Thermo Heat: The HOT Way to Accelerate Fat Loss

Disclaimer: The following post is sponsored by FitFluential, LLC on behalf of Thermo Heat.

It's no secret that I love spicy food. It's also no secret that I am constantly in a battle of the bulge. Undecided While I'm not concerned by the number on the scale, I am on a mission to become stronger, faster, and to have my clothing fit a little bit better.

But what do spicy food and the battle of the bulge have in common?


The science behind Thermo Heat is difficult for me to explain, but you can read about it all here. But what I do know is that Thermo Heat contains Capsaicin, and Capsaicin is a chemical found in red chili pepper used to make paprika, which is a spice used in chili and Mexican food. It reduces appetite and calorie intake and helps promote weight loss by releasing serotonin, a hunger-suppressing hormone, in the gut. #WINNING

I've been taking Thermo Heat for about a week. I followed the dosing exactly as prescribed, 2 tablets in the morning with a big glass of water. Immediatly upon taking it I did notice my gut "warming up." It wasn't heartburn, it was just a warm feeling.

Reading a review online someone else had experienced the warm feeling as well. But they also wrote about a racing heart rate. I can honestly tell you that I did not experience that side-effect at all. In fact, I can prove it because I wear a Polar Heart Rate Monitor and my HR data did not show any irregular heart rate spikes at all during this past week.

I've also been working hard on trying to reign in my evening snacking, and I've been doing a great job! I honestly believe that taking Thermo Heat is helping me with controlling my somewhat uncontrollable evening munchies.

Per the instructions on the bottle I just started today (after taking it for a week) with taking 2 tabs in the morning, and 2 tabs in the afternoon. I am curious to see if it helps to further curb my appetite. I don't want it to curb it too much because I do need to properly fuel my workouts, I just don't need to fuel them at 10pm with Goldfish cheddar snack crackers. Tongue Out

This won't be a product that I take long term, however. I firmly believe that I need to be the one to get my eating habits under control, and this product is helping me to get back on track and is reminding me that I need to listen to my body, and fuel it with the foods that helps it to perform at its best.


Capsaicin is a chemical found in red chili pepper used to make paprika, which is a spice used in chili and Mexican food. It reduces appetite and calorie intake and helps promote weight loss by releasing serotonin, a hunger-suppressing hormone, in the gut - See more at:
Capsaicin is a chemical found in red chili pepper used to make paprika, which is a spice used in chili and Mexican food. It reduces appetite and calorie intake and helps promote weight loss by releasing serotonin, a hunger-suppressing hormone, in the gut - See more at:

Push Away the Screen: Top 5 tips to making a color run more fun-Color Me Rad Tampa 2014

Disclaimer: Color Me Rad provided me and the #TampaTrio registrations to the event. 

The kids and I have done quite a few color themed runs together. They are super fun and such a great way to be active together and #pushawaythescreen.

Having done as many races as we have we've learned a few things along the way, and I'm here today to share our top 5 tips to having FUN with kids while participating in a color run!

    • BE SILLY!

My kids love to be silly and aren't afraid to get out there and shake their groove thing!! Ronin is on stage showing off his best dance moves, while Ella is on stage with the hulu-hoop. Haley is in the front of the stage cheering them on. Just chill out and let the kids be kids. If you arrive early enough you won't be stressed out by time constraints.

  • ARRIVE EARLY for the pre-party!! Your kids will love the opportunity to get colorful before the race even starts!!

  • PROTECTIVE GEAR!! If you think that the color might bother your little runner's then by all means let them wear protective gear! We do goggles or sunglasses to protect the eyes, and bandanas to help prevent them from ingesting too much color.

  • LET THE KIDS SET THE PACE!! You know your kids, and you know what they are capable of. This is NOT the race (in my honest opinion) to go out and set a PR. This is a race to go out and HAVE fun. Let the kids decide when and how fast they will run. Maybe they won't want to run at all. Be okay with that. Maybe they'll want to run and you don't, that's okay too! Just have the discussion in advance, set up a plan, and chill out! My girls wanted to walk, my son wanted to run. Fine with me. We set up a plan. Ronin would wait for me at each color station, we'd get colorful together, and then he'd go off on his own, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

  • COLOR!! Let the kids decide how much color they want!! Seriously, it's just color. It will wash out (eventually!!) Just brush them off with a towel before they get in the car, and shower when they get home! NO BIG DEAL!



There is seriously NOTHING BETTER than watching your kids be active and HAVING FUN while doing it. The smiles on their faces makes it all worth it.

Have you done a color themed run with your kids? Any tips to making it MORE fun??

Push Away the Screen: Geocaching with the #TampaTrio

Our family has been active geocachers since 2012. We love it!! Sometimes we find the cache, sometimes we don't but regardless we ALWAYS have fun!

But what exactly is geocaching? From

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

In the past I've always used the FREE app, but this summer the #TampaTrio and I have decided that we want to geocache at least once a week, so I upgraded to the Premier membership.  Premium Member Only caches are exclusively placed by Geocaching Premium Members and are only visible on our apps and website to Geocaching Premium Members. This makes you a VIP in the caching world. Geocaching Premium Members experience geocaching at its fullest and finest, with access to thousands of additional caches on

I don't know if it was upgrading my membership, or my amazing Windows Phone, but when we went caching on Friday a whole new world opened for us!

We went out for lunch and chatted about where we wanted to go caching. We all decided on Lake Park because we had to be down in that area for our produce co-op.

Pulling up the caches showed me that there were a LOT to be found!

We drove down to the park, and quickly noticed that there was one right across the street from the parking lot!

We quickly found that one, and then headed down the road to locate another one. I should have realized that something might be amiss when the road was covered in water, but we went for it anyway. And....the location was covered with water, so cache #2 was a bust.

We walked back to the car, and pulled up the app again! There promised to be a cache near the archery field so we headed off that way.

We parked got out of the car, and started hunting. Only to have 2 archers show up, so we decided to call it quits b/c the cache said it was located near the archery stuff, and no way was I taking any chances with Ronin.

Looking back at the app we saw that there was a cache about 1/2 mile from the first parking lot, so we decided to go for that one! It was called "Owls Roost" and it looked to be easily accessible off a dirt trail, so off we went!

Along the path, the Tampa Trio had fun practicing some of their CrossFit skills. Ronin did some hanging knee raises and Ella worked on her kipping and got a toes to bar!


It was a nice hike. When we arrived at the location, there had recently been a prescribed burn, so the woods were all charred.

It took us a L.O.N.G. time to find this cache. I walked away, giving up in defeat, and then looked down at my kids, and said, OK, WE ARE GIVING THIS ONE LAST TRY!! I was really thinking that perhaps the cache got burnt up in the fire, but we had to give it one last go. And you know what??


We signed the log book, added a trinket (a video game token) and put the cache back where we found it! Success!

Nothing quite like a happy #TampaTrio.

But we weren't done yet. But before we could continue searching we had to go pick up our produce and go to Sam's Club. With our car full of groceries, we knew we'd have to make the last cache a FAST one. This cache promised NO bushwacking, and we figured it'd be an easy in, easy out.

And it was!!

Again, we signed the log book, and left a video game token (that's what we always leave!!)

It was a great day!

A quick search of caches near our home yielded this information!

WOW!! Lots of great treasure to be found!!

Have you ever gone geocaching?