newcomers who enjoy dynamic relationships between series stars. 
You Can Run
by Steve Mosby

What it's about: When a car accident uncovers the lair of a depraved serial killer, DCI Will Turner hunts the now-identified Red River Killer, stymied by a personal connection to the crimes. 

Why you might like it: Like dark books? With a high creepiness quotient, a clever plot, gruesome crimes, and a noirish tone, this one from award-winning British author Steve Mosby fits the bill.  

Reviewers say: "This is one of those exceedingly rare novels that's virtually impossible to put down" (Publishers Weekly). 
Poison: A Novel
by Galt Niederhoffer

What it's about: The truth is elusive in this psychological suspense novel, in which happily married mother of three Cass Connor begins to think her husband may be cheating on her -- and might also be trying to kill her. But is she right -- or is it all in her mind? 

Why you might like it: The slowly unraveling relationship is described in such a gripping manner that your blood pressure is sure to rise. 

For fans of: Chevy Stevens' Never Let You Go, B.A. Paris' Behind Closed Doors. 
Hunter Killer: The War with China: The Battle for the Central Pacific
by David Poyer

What it's about: In this "terrifyingly real" (Booklist) tale, the U.S. war with China has escalated -- and China appears to be winning. 

Series alert: This is the 17th in the Tales of the Modern Navy series, and the 3rd in the War with China story arc. Established fans will welcome the return of Dan Lenson -- now an admiral in charge of a U.S.-South Korea military force -- and SEAL Teddy Oberg, suffering in a POW camp. New to the series but eager for well-depicted military action? Start with the 1st in the trilogy, Tipping Point
Colorado Boulevard: A Crush Novel
by Phoef Sutton

What it's about: In this 3rd entry in an offbeat, clever series, hulking bouncer Caleb "Crush" Rush comes to the rescue when his former stepbrother (and current roommate) is kidnapped.

Why you might like it: Smart, witty dialogue and the author's appreciation for the absurd enhances the over-the top, non-stop action and bigger-than-life characters.  

For fans of: The frenetic action and engaging anti-heroes of Josh Bazell's Beat the Reaper or Eoin Colfer's Plugged series. 
On the Run
Dark Spies: A Spycatcher Novel
by Matthew Dunn

What it's about: After choosing to disobey orders to let a fellow operative die, intelligence agent Will Cochrane is the focus of a massive CIA manhunt -- but why?

Why you might like it: Plenty of action, a complex plot, and the perspective of the author's real-life experience as an MI6 insider means the novel moves with "relentless momentum" (Kirkus Reviews). 

Series alert: Dark Spies is the 4th in the action-packed Spycatcher series. The 8th and most recent, Act of Betrayal, published just a few months ago, but newcomers should start with Spycatcher
No Easy Target
by Iris Johansen

What it's about: When a vicious enemy from her past resurfaces, beautiful animal psychic Margaret Douglas goes on the run to try to escape him. But former CIA operative John Lassiter has other plans for her -- and the enemy they share. 

Why you might like it: Fans of the author's Eve Duncan series will recognize Margaret, who turns out to be a strong and capable heroine in her own right. The fractious partnership (which has its fair share of sexual tension) with Lassiter adds spice. 
The Accident: A Novel
by Chris Pavone

What it's about: A New York literary agent is the recipient of an anonymous manuscript that could make a lot of money -- and also destroy the career of a powerful and very dangerous man.

Why you might like it: The characters are extremely well-developed, with fully fleshed-out backstories.

Series alert: While The Accident is not part of a series, familiar faces from the author's 2012 debut (The Expats) appear.  

The Old Man
by Thomas Perry

What it's about: Thirty-five years ago, a loyal American operative was branded a criminal by the NSA. Off the grid, he started life anew -- but several burned identities later, people are still trying to kill him, and it's time to neutralize the threat once and for all.

Why you might like it: Now 60, the Old Man is no easy target: he's kept up his training and his fitness regimen and is more than capable of out-thinking and outfighting his adversaries.

Reviewers say: Suspenseful and cleverly plotted, The Old Man is "swift, unsentimental, and deeply satisfying" (Kirkus Reviews). 
War Hawk: A Tucker Wayne Novel
by James Rollins and Grant Blackwood

What it's about: In this 2nd novel to star former Army Ranger Tucker Wayne and his four-legged partner, Kane, semi-autonomous military drones have been hacked and stand ready to wreak destruction all over the world -- at the beck and call of an incredibly powerful madman.

Is it for you? Set all over the world and co-starring a beautifully depicted dog, this fast-paced and action-packed book is a great match for fans of author James Rollins' Sigma Force novels.

2018 Reading Challenge

For the past 4 years I've participated in the Goodreads Reading Challenge.While the Challenge is fine, I don't remember most of the time to go and update my reading list. I'm hoping keeping it right here on the blog will make it easier for me to keep track of everything. I know I read more than 54 books in 2017, but I completed the challenge, so it's not really a huge deal now, is it??


This year, while I'll still be doing the Goodreads Challenge, I've decided to participate in Book Riot's 2018 Read Harder Challenge.

This challenge is sponsored by Libby. Are you wondering who Libby is? Well, Libby isn't a person. Libby is the BEST one-tap reading app from OverDrive. By downloading Libby to your smartphone, you can access thousands of eBooks and audiobooks from your library for free anytime and anywhere. You’ll find titles in all genres, ranging from bestsellers, classics, nonfiction, comics and much more. Libby works on Apple and Android devices and is compatible with Kindle.

                                                     I LOVE Libby.                                                                                           


 So what's this challenge all about?  There are 24 tasks, averaging two per month over the course of the next 12 months. You may count one book for multiple tasks or read one book per task. From Book Riot: “We encourage you to push yourself, to take advantage of this challenge as a way to explore topics or formats or genres that you otherwise wouldn’t try." Here is the list and I'll be updating my finished book throughout the year.        

  1. A book published posthumously
  2. A book of true crime
  3. A classic of genre fiction (Mystery, sci fi/fantasy, romance, etc...) FINISHED: My Name is Mary Sutter
  4. A comic written and drawn by the same person
  5. A book set in or about one of the five BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, or South Africa)
  6. A book about nature
  7. A western
  8. A comic written or illustrated by a person of color
  9. A book of colonial or postcolonial literature
  10. A romance novel by or about a person of color
  11. A children’s classic published before 1980
  12. A celebrity memoir
  13. An Oprah Book Club selection
  14. A book of social science
  15. A one-sitting book
  16. The first book in a new-to-you YA or middle grade series
  17. A sci fi novel with a female protagonist by a female author
  18. A comic that isn’t published by Marvel, DC, or Image
  19. A book of genre fiction in translation
  20. A book with a cover you hate
  21. A mystery by a person of color or LGBTQ+ author
  22. An essay anthology
  23. A book with a female protagonist over the age of 60
  24. An assigned book you hated (or never finished)

I've finished one book already, so I am right on schedule.

Are you participating in any Reading Challenges in 2018? Which one(s)??

Happy Reading!



Happy 14th Birthday, Haley

14. It's so hard to believe you are now 14. That seems like more of a big deal than 13. Maybe it's because I remember being 14 so vividly, and I swear it wasn't that long ago!

This was a big year for you. You really blossomed as a flutist. 

Over the summer you participated in the Stetson University Flute Camp. 


You did a great job at Stetson, and realized that playing the Flute was perhaps something that you'd like to consider doing professionally. 

When the new school year started up, you skipped a level in band, AND were chosen as FIRST CHAIR/PRINCIPAL flutist for your middle school band. Your band director, Mrs. Richardson is awesome and is always telling me how much you remind her of herself.


You (with some encouragement from me, Mrs. Richardson, and your private flute teacher) decided to audition for All County Flute. You worked so hard to learn the music, you practiced non-stop and finally audition night arrived.


You didn't think you did very well, and highly doubted you'd be selected. There were HUNDREDS of flutists that tried out.

But SURPRISE!! You were selected!! Only 9 Flutists were chosen, and then they ranked the flutists. You ranked 4th. 4th!! You are one of the TOP flute players in Pasco County and we are so proud of you!!

You did some other things this year besides play the flute.

You attended your FIRST Halloween event at Busch Gardens. You LOVED it and said you weren't scared at all. 


You were also interviewed by the news! You did great on camera! No fear of public speaking for you kid!                             

You also participated in the National History Fair. And no surprise did something on Alexander Hamilton.