Autism and Spatial Intelligence

by jennifer18. September 2014 13:40

Does anyone have a special needs child that has gone through neurocognitive testing? My 8yo autistic son is going through some "stuff" right now, and it's just nice to know that I might not be alone.

Yesterday he took a standardized math test that they expected the 3rd graders to fail because it's stuff that they haven't EVER been taught. Well...ONE kid passed, and passed with a high score, and finished in 20 minutes while the rest of the kids took 45 minutes.

Yup, MY kid. The kid that can't get himself dressed properly, that can't hold a pencil or hardly write (he can, it's just LABORIOUS) And while he HATES to read, he also scored at the end of the 3rd grade year in reading, which puts him ahead in that area as well. Not leaps and bounds like in math, but still ahead.

It just so happened that I had scheduled his normal psych appt for TODAY and the doctor wants him tested for Neurocognitive IQ/Achievement. He also recommends an additional behavior specialist through school for extra help and wants him evaluated for occupational therapy for assistance in handwriting skills.

He said if it wasn't for the fact that the boy is just a natural athlete he might think he also had Developmental Coordination Disorder.

But he really thinks his Spatial Intelligence is off the charts.

Honestly this might explain A LOT about Ronin. He LOVES school. LOVES it. Ronin has "atypical autism" he is SUPER friendly, LOVES (most) people, and is a social butterfly. But he LOVES maps. He needs to know WHERE he is AT ALL TIMES.

So we're in this wait and see mode, and I'm just sort of trying to wrap MY head around what all this means for him, and for our family. I'm honestly concerned about the Neurocognitive testing because of the time required to "just sit" as that is an area that Ronin really struggles with.

This is a really interesting article on Aspergers and Spatial Intelligence. And while Ronin doesn't have Aspergers I still found the article interesting. Do I have too much testosterone and passed it on to Ronin?? But I need to do more research.

So...tell me I'm not alone. Have some of you been through this?? Something like this??

And...he's still non-medicated and the doctor wants to keep him that way!



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