BreathSlim Deep Breathing Exercises for Sleep Stress Relaxation & Weight Loss

In mid June I received the Breathslim Health and Wellness Respiratory Trainer.  I was very curious about this product. I train my muscles, including my heart, but was I properly training my lungs? Was I breathing properly? Was there room for improvement for me to expand my lung capacity?

Living a clean and natural lifestyle is of utmost importance to my family, and breathslim is drug free and is totally BPA Free. In fact breathslim uses only 2 things to work: air and water.

The BreathSlim device is used for 10 to 20 minutes and it increases the capacity of your lungs to bring more oxygen to the body and in turn burning more fat.

I have been using the BreathSlim for thee weeks now and I really enjoy it.  I use it in the evening because it helps me to relax.   It is almost like a form of meditation.  It forces me to sit and relax and JUST BREATH! 

Here is some additional information about the breathslim trainer:


  • Using the Breathslim respiratory trainer is akin to using hand weights at the gym. The lungs are a muscle that is responsible for the performance of the entire body by supplyingit with oxygen. Stronger lungs, more oxygen, infinite health benefits!

  • Most people breathe improperly, intaking only 5% of the total inhalation. Breathing exercises double oxygen intake through deep abdominal breathing.

  • Shallow breathing contributes to weight gain; stress;fatigue, insomnia, and other sleep problems; breathing disorders; and joint problems, poor blood, and lymph circulation.

  • Did you know CO2  (carbon dioxide)plays a profound role in cellular respiration? Well, it does - and Breathslim helps raise carbon dioxide to healthy levels, too.

  • Breathslim has been clinically tested in a double blind study at USC and yielded fantastic results.

  • Breathslim is a great tool for many different people.It is even gentle enough for pregnant women and seniors (please ALWAYS consult with your physician.) Breathslim is completely drug and chemical free (especially no BPA!), and causes no negative side effects or allergies.

  • Breathslim is proudly made in the United States


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In the short time I've been using the product, I have been sleeping better. I haven't noticed any significant improvements in the gym, but those might be further down the road.

Have you ever used a respiratory trainer?