What I'm Reading Wednesday

by jennifer5. August 2015 08:52
Books, books, books. I love books. What have I finished since last week and what am I reading now?? Well, I finished the audio version of Gone Girl and I LOVED IT!!It was so good. Much better than the movie and much better than the "book." As I mentioned last week I was listening to the audio version and it was very very good. The characters really came alive for me listening to the story. Amy is so totally nuts. N.U.T.S. and while the movie did get into the nutty behavior, the book does a muc... [More]

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Push Away the Screen: Haunted Asheville Vampire and Occult Tour

by jennifer2. August 2015 11:26
On an overcast Friday evening in July, my family had the opportunity to experience a little known side of Downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Their website described the tour as THE tour for intellectuals. During the 2 hour tour we were going to learn about the local vampire scene, tribal rites in Pritchard Park, dark spirits on Church Street, Native American mysticism, and much more. This tour includes late-night access to the Asheville Mystery Museum where you'll see artifacts ... [More]

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