Ella is 12!!

by jennifer13. July 2017 08:14
Happy 12th Birthday my sweet flower child!! It doesn't seem that long ago that you were born. At dawn. In a flower garden. With only your daddy and I there. Here you are with daddy and big sister Haley just a short time after your birth.This has been a very big year for you!! You started middle school!! You decided to try new things with you hair. You tried out for the school play.You learned some very hard lessons about what it means to be a good friend, and how you deserve ... [More]

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Best Audiobooks of 2017!!

by jennifer4. June 2017 13:31
I listen to a TON of audiobooks. And yes, in my professional opinion, listening to an audiobook COUNTS AS READING!! No surprise to see that my favorite human on the planet (other than those people that live in my house) won for BEST Audiobook of the Year! Lin-Manuel Miranda and his book Hamilton: The Revolution. A few others that I have listened to recently were also winners. Salt to the Sea (oh my goodness, I cried) was an excellent audiobook. The story is heartbreaking, so have tissues ready. ... [More]

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Non-Fiction Beach Reads Summer 2017

by jennifer3. June 2017 10:51
 Non-Fiction Beach Reads Summer 2017  Think non-fiction can't be enjoyable as a beach read? Think again! Staff has curated a fantastic list of sensational murders, lady pirates, suspense-filled thrillers, fun crafts, oddball humor, comics, science fiction/fact, strange cats, weird people, offbeat cookbooks, the paranormal, the ewwww factor, and salacious romance (ok, not that)....... ... [More]

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