J. Joseph Salon Grand Opening In Tampa

J. Joseph Salon has three locations in the Tampa Bay area. Find the perfect salon location for you and receive award-winning treatment. This is a sponsored post. Opinions are my own. My opinion is that I look beter with blond hair. 


I have had the same amazing hair stylist since 2009. I adore her and I love everything she has done with my hair. My "natural" hair color is blond. What shade of blond, I'm not really sure. But I love being a blond. I've been blond nearly my entire life. Some times I'll go super blond (platinum) and other times I'll tone it down a bit with some highlights. Here's a photo of me in October, 2017. I'm blond. 


Here's another one of me in January, 2018. Still blond.

As you can also see from the photos above, I have a *small* obsession with Hamilton. So much so that just a week or so after the above photo was taken, I decided to cosplay as Eliza Hamilton for the Hamiltunes program I was hosting at the library. I bought a "temporary" hair color from the store and Ella, (I'm pretty sure it was Ella, though it could have been Haley) helped me to apply the color. My blond hair went from ⬆️ to ⬇️ and oh my goodness if I don't have a SUV full of Hamilton themed balloons and my "Eliza bounding" outfit. I have issues. ANYWAY....

I no longer have blond hair. The temporary color hasn't been so temporary and doesn't want to come out of my hair. This is me in March (with German ambassadors standing behind me!!) and it pretty much looks like that right now. It's just so blah!! I'm ready for a change! I want my blond back!

I actually had made an appointment with Lauren for later this month, but the opportunity to have my hair colored and styled by Roy Naccour was something that I just had to do! I've been hearing about his work for years. I've lived in this area for 18 years and working as a professional librarian it's kind of my job to know things. So I knew about Roy.

I had my hair done by this master stylist in early November, 2011. I have forgotten his name but he was apparently a big deal. I know he had something to do with the Cutler Salon. This was for the Rachel Ray makeover show. 

I LOVED this haircut!