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28. April 2015 07:03
by jennifer

Florida SSYRA Battle of the Books 2015-2016

28. April 2015 07:03 by jennifer | 0 Comments

This school year my daughter read the 15 SSYRA books for grades 3-5 in just about 5 weeks. I wrote a post on tips on how to raise a reader and you can read it HERE

She was the first one in her SCHOOL to finish all of the books. She was the ONLY reader in her class to attend every party that was held in the school media center celebrating students who had read XYZ number of books by a given date. Once she finished the grades 3-5 list, she began a few on the grades 6-8 list. But she got bored quickly because she wasn't reading them for a "prize" and so she wanted to read books of her own choosing instead. No problem with me. As long as she's reading, I'm happy. Laughing

I was super excited to see the 2015-2016 list announced this week! You can see the official announcement below!

I've already gone ahead and reserved all of the books through our county library system, and I expect that they will begin to arrive shortly!! The titles this year all look really good and I think Haley will really enjoy them.

Grades 3-5 were also released. Ella and Ronin aren't as much into reading as Haley, but I've put a handful of these on reserve with the hope that they'll want to read a few. They did get jealous that Haley was attending the reading parties while they had to stay in class. 


 So there you have it, ALL the books for the 2015-2016 school year. 


2015-16 Sunshine State Young Readers Award Finalists

Grades 3-5

Athlete vs. Mathlete W.C. Mack

Blast Off! Nate Ball

Eight Keys Suzanne LaFleur

Fortunately, the Milk Neil Gaiman

The Fourteenth Goldfish Jennifer Holm

Freaky Fast Frankie Joe Lutricia Clifton

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom Christopher Healy

The Hypnotists Gordon Korman

Kizzy Ann Stamps Jeri Watts

Nerd Camp Elissa Brent Weissman

Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen Donna Gephart

Pie Sarah Weeks

A Snicker of Magic Natalie Lloyd

Three Times Lucky Sheila Turnage White

Fur Flying Patricia MacLachlan


2015-16 Sunshine State Young Readers Award Finalists

Grades 6-8

Counting by 7s Holly Goldberg Sloan

The Eighth Day Dianne K. Salerni

Eye of the Storm Kate Messner

Jack Strong Takes a Stand Tommy Greenwald

Jungle of Bones Ben Mikaelsen

The Night Gardener Jonathan Auxier

Project Jackalope Emily Ecton

The Secret of Rover Rachel Wildavsky

Seeing Red Kathryn Erskine Skink

No Surrender Carl Hiaasen

Stung Bethany Wiggins

Tesla’s Attic Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman

The Testing Joelle Charbonneau

This Journal Belongs to Ratchet Nancy J. Cavanaugh

Twerp Mark Goldblatt



Do your kids like to read??

27. April 2015 09:49
by jennifer

Adult audiobooks that make any trip better!

27. April 2015 09:49 by jennifer | 1 Comments

Summer vacation is almost upon us, and for many that means the inevitable road trip. With the right narrator, listening to a great audiobook can mentally transport you just as effectively as reading an incredible novel. Whether you’re traveling solo or going as a group, the following audiobooks will ensure that you don’t drive directly to crazy. These are ADULT audiobooks. I'll have a list for kids up soon!!   Audiobooks That Make Any Road Trip Better   Bossypants Written ... [More]

24. April 2015 08:55
by jennifer

When the "After" Becomes the "Before" and it's okay

24. April 2015 08:55 by jennifer | 7 Comments

In 2008 I started what I thought would be my last attempt at losing weight. I did it. I lost over 200 pounds.  I reached my goal weight in June 2011. 157 pounds. But I'm not smiling in this photo. I had to go back through the comments I wrote about this photo on Facebook: "I Still have some tweaking and toning to do." Why couldn't I have been happy with how far I had come? I started off here, give or take a few pounds.  And now I feel like I am back there again.  Maybe not quit... [More]