What I'm Reading

I've been reading a lot and it's been GREAT!! I love a good story and I've got some fantastic ones for you this week!!

I read and totally loved The Martian by Andy Weir.

The story is simple: A manned mission to Mars, Ares 3, has to evacuate the red planet in a big hurry thanks to a dust-storm. Mark Watney, resident smart-ass, botanist and mechanical engineer, gets lost in the ensuing chaos. The rest of the crew makes the tough choice and leaves Mars without him. They think he is dead. Mark, left to fend for himself, deals with life on Mars with no obvious way to survive long enough for NASA to rescue him.

Watney is a Space MacGuyver. No joke.

And his sarcastic sense of humor had me laughing out loud in situations that were really quite dire.

The movie adaptation of The Martian comes out this fall and I'm so excited to see it!!


Okay, so what else have I been reading?

I've been reading Big Little Lies by one of my favorite authors Liane Moriatry.

I'm only 8 chapters in and she's doing one heck of a job setting up what I know will be a huge plot twist. She does a very good job with doing that. We're dealing with a murder, that much I know. And a bunch of Kindergarten moms ranging in age from 24-40. She's working on building character development so I'm learning all about what makes these women tick. Of course secrets are going to come out, and then the shocking truth will be revealed. 

The kids and I have also been reading Serafina and the Black Cloak. Actually Haley has already finished it.

The rest of us are about 50% finished with it. It's a quirky story about a girl who lives in the basement of the Biltmore Estate. Serafina finds out that she's not who she thought she was, and she is befriended by George Vanderbilt's nephew Braeden (who is a fictional character.)

It's an okay story. The middle part (which is where we are now) is really dragging on for me, but the kids don't seem to mind, so it's all good.


Have you read The Martian or have you seen the trailer for the movie? Check the trailer out below and let me know your thoughts!

Light St. Pete up Pink on October 3, 2015

As a member of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I have been invited to be a “Race Ambassador for the Cure” at  the upcoming Susan G. Komen 1 mile, 5k and 10k Glow run in St. Pete. This will be our third year participating in the Race for the Cure.

Finding a cure for Breast Cancer is a cause that is very close to my heart. 

My mom is now a 12 year survivor! 12 YEARS!!

The first year our family participated in this event was in 2013.

My mom was able to come along with us. 


But then she moved to North Carolina, and last year it was just Ronin and I.  My girls were in no mood to get up early and go running without their Nanny around.

Ronin and I joined up with fellow Tampa Bay Blogger and Breast Cancer advocate Steph Garcia from #TeamJudy and Orangespoken

This year my girls and my husband are not going to be able to talk their way out of the race because of an early start time. Why? Because this year the Race for the Cure is going to be an evening GLOW RUN!!


There will be 1 mile, 5k (walk or timed run) and 10k race options. All participants who register will receive a race number (with timing chip if you choose a timed run) and t-shirt. I signed myself up for the 5K (non-chip timed) event, and signed up everyone else for the chip timed 5K. Last year Ronin won for his age group, so he's really excited to see if he can keep his streak up. This will be one of his first races since coming off a broken leg earlier this year. 

You can find out more information about the race and register HERE.

We look forward to seeing you all out there on Saturday October 3rd as we light up St. Pete PINK!