13 in 2013

I love a good challenge, and this one seems as good as any!! 13 races in 2013!! Oh ya, I am all over that. And considering I've already signed up for 4 different races (or is it 5) in 2013, I'm nearly 1/2 way done...with signing up anyway. I still have to actually run them. Cool


  1. Run 13 registered virtual or real life races in 2013.
  2. The number of participants will not be limited.
  3. Prizes throughout the year. Hint: Some of my favorite running and fitness products!
  4. We have set up a 13 In 2013 Facebook group to support and encourage each other and share the experience.
  5. To support everyone reaching their goal Jen and I will host 4 virtual races throughout the year. The first virtual race will be in February. More information coming soon.
  6. Share with Instagram and Twitter using the #13in2013 hashtag.


Dirty Girls

Now i’ve lost my mind, yeah and i’ve lost control
And i’ve lost the feeling in my arms, and i’m a lost soul

Make the most of me baby don’t spit me out,
This is how dirty girls get clean,

Don’t leave me now, listen to her lust yeah, hear her disgrace
Listen to the fragile things, as they all breakwatch from the comfort,
The comfort of your home, through the eyes of sleep baby
down down we go


That's right!! Down down down we go to the Little Everglades Ranch for the DIRTY GIRL MUD RUN!! Dirty Girl is bringing their WOMEN'S ONLY mud run series to Florida in 2013. They will be in Tampa on February 9th. I'll be doing the race along with a bunch of my girlfriends and I am SO EXCITED!! This will be my 5th mud run in ONE YEAR! They are addicting, and a blast! We've signed up for the 8am wave which I am less than thrilled about. Not because it's early (come on' I have 3 little kids, 8am is LATE for me Wink) but because February in Florida is COLD!! I will probably lose the feeling in my arms, but I certainly won't lose my soul!  I think I'm going to have to add a little splash of somethin' somethin' in my drink to warm up my body just a little bit.

If you want to join us on this muddy, cold, crazy adventure use the code FLBLOGGUEST and you will get 20% off any Florida run. Also, if you register for any of the Florida Dirty Girl runs between Dec. 5th and 11:59 PM on Dec. 24th you will automatically be entered to win a gym membership of your choice valued up to $500. That's a pretty sweet deal. And I know a lot of my readers are looking for new gyms right now, so what better way to try to find your new "woman cave" than by getting a little dirty??

You can "like" Dirty Girl on Facebook, and/or follow Dirty Girl on Twitter

So come on down down down, have fun, get muddy, and have a warm adult beverage. It's like a day at the spa...only better.

(Disclosure: As a blogger ambassador for Dirty Girl Mud Run my entry fee is being comp’d. All opinions and warm adult beverages are my own.)

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph

When I began my journey in 2008, I honestly had NO IDEA what to expect. I had never been an athlete, so I had no base to go from. I had always made BAD food choices. ALWAYS. All I knew was that I was B.I.G. and I was going to die if I didn't get the weight off. I didn't start off with a goal weight or goal size in my mind. I started off with the simple desire to live.

People (my family, my husband, my kids, friends) often ask me "Jenny, why do you think you got so big?" And I really don't know. I mean I KNOW it was because I didn't move and I ate really bad food, but why I let myself get SO big, I really don't  know. It was this vicious cycle. This bigger I got, the bigger I let myself get. Does that make sense? It was like I started to see myself as ONLY the fat wife, the fat mom, the fat friend, the fat daughter, the fat sister. It seemed I was destined to live in this fat world I had created for myself. Until suddenly destiny threw me a curve ball.

I remember my "a-ha" moment like it was yesterday. I was attempting to play with my kids, I was having fun, and suddenly I was on the ground, crying and in serious pain. I couldn't move. I couldn't get up. I couldn't even lift my upper body to rest on my elbows. I was THAT big. I could only lay there crying for my husband. One of my children ran inside to get him and he came out to help. He tried to get me off the ground, but he couldn't. He had to roll me on a blanket and drag me inside the house. I knew at that point I HAD to change. I was a stay-at-home-mom. My health was poor, I was pre-diabetic, triglycerides were through the roof, high cholesterol, you know I had all the symptoms of being a morbidly obese woman. My doctor had told me that I HAD to lose weight, but I didn't listen. Family (namely my Grandpa Dick, RIP Grandpa) worried about me and encouraged me to lose weight. I didn't listen. It took THAT moment to make me listen. Laying on the ground having my kids (who were 2, 3, 4 at the time) look over my body was almost like an out of body experience. I imagined myself home alone with them and suddenly collapsing from a massive heart attack and dying right in front of them. My three little babies. My three little birds. How could I do that to them? How could I have done this to myself? And then suddenly, destiny presented me with the option to take a new road. And I took it. I didn't know where that road would take me, but I knew it had to be better than the one I was currently on.

I embarked on a new path, a new life, taking along with me three amazing little children, and one husband, and our life will never be the same. I lost 212 pounds. AN ENTIRE person. Destiny knew what she doing.