The Artificial Leaf is a very feasible solution to energy independance and global warming.

Hi, this is James again.

I decided to do one additional post that I think is extremely important. Help me save the world by reading and sharing my post. I promise, I won't let you down. 

The article below will explain a revolutionary invention called the Artificial Leaf which mimics Photosynthesis. The invention in question is very similar to a solar panel except it produces hydrogen, in an incredibly efficient way, instead of electricity. To use it, you submerge the artificial leaf in plain water and it will begin to emit massive amounts of hydrogen when light is shined on it.

Why is this such a big deal?

Because you can take that cheaply produced Hydrogen and combine it with Carbon Monoxide to easily and cheaply synthesize hydrocarbon fuels like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and kerosene. The synthesized fuel could be produced for pennies and will burn much cleaner than fossil fuels as it will be totally free of impurities.

Using this strategy you won't need to buy a new car. You can fill up at the gas station just as you do today. Nothing in our society would have to be radically re-engineered to make this work. In addition, it's a carbon neutral approach that won't contribute to Global Warming.

If you extract the carbon from sea water, or the air, it then becomes a carbon negative process. This means this invention can be used to reverse global warming and not just stop its acceleration. Humans can gain control of the Earth's Thermostat by using this technology.

Please help me spread the word and share this article with your friends and family. Write your local congressman about the technology. Write the president, I did. If we can teach and inform our leaders then we can make this world a much better place on so many different levels.



Supporting Articles:

This is another story that should show clear proof that synthesizing hydro-carbon fuels is very real, very easy, and very possible. The navy is already doing it on a couple of aircraft carriers. It is currently cost prohibitive because of all the electricity needed to produce the Hydrogen. If you use the artificial leaf then electricity is not needed, 95% of the cost immediately goes away.


Tell the White House to get informed about the Artificial Leaf

Push Away the Screen with Girl Scouts and the 2nd annual Thin Mint Sprint and Tagalong Trot

My daughter's are active in Girl Scouts, and for their 3rd consecutive year they will be attending a week long residential summer camp program!!

They'll be at Camp Scoutcrest which is located on beautiful Crescent Lake in Odessa, just 24 miles from Tampa. Core programs include sailing, canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing, tubing and wake boarding. Certified lifeguards and instructors ensure safety on the lake, while counselors provide creative encouragement and excitement on land. 

All campers can play on the lake bouncer with its inflatable slide and log; go for a daily swim; and choose electives such as numerous lake activities (e.g. tubing, sailing, kayaking), fishing, outdoor cooking, creative arts and archery. What’s more, all campers will enjoy all-camp evening programs and on the last night of their session, they will launch wish boats during a very special closing campfire ceremony.

But within their core program they have both chosen a unique STEM class: Engineers to the Rescue, where Survival skills meet science as you build and design water filters, wind-powered cranks, a message-carrying car, and safe shelter after an earthquake strikes Camp Scoutcrest. How will you get out of this predicament? By working with your team and applying problem-solving and engineering design know-how!

Sounds awesome, right?? We love Girl Scouts!!

On September 27th you can join me, my daughter's and at least 1,000 other runners/walkers in beautiful Safety Harbor for the 2nd annual Thin Mint Sprint and Tagalong Trot.

We did the race last year and LOVED it!!

And YES....they serve Girl Scout cookies after the race? Notice the chocolate on Ella's face? Wink

If you are thinking about doing it you'll want to sign up SOON because it did sell out last year, so don't delay!

GO HERE to register and learn more information about the race. Can't make the race? It's okay! There is a VIRTUAL race option!!

We hope to see you out there!!


I have an entry to giveaway and you can enter HERE

Using Bloodroot to remove precancerous skin cancer

I am a Florida girl. I spend A LOT of time in the sun. Some people (my husband, my mom, my sister) would probably say TOO much time in the sun, but I can't help it. It recharges me. I feel my best when I've got a nice tan, and enjoy feeling the sun's rays on my skin.

In 2000 I had a pretty big skin cancer removed from my upper left thigh. It left a pretty nasty scar. But even that hasn't prevented me from going in the sun.

In early May I was putting my nightly moisturizer on my face and was rubbing it in near my temple. That's when I felt something raised that I hadn't felt before. I had my husband take a peek at it, and he said it looked like a precancerous mole. It was raised, irregular in shape, and about the size of a pencil eraser.

I told him I'd make a call to the dermatologist and get it looked it and that's when he mentioned that he had some Bloodroot with Zinc Oxide and did I trust him? this a trick question? Of course I trust him. But what did bloodroot have to do with my new mole?

Bloodroot is a plant. People use the underground stem (rhizome) to make medicine. James used it to treat a "tumor" that he had growing on the top of his head. It was a pretty deep, gnarly looking mess during his treatment. But it went away.

But did I trust him to allow him to apply it to my FACE? I figured it was worth a shot. If I went to the doctor they'd likely remove it and leave a scar, so why not try a homeopathic treatment and stay in the comfort of my own home? So that's what I did.

The bloodroot James ordered gave premade as a salve. Dr. Andrew Weil, a renowned naturopathic physician, recommends the application of bloodroot-based pastes to eliminate skin tags. According to Dr. Weil, these "caustic products trigger inflammation at the base of the skin tag. The tag then turns white due to loss of circulation, then falls off. Weil reports that this procedure usually causes minimal scarring and no damage to surrounding tissue. Nevertheless, the use of any herbal salve is controversial within mainstream medical circles."

James applied the bloodroot paste directly to my mole. He then covered the area with a bandage, and  had me change the bandage a few times each day. Each time you change the bandage, you should wash the area with hydrogen peroxide and then re-apply the bloodroot paste. James had me do this treatment for a maximum of three days to prevent serious side effects. The zinc oxide is very caustic and can cause serious burns to the skin, so you MUST be careful, but it's also key to the removal. You need both the bloodroot and the zinc oxide for the treatment to be the most effective.

3 days after the treatment I had him snap a photo because I couldn't see what it looked like in the mirror. I was horrified at what I saw. But he assured me that this was normal, and that I should keep it moist with Vitamin E oil at ALL times, and also keep it covered. He wanted me to keep a scab from forming and the the Vitamin E oil would help with that.

Fast forward to today. My mole is GONE. I had no scarring. I had NO PAIN during the treatment. It was easy, and done in the comfort of my own home.

Here's a before/after pic to show you what it looked like during treatment, and what it looks like today!

I am VERY HAPPY with the results.

Would I do it again? YES. But let me caution you. THIS IS DANGEROUS. You would NEVER want to do this on your nose, or your ears, or any other area of your body that contains cartilage. There have been numerous reports of severe scarring and burns from the use of cancer salves.

I am not a physician. My husband is not a physician. But we are researchers, and we thought that this was the best course of action for this mole, at this time. It's a case by case basis. If you decide to remove one of your moles using bloodroot, do YOUR research to determine if it's the best treatment for YOU. Seek expert evaluation if you are uncertain about the nature of your skin problems.

Have you ever used a homeopathic treatment? Did it work?