Push Away the Screen: Summer Nights at Busch Gardens Tampa 2015

by jennifer29. June 2015 12:00

It's no secret that my family are huge fans of Busch Gardens Tampa. When we were recently invited to be VIP guests at the opening of 2015 Summer Nights we jumped at the chance to attend! Despite all our years attending events at Busch Gardens we'd actually never stayed long enough to see the fireworks, and I was super excited to see some great fireworks! And Kinetix, I thought that was a magnetic game that kids played. We were certainly in for a wonderful treat (no pun intended....)

 With our VIP pass we quickly hopped on our favorite rides: Cheetah Hunt and Montu, and before we knew it it was time for us to head over to the Sesame Pavilion for the VIP experience. All we knew was that there was going to be desserts!!

And desserts there were!

They had a chocolate bar where you could dip all kinds of fruit, pretzels, marshmallows, and more. They had unlimited dipping dots, eclairs, and so many tasty treats. The kids (and James) LOVED the dessert bar. I was very good, and only snacked on pretzels, not even chocolate covered pretzels, just pretzels. 

The trio also had the opportunity to meet some of the cast of Kinetix, and this is when I realized that it was REAL people, not the magnetic game I had imagined. Silly Jenny.

There was a GREAT pre-show where kids and adults were able to dance, and sing, and just have a good time! I know for sure that these two (and maybe their mama) danced the Cupid Shuffle and they LOVED it!!

 And then as the sun began to set, the show really got started and it was AMAZING!! Acrobatics like I have never seen before!

And the stunts were all performed to LIVE music. It was SO GOOD!!


There was a lot of cheering from the crowd, and I heard my trio say more than once "hey mama, DID YOU SEE THAT??"


And then the fireworks started and they were as amazing as I had hoped they'd be!

 I'm pretty sure you can tell by the look on their faces that they are in awe too! I took a short video and you can see for yourself what a great show Busch Gardens puts on!

 And then once the show and fireworks are over, Busch Gardens remains open until MIDNIGHT! And yes, we closed the park down!! My gang finished up the night by riding Shiekra, Falcons Fury, Scorpion, Sand Storm, and the Phoenix. We had a GREAT night!!

Busch Gardens is open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays throughout Summer Nights beginning June 27 through August 16. Plus, the fan-favorite, award-winning Kinetix show returns to Summer Nights with nightly performances of its rock-fueled blast of music and acrobatics. This thrilling performance pumps up the crowd every night in Gwazi Park at 9 p.m. Experience the amazing fireworks finale right after the Kinetix show. The best views are on Gwazi field, but the fireworks are visible from all over the park. And this is all included with your daily park admission (or season pass if you opt to go that route, which really, if you live in Tampa, you should!!)

Have you ever been to Summer Nights at Busch Gardens??

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