Workout on the Rooftop and the Group Effect

This afternoon the trio and I went down to Hyde Park in Tampa for the peerFit @peerFit Workout on the Rooftop! peerFit is an app that allows you to find a group fitness class no matter where in the United States you are. And for a group fitness junkie like me, I think this is like the best invention E.V.E.R. Check out the peerFit website and go to iTunes to download the app! Oh, did I mention it's FREE?!?!?!

We met up with Marissa (@TampaMama) with @TruckFarmTampa and @fitkidstampa. Marisa and her Fit Kids Playground helped to keep the children active while the adults sweated away to a great sample of Les Mills classes including Sh’Bam, CXWORX, Body Attack, and Body Flow.  Thanks to CXWORX I was able to get in my planks for the #THX4Planks challenge.  My middle child Ella was born to Sh’Bam. That girl can keep a beat and move move move! She was the only child that participated in the group fitness part of the Workout on the Rooftop and I am so proud of her.

How cool is this truck??


If you squint you can see me! I'm over on the far right side. I have on my bright yellow shoes and a white shirt.

And CXWORX on the ROOF?? Does it get any better?? (well, yes it does. Remember my stint with Les Mills in NYC?) Tongue Out

 Me and two Les Mills master trainers.

Me with Jesper, COO of Les Mills

I started off my day with Les Mills, too. I did Body Pump this morning and really enjoyed the new release (83). This is the second time I’ve done this release and I really like the back track on this one. Take this back and the lunges from 82 and wozers, awesomeness!! Les Mills just keeps on getting better! And while strength training doesn't burn as many calories as a cardio workout does strength training helps make you L.E.A.N. I'll take lean any day of the week.


Getting back to Les Mills group fitness classes after taking a short hiatus (in the group aspect, not in Les Mills because I do their programming at home (solo) as well) really made me realize how much I LOVE the group effect. And I realized that I don't like running. I love cycling, (indoor and outdoor) and I love swimming, mud challenges, obstacle courses, etc., but I really don't love running. I'll do it because it's good for me and sometimes as crazy as my life can get with kids, etc., running is my only option, but I just don't love it like I do Les Mills group fitness.

It was a very busy weekend, and I’m pooped. And the next few weeks are going to be even busier. I leave bright and early on Thursday for my Project Athena Keys Race to Recovery, 100 miles from Key Largo to Key West. There will be some pretty intense running involved, but I've been told that I can cycle if I choose, so I might just take them up on that offer. I'm a dang good cycler Wink I’ll fly home on Monday night. I will have very limited access to Internet, etc., but if you follow PA on Facebook they are great about posting photos while the event is going on.

I have my Spinning certification the first weekend in December, the Color Run (with the family) also in December and maybe, just maybe, I'll be doing the Zombie Dash...and you guessed it, also in December.

Living an active life is well, active  Cool

A Pretty Muddy Mommy

Yes, I did it again.

It was a super fun day. Lots of girls having fun, laughing, cheering each other on, helping each other out (and over) and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The day began bright and early! Denise from RunDMT and I were scheduled to run in the first wave of the day...8am! And they wanted us there at least an hour early! was really cold out in Dade City at 7am!

We checked in and soon we were ready to go!

 Denise is a runner; a marathon runner, so I told her right off the bat to not wait for me, and I'd catch up with her at the finish line.

Mile 1 took us though a super-fun bubble tunnel, followed by an icy cold shin deep water pit. And then the running started. Lots of running. It seemed to take forever until I came to the next obstacle. But it was worth the wait and the running. It was the first mud pit! In I went, and out I went. Covered in mud from the waist down. But the top part of me was still clean so I took this opportunity to take some of the mud and wipe it on my face. Remember the lady from the commercial who made the Rice Krispy treats and to make it look like she worked so hard in the kitchen she wiped flour on her face? Ya, that was me. Except it was with mud.

And then the running started again. Up ahead I saw the first hydration station and a sign that said "wood you?" I remembered this obstacle from the sneak peek. You had to take a 2X4, pick it up and carry it (running or walking, I ran) around a loop-de-loop. I noticed off in the distance a giant inflatable slide, so this made me run with the wood even faster. I remembered how fun the slide was at the Mud Crusade and I wanted that experience again! I climbed to the top of the slide, positioned myself just perfectly, gave myself a little push and down I went, about 10 feet and then I just stopped Cry There wasn't enough water on the slide. I made myself sort of bounce down the slide and into the next mud pit. I climbed through, emerged and I was still clean from the waist up. Undecided Now I was on a mission to get REALLY DIRTY!! Next up was a set of muddy tunnels. These were big enough that I could have walked through them on my knees, but no way! I went down on my belly, rolled around a little bit, and climbed out PRETTY MUDDY!! Now I was dirty! YES!! 

I was also on to Mile 2!! Mile 2 brought some walls, some up and downs, a fun beach ball pit, and a hydration station!  I rounded the corner and I heard the announcement that the first woman had crossed the finish line! I realized that I wasn't too far behind so I tried to pick up my pace a little bit and before I knew it, I was coming up on Mile 3 and the FINISH line!!

(this was taken in the morning pre-race)

As I approached the final obstacle the crowd went wild and started screaming YOU CAN DO IT, and then I heard Denise yelling "GO Jenny" so go I did!! I climbed in that mud pit used my elbows to pull myself through the obstacle and climbed out PRETTY MUDDY!! Cool

Having done a few of these mud runs, I can tell you first hand that Pretty Muddy is certainly different from the others I have done. First, they actually had a shower area that worked and worked WELL!! AND this is a big one....they had CHANGING AREAS!! Having a private area to change was so nice. But what was really the best was that there was NO WAITING AT THE OBSTACLES!! They limit each start time to 100 participants and stagger in 15 minute increments, so we were really spread out. Most of the time I was by myself or with one or two other woman. It was really nice. But what was really nice was THE MUD. it was clean mud if you know what I mean. No sticks, stones, etc., like the mud in my other runs. This mud was S.M.O.O.T.H. And running through the quiet back country of the Little Everglades Ranch was very peaceful.

We cleaned up, walked back to my truck and dropped off our stuff and then went back to the party!

I haven't had a beer at 10am since college!! And I was surprised how good it was!

Pretty Muddy was a well-organized, super fun event and I can't wait to do it again next year. 

Image below custom made by Haley.


Mud and Cheesecake

I haven't had a MNO in forever. Literally. Forever. Tonight that all changed! I was invited to take a sneak peek of the Pretty Muddy race course in Dade City, FL along with 5 other Tampa bloggers, all women, and I had 1/2 a slice of Pumpkin Cheesecake. I am living life on the wild side.

I met up with Denise of RunDMT and we drove out together. Turns out she lives only a few miles from me, and we have lots of other things in common too. She's a pretty cool chick. And tomorrow she will do her first mud run ;) I promised her that she will LOVE it.

I am a huge fan of the "keep calm" manta, so this was only fitting.


Having a few mud runs under my belt, I can tell you that THIS mud run really looks like a RUN! The course is much wider, and the obstacles appear to have more distance between them. But I can run, so it's really not a problem. I just really like obstacles. And mud. Makes me feel like a kid.

This is the finish pit.

No diving into the mud pit. Someone better hold me back Tongue Out


At dinner I split a piece of HOMEMADE pumpkin cheesecake. It was GOOD. I have food rules when it comes to desserts. I won't eat anything dessert-y if I can go up to my local Publix/Target and buy it. It needs to be homemade and it needs to be unique. This dessert fit the bill perfectly. I did not have the whipped cream because it did not fit into my food rules Sealed And thinking back, my last dessert was Key Lime Pie homemade by the historic Rod and Gun Club in Everglades City in JULY. So over 4 months ago. Talk about moderation. Wink

I did not carb load. It's only a 5k LOL.