Raw/plant based diet

I have been thinking a lot lately about going to a plant based diet. I have done my research and I think am ready to jump in with both feet. In the beginning I am going to aim for 60% raw. I am working on meal planning right now, but overall it seems pretty simple. And I LOVE fruits and veggies, nuts and beans, so I'm thinking that the transition should be pretty smooth. and then I come across this statistic.... Women, suggested daily maximum intake: 6 pounds (2.7 kg) of fruit 2.5 pounds (1.1 ... [More]

Discovering Human Synergy with Project Athena Part 1

I discovered Project Athena in the beginning of 2012. My Weight Watchers commercials were being shown on TV, I was being interviewed on the news, my life was just a little bit crazy and I was yearning for yet a new challenge. A Google search for "adventure racing" + "women" led me to Project Athena. As I read about their mission, and the story behind Project Athena, I knew that I had found my "go" and I decided to apply for an Athenaship. As I continued to look through the site I discovered the ... [More]

yurbuds for women

For as long as I have been working out/running, I have worn over the head headphones, circa 1980  I've tried different brands of earbuds but nothing ever worked for me. They fell out, and/or they were very uncomfortable.  I really think I have tried every brand that my local supercenter has for sale. I have dozens of earbuds laying around the house (I sense another decluttering project coming up!!) Recently I was contacted by yurbuds, maker of the sport earphones guaranteed never to h... [More]