Girl's Night a Tupperware Party??

That's right! Tuesday night was a girl's night out and we went to a Tupperware Party. Say what? A Tupperware Party? Yes, a Tupperware Party. But this was no ordinary Tupperware Party because our party was hosted by none other than Miss Dixie Longate from Mobile, Alabama.

Miss Dixie is a fast talking, Jesus lovin', booze drinking woman from the South. And she LOVES Tupperware crap and her many uses for it. Item#1398 the Shape-O Toy doubles as both a child's toy and a fun sobriety test!

Item #464 The Chip 'N Dip bowl is great for "retards" who don't know which dip is supposed to go with which chip because the smaller dip bowls can hook INSIDE the larger chip bowl!!

All guests of Miss Dixie's Tupperware Party received a catalog, an order sheet, and they were selling products right there on the spot! They were only taking cash, so I wasn't able to buy anything since I only carry plastic money already spent my allowance this week. Big bummer because Miss Dixie recommended the key chain batter bowl because "it can hold 2 goldfish and a bud of marijuana." Surprised


 Post-show Miss Dixie was mingling with her guests. My sister and Miss Dixie really hit it off Wink Listening to them ham it up, it was evident that they were having “more fun than a gaggle of lesbians at a Home Depot sidewalk sale." Miss Dixie mentioned to Lori that she tried to get a Tupperware party at the Sarasota Players Theater, but they thought her Tupperware party wasn't appropriate for Sarasota. Say what?? Sealed True, it is for more mature audiences, but Sarasota is full of old people there is NO MORE MATURE of a population than the one that reside in Sarasota County. Sarasota really missed out on hosting a FAB Tupperware party!



"Jenny, I'd rub up on your leg if I wasn't so busy xo Dixie Longate" Kiss

Dixie’s Tupperware Party premiered in Tampa on December 4 and runs through December 9 in the Jaeb Theater at The David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts.  Tickets may be purchased by visiting

Grab your sister, your mom, your friends and head over to the Straz before Miss Dixie's Tupperware Party and all her great crap is gone!

**I received tickets for Miss Dixie's Tupperware Party in exchange for my honest review."

The Five BEST things about Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa


 Our family was invited to attend a special preview of Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa. Busch Gardens is our favorite Florida theme park, so we jumped at the chance to go!


Here are OUR 5 BEST things about Christmas Town.

1. SNOW!!! Having 3 kids born and raised in Florida, they have never seen snow! We have been to Gaylord Palms for their annual ICE event, but that’s ice, not snow. We were waiting in line to make snowballs and the trio was so excited!! Suddenly it was their turn, they got their red buckets full of snow, walked over to the fence area, reached into the bucket and “Oh my gosh mama, this is FREEZING and WET.”  I started laughing out loud. Of course it’s freezing and wet! I’m not quite sure what they were expecting, but apparently it wasn’t snow! The girls quickly finished their buckets but Ronin, oh sweet Ronin. He went through his bucket and still wanted more. See that little hand sticking through the bottom of the fence. Yes, that is my son trying to get more snow.

2. LIGHTS!! The light displays were seriously fantastic.  They also gave out special glasses that made the lights twinkle like snowflakes! Ella was in awe of this and barely took the glasses off all night! I think my favorite light display was at the Crown Colony-Carol of the Bells where they had the display timed perfectly to music. It was beautiful! There was also a full moon on Friday night and above the Crown Colony the moon was shining so brightly. Ronin is in the picture just chuckling. Priceless. Fantastic night.

3. RIDES!! All of our favorite rides were open and there were NO LINES! We continually looped through the best roller coaster at the park-Cheetah Hunt. On, off, on ,off, on, off. It was awesome. Our kids are at the age that they are really into rides, so this was really the highlight for them.The look on Ella's face tells it all. "CHEETAH AGAIN!!!"

4.GIANT SNOWMEN! Snow World had a lot of giant walking snowmen. They were very festive looking and really helped to get us in the holiday spirit!!

5. CREEPY ANGEL STATUE!!Okay, why is this on a list of great things if it’s creepy? This was a family event, all 5 of us went, and my husband and kids LOVED this creepy angel statue. Me, eh not so much. In fact, I hightailed around the statue pretty quickly and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw it move? Say what?? That’s when I realized it was a LIVING statue. And the closer I got, the creepier it got. Ronin was really intrigued by her, and attempted to lift up her dress. He got a talking to by Statue Angel’s security detail; “you may not touch the statue, but the statue may touch you.” And then I hear my sweet son addressing CREEPY angel “hey are YOU REAL???”  I got us out of there pretty quickly because I was afraid I might have nightmares. It really creeped me out.

 A perk of Christmas Town is sibling love. It was so nice to have everyone getting along, Ella and Ronin holding hands, there was minimal fighting, and I got to have a nice cold beer. It was a good night.


It's a Sweet Tomatoes giveaway!

Losing 212 pounds was not easy, especially when you love to go out to eat!!  Sweet Tomatoes gave me all the control to still be able to go out  with the family AND stay on my healthy diet! Sure, they have plenty of unhealthy options, but if you PLAN and stick with your plan then you can totally have a great meal, feel in control, and leave feeling very satisfied. They have amazing pre-made salads (watch those b/c they are loaded with dressing) sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, and of course, the make your own salad bar!!

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Good luck and happy "liking" and tweeting! Happy Holidays!!