Manic Monday

I was so ready to get back to my normal Les Mills workout routine this morning. That would have meant 30 minutes of CXWORX and 60 minutes of BODYCOMBAT. But my sweet daughter Ella had other plans for me.

I woke up this morning bright and early (3:45am) and headed to Channel 10 News in St. Pete for a Mom Squad panel and Q/A about my Project Athena Adventure Race. I arrived back home about 6:30am and started to make breakfast, pack lunches, you know the normal drill of a school day.

Around 7am little Miss Ella comes crying into the kitchen "mama, I don't feel good, I threw up." Whaaaaaaattttttt? She was fine last night. She was fine all week. She then tells me through tears that she actually threw up sometime in the night but since I had an early morning she didn't want to wake me up. Lovely. I mean, I'm glad she let me sleep and all, but now her room (that she shares with her sister) smells of puke and it's caked on to her carpet. Yuck. Gross, I know. And then I find out then when she decided she needed to be sick, it came on so suddenly that she couldn't get out of bed, so she just leaned over her bed (which is the TOP BUNK) and just let gravity take its course. Sealed She barely missed covering her sister. Did I say yuck yet???

I do a mad dash of cleaning, washing, etc., and finish breakfast/lunch, drive the other 2 to school and come home. Where I tackle mopping, cleaning, and disinfecting EVERYTHING!! So hey, at least now everything looks and smells good. Except for me. I need a shower. But there will be time for that later. I hope.

I did manage to get my workout in today despite being thrown all sorts of curve balls. I pulled out my handy dandy Les Mills at home kit, and did release 82 (my absolute favorite release E.V.E.R) and knocked it out of the park. At the end of my workout I discovered that my sweet Ella managed to take a few hundred pictures of me working out. Good times I tell ya, good times.


What makes me love release 82 so much? A few reasons, back, biceps, and lunges!! This is the song they chose for the lunge track and it ROCKS!! It's also used in other BODYPUMP releases and in RPM, too. Great, energetic song!

 This is what I had for lunch!! YUMMY!!

I hope Tuesday turns out to be a little bit more predictable Wink

Raw/plant based diet

I have been thinking a lot lately about going to a plant based diet. I have done my research and I think am ready to jump in with both feet. In the beginning I am going to aim for 60% raw. I am working on meal planning right now, but overall it seems pretty simple. And I LOVE fruits and veggies, nuts and beans, so I'm thinking that the transition should be pretty smooth.

and then I come across this statistic....

Women, suggested daily maximum intake: 6 pounds (2.7 kg) of fruit 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg) of vegetables 0.25 pounds (0.11 kg) of nuts or seeds.

holy fruits and veggies! That is a lot of raw food  Surprised 


Still, it is something that I WANT to do. I just have to be mindful of how I am feeling physically, and emotionally and keep a close eye on my athletic training. 

why do I want to go raw? A few reasons. I always feel better when I take a few raw days each month; I feel like it purifies  me. Two, I want to lose 12 pounds. I have been at 157 pounds for 19 months, but I feel like I need to go a little bit lower so I can be a more efficient athlete. I have been trying to get there following WW but my body just won't budge, so I think I need to shock it a little.

Do any of you follow a raw diet? Any tips/tricks to share?

Here is my meal plan for the week:

Breakfast- Every morning Smoothie made with Almond Milk


Lunch: spinach salad with walnuts and chick peas

Dinner: Salmon with romaine salad

Snacks: mango and apples throughout the day when hungry


Lunch: Salmon on mixed greens with mixed nuts and seeds

Dinner: Shrimp on mixed green with nuts and beans

Snacks: strawberries and bananas


Lunch: Lettuce Wraps with hummus, lemon and avocado

Dinner: Fresh veggies with black beans

Snacks: oranges and grapes


Lunch: Sprouted Quinoa Salad With Mango Salsa

Dinner: Mediterranean Zucchini Fettuccine (not made with noodles)

Snacks: pears and cherry tomatoes


Lunch: Sprouted Quinoa Salad With Mango Salsa (leftover)

Dinner: TBD. We are heading to Busch Gardens for a media preview event.

Snacks: pears and cherry tomatoes


Lunch: Southern-Style Spicy Spaghetti (not made with noodles)

Dinner: Black beans with brown rice

Snacks: Bananas and cashews



Discovering Human Synergy with Project Athena Part 1

I discovered Project Athena in the beginning of 2012. My Weight Watchers commercials were being shown on TV, I was being interviewed on the news, my life was just a little bit crazy and I was yearning for yet a new challenge. A Google search for "adventure racing" + "women" led me to Project Athena. As I read about their mission, and the story behind Project Athena, I knew that I had found my "go" and I decided to apply for an Athenaship. As I continued to look through the site I discovered the Keys Race to Recovery Multisport Adventure. I knew I had found what I was looking for. 13 years ago I was married in Key West. I was over 250 pounds. I did not participate in any sort of physical activity when we were there. Looking back at my wedding photos I look (and felt) like a slug. I knew that I had to return to Key West in the best physical shape of my life, encouraged and motivated by an amazing group of people. Little did I know how amazing these people would turn out to be.

I got a phone call in March 2012. I was leaving the gym and the number said "Project Athena." My heart began to beat fast and I answered. It was Robyn Benincasa calling me herself to say that I had been awarded the Athenaship. She continued to tell me how proud she was of me, and how inspiring I was. ME?? This world class athlete was proud and inspired by ME?? I was humbled. I also learned that I was their first obesity survivor. This was also humbling. I had nine months to train my body from being a group fitness junkie into a lean, multi-sport machine. I really began training hardcore in June 2012. And all my hard work paid off in spades. 

Lots of phone calls with my inspiration angel Louise, gave me the confidence that I was headed in the right direction with my training, and she helped to supply me with all the gear I would need on the adventure. She gave me tips, boosts, and I enjoyed every conversation I had with her. I looked forward to her calls, and sometimes we would just chat and chat and chat. I was saddened to learn that she wouldn't be in the Keys because she had a race in Nepal (yes, NEPAL) but I kept the sound of her voice in my head as I was paddling. Louise gave me lots of tips about kayaking and since I had very limited training IN THE WATER but tons of simulated paddling, I channeled her advice many times and before I knew it the time for the adventure had arrived.