The Gift of Fitness~A December Challenge

by jennifer1. December 2012 12:09
Wow, December 1st already. Where has this year gone?!?!? I know I have been insanely busy but it just seems like yesterday that I was curled up with my family watching Dick Clark's New Years Eve waiting for my Weight Watchers commercial to air nationally. Was that really almost one year ago? Throughout the course of this year, my personal fitness has changed. I added a LOT more strength training, and cut back on some of the cardio, involved my kids and husband a lot more and 2012 has really bee... [More]


13 in 2013

by jennifer30. November 2012 17:58
I love a good challenge, and this one seems as good as any!! 13 races in 2013!! Oh ya, I am all over that. And considering I've already signed up for 4 different races (or is it 5) in 2013, I'm nearly 1/2 way done...with signing up anyway. I still have to actually run them. Details: Run 13 registered virtual or real life races in 2013. The number of participants will not be limited. Prizes throughout the year. Hint: Some of my favorite running and fitness products! We have set up a ... [More]


Dirty Girls

by jennifer30. November 2012 15:34
Now i’ve lost my mind, yeah and i’ve lost control And i’ve lost the feeling in my arms, and i’m a lost soul Make the most of me baby don’t spit me out, This is how dirty girls get clean, Don’t leave me now, listen to her lust yeah, hear her disgrace Listen to the fragile things, as they all breakwatch from the comfort, The comfort of your home, through the eyes of sleep baby down down we go   That's right!! Down down down we go to the Little Everglade... [More]


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