Nutrition Seminar with Christmas Abbott

On Sunday this happened.

Yes, that's me with Christmas Abbott.

We spent nearly 6 hours together where she introduced me the way that SHE eats.

And I figure, if it works for her, and she looks like this, then why the heck not give it a try and see if it works for me.

I mean really, I don't have anything to lose except FAT so why the heck not give it a try.

It's not everyday that you get one on one nutrition advice from one of the best CrossFit athletes in the world.

She asked us right in the beginning of the seminar to not video or audio record the seminar. This means that you’ll just have to go and see for yourself what she has to say. You can sign up HERE.

She did drop quite a few words of wisdom on us, though.

1. "EAT ALL THE LETTUCE. Lettuce is like negative calories, so eat that shit up." Wink Got it, check. Consider it done.

2. Drinking juice might as well be like taking crack. It hits your bloodstream FAST, so just don't do it!

3. PRE-PLAN your cheat meal(s).  My sweet girl Christmas told me that for the next few weeks I can have only ONE cheat snack (not even a meal...a SNACK) and that it needs to be pre-planned and purpose-full. I LOVE that idea. Normally I just wing my "cheat" meals but lately they have been coming with more and more frequency.

I left that nutrition seminar with a meal plan, and a full promise of accountability from Christmas. She's responded to a few questions I've had, and after having a pretty hangry day yesterday, I'm feeling much better today (which is day 3 of the new "diet.")

I tell ya, there is just something about having someone that you look up to (well I'm taller than her, so technically she looks up to me) give you some hard love and just lay it out there. YOU TRAIN SO HARD IN THE GYM, WHY RUIN IT IN THE KITCHEN?? And it's not even that I'm ruining it in the kitchen persay....

She took one look at me and said "you don't eat breakfast do you?" Guilty. Back in "the day" when I worked full-time I DID eat breakfast. If I didn't eat breakfast I wouldn't have the opportunity to eat again for HOURS. She asked me lots of personal questions and basically tweaked my diet where it needed tweaking.

I'm feeling confident that I can make this work. I want to live a relentless life!! It's time to get out of my own way and see what I am capable of doing!

And I'm looking forward to FroYo Friday.


Trying to get in the zone August 31-September 6

Okay, 3rd week of school is done. We've celebrated Labor Day. Things should start to get back to normal, right?


That's what I keep telling myself.

But it's not happening just yet.

I have had constant meetings, appointments, laundry, and STUFF preventing me from getting back in the zone.

Thankfully I have my one constant...CROSSFIT!!!

Sunday-REST DAY. Again, also known as mow the lawn day!

I mowed earlier in the day and it was much more pleasant than mowing at 2pm. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing additional chores, and FINALLY got my Staghorn Fern mounted on the large pieces that I had cut from my Oak Tree. It gives me a little bit of comfort to know that even though my beautiful oak is dead and gone, that it is helping to provide my beautiful birthday ferns with a home.

I love my ferns. My dad gave me the one on the left for my 40th birthday. It was just a tiny clipping 3 years ago. The one on the right my husband gave to me about 5 years ago. It was mounted on our tree and was growing very very slowly. It's really taken off recently.

Steps: 22,168

Calories: 922

Monday-CrossFit! Happy Labor Day!! We had a partner WOD at CrossFit En Fuego and we divided up into groups of 4. At one time there was always a group of 2 running with a med ball. But I don't run, so I rowed with a weighted vest. It actually worked out well because we had a group of 5, so I would row while 2 were running, and 2 were working on the other movements. It made me feel like I wasn't holding anyone back from their WOD because of my injury.

It was a 35 minute AMRAP. I'm pretty sure I rowed a total of 6 times, so likely we completed 6 rounds in the 35 minutes. It was a good WOD.

The kids and I then spent the afternoon with some of our CrossFit friends at a pool party! Check out the air Ronin is getting in that throw!

My Yuba Bike was also a huge hit.  CrossFitters race around The Loop!!

It was a very nice, relaxing day spent in good company, with good food.

Steps: 10,683

Calories: 505


Tuesday-CrossFit!! Monday would have normally been our squat day but because of the Holiday we did it on Tuesday instead!

That was the longest 8 minutes of my life! Tongue Out I made it to 21. I was on 18 stepups when time was called, but I wanted to complete the entire round so my time technically was 8:08. I liked that time. It's my birthday!! 8-08-71 Cool

After the WOD we walked a 2 mile shakeout. It was a great day for working out!!



Wednesday-CROSSFIT!! Such a busy day! First I did my WOD!


And what a WOD it was!! Awesome. But I had to hustle out of the box because I had an IEP meeting for my son. My apologies to anyone that I met with that morning. I'm sure I was just a wreck. Tongue Out

I made it back home, got dinner going, picked up the kids, fed the kids, then took kids back to CrossFit for their WOD.


Ronin FINALLY made it over the big wall all on his own! Go RONIN!!

And then I drove kids back home, and Ronin and I went to CubScouts where he was awarded as top popcorn seller for his den!

I'll be honest, at first I was like "ugh a fundraiser." But once I heard that 70% of the cost of the product goes directly back to the Pack/Den, I was all over selling that stuff!!

In fact, if YOU would like to order popcorn from Ronin and help to contribute to his continued growth and success as a CubScout click HERE

Steps: 11,277

Calories: 555


Thursday-CROSSFIT. Really no surprise there, right? Tongue Out And sticking with the pattern, Thursday was squat day.

This ended up being a WOD that I had to modify because I can't run, and I can't jump. So I rowed, and I did slam balls. It worked out just fine :)

I also went back to the chiropractor for additional ART therapy on my plantar fasciitis. I must hurts, but IT'S WORKING!!! My foot is feeling much much better!!

Didn't really do much else besides playing with the dog and the kids. Ella has a LOT of homework this year, so we've been working hard on studying, getting her all prepared for her tests. She wants to be the smartest students in her class, so I'm doing my best to help her.

Steps: 12,200

Calories: 434

Friday-CROSSFIT!! Sensing a pattern here? I'm not really taking many rest days am I?? Again, exercise is keeping me SANE right now, so I foresee very little rest days in my future.

Since I had been every day this week I had no WOD to "make-up" so I chose a nice long HERO WOD to do...."Don."

U.S. Marine Corporal Donald M. Marler, 22, of St. Louis, Missouri, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Pendleton, California, died on June 6, 2010 while supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his mother Susan, his father David Sr., his sister Jennifer Pupillo, and his brothers David Jr. and Jacob.


For time:
66 Deadlifts, 110 pounds (scaled to 75 pounds)
66 Box jump, 24 inch box (scaled to 14 inch)
66 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood (scaled to 30 pounds)
66 Knees to elbows
66 Sit-ups
66 Pull-ups (scaled to ring rows)
66 Thrusters, 55 pounds (scaled to 35 pounds)
66 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball (scaled to 10 pouns)
66 Burpees
66 Double-unders (scaled to slam balls since I can't jump)

I was being teased that I had set up an office at the box.

It was a GREAT WOD!! It took me nearly 54 minutes to complete. I broke it up into 6 rounds.  It was tough. But I did it.

And then I went and got my hair done.

And then I picked the kids up from school and we went with our new friends for Frozen Yogurt and then spent nearly 2 hours with the same friends playing at the park. It was a GREAT DAY!!

Steps: 11,305

Calories: 818


Saturday-You guessed it CROSSFIT!!

For the first time EVER I actually worked out WITH Ronin. I saw the WOD written on the white board and I KNEW that he could do all the movements since he's been working a lot with kettlebells in his CrossFit Kids class. We asked the coach if it was okay that he worked out with the adults and she said as long as I was okay with it since she knew that was typically MY time, and I said I was excited by the possibility so off we went to WOD together!


The WOD called for 20 rounds total, so 10 each. After 1 round Ronin was toast. Tongue Out Not really sure how or why, but all he wanted to do was run. And since I can't run, we made a compromise. He did all the running and I did all the swinging. So we did 12 rounds total.

And it was fine.

Then I came home and mowed the lawn. Why on Saturday?

Because tomorrow I am hanging out with Christmas Abbott.

Steps: 17,000

Calories: 864

And with week is OVER!

Dive into your Enell with Scuba Blue

Disclosure: I received a beautiful racing shirt, racing jacket, hat, and Enell Sports Bra as part of my affiliation as Ambassador for Enell Sports Bras. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

I was so happy to hear that Enell Sports Bras was going to be introducing a new color to their already fantastic line-up!

SCUBA BLUE!! And you know that this former marine biologist (but always a marine biologist at heart) was excited to dive right in. Wink

My package arrived TODAY and the color is even more beautiful than I expected!

It is the color of the most amazing water that I can imagine in my dreams. The type of water that I want to live on for the rest of my life. It's so calming, so serene. I'm almost afraid to sweat in it. Almost.

Between my WOD's at CrossFit En Fuego and my upcoming training for my next half marathon, this scuba blue Enell bra is going be well used!

This color is available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!! You can find a list of online and brick-and-mortar retailers that have ordered stock of Scuba Blue at the Enell Blog.  Supplies of this new color will go fast and once they sell out, they sell out permanently!!

So tell me...what do you think of the new color??