Books like the Game of Thrones

by jennifer5. September 2017 09:14

I am suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal. How about you?? These books will help get you through the Long Winter. I've started on the Kingkiller Chronicles The Name of the Wind, and so far it's really good!! Which book will you read to help you make it to season 8??

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Weather Wonders-Weather Books for Kids

by jennifer29. August 2017 12:37
If your kids are anything like my kids, then they are fascinated by weather. As the Tampa Bay area is in the middle of hurricane season, and with Hurricane Harvey all the news, these books will help to keep your kids excited about the weather, even when it's not making headlines!  Clicking on the title of the book will take you to the library catalog so you can check to see if we have the book at your branch!  Weather Wonders ... [More]

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Ronin is 11!

by jennifer19. July 2017 21:32
Ronin, you are 11!! What a year this has been for you. You ran right through it!You placed in your age group for Gasparilla. You walked with me at The Dark Side 5K AND GOT TO MEET Boba Fett.    You loved our Spring Break vacation in Edisto Beach, SC!  And you graduated from the 5th grade!!  I have a feeling that Middle school is going to be great for you!! You're hoping to get into Band like your big sister, Haley. But you want to play the drums!! You love to read, a... [More]

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