It's a Sweet Tomatoes giveaway!

by jennifer3. December 2012 16:15
Losing 212 pounds was not easy, especially when you love to go out to eat!!  Sweet Tomatoes gave me all the control to still be able to go out  with the family AND stay on my healthy diet! Sure, they have plenty of unhealthy options, but if you PLAN and stick with your plan then you can totally have a great meal, feel in control, and leave feeling very satisfied. They have amazing pre-made salads (watch those b/c they are loaded with dressing) sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, and of cou... [More]

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The circus is coming to town!!

by jennifer3. December 2012 14:20
I grew up in Venice, FL. A tiny little town on the Gulf Coast of Florida which is known for its shark teeth AND as the former winter home of the Ringling Bros Circus. The circus was (and still is to some extent) a BIG part of Venice. When the circus would arrive "home" for the winter, they would close down "the circus bridge" and walk the animals from the train depot to their winter quarters. It was an amazing sight to behold. When James and I had children, we knew immediately that the circus wo... [More]


5 tips to avoid the Holiday bulge

by jennifer1. December 2012 22:50
    As a former fat girl, the time between Halloween-New Years Eve was like paradise for me. I ate unabated. The Halloween candy started arriving in the stores in early October, and that kept me going until Thanksgiving. Then I had pie, pie, pie, stuffing, stuffing, stuffing, refined carbs, refined carbs, refined carbs. Thanksgiving quickly morphed into Christmas which meant cookies, cakes, egg nog and so much more! I don’t think I need to tell anyone what is available during... [More]


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