McDonald's, Mamavation, and the Twitter Fiasco

Anyone that knew me in my "before" life knew me as a woman who LOVED McDonald's. Seriously. I had an addiction to McDonald's. Namely their Double Cheeseburgers. I can still close my eyes and imagine what they taste like. My mouth immediately begins to salivate.

I shared my story with processed food addiction with the Huff Post.

But it wasn't McDonald's that caused me to be morbidly obese. It was ME. I was the one driving my car to McDonald's. I was the one asking my husband to stop and pick up something to eat. Me. All Me. I harbor no ill will towards McDonald's. It's not anyone's job but MINE to teach MY children how and what to eat. And I do take them to McDonald's on occasion. And I'll eat there too. Their Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad is amazing.

I am part of a large network of bloggers called Mamavation. Mamavation is "a community that supports one another as we each journey through the path to better health" and it's an amazing group of moms. They are social advocates for change; non-GMO foods, non-processed foods, etc., all areas that I 100% support and believe in.

However, something happened today that has made me sit back and scratch my head a little bit.

I came across this screen shot on my Facebook page this afternoon. Immediately I was so confused. It was SO OBVIOUS to me that this tweet was not meant to come from McDonald's. I did a little digging and found out that Lizzie_McD, the lead Tweeter (is that a word??) for McDonald's had ACCIDENTALLY replied to a Mamavation/ShiftCon blogger using the official McDonald's Twitter account rather than her personal account.

It was also quite obvious to me based on this ONE Tweet that these two women have a history. What that history is I have no idea. Nor do I really care to know.

Immediately upon discovering her mistake, Lizzie deleted the Tweet and apologized for her mistake.

In my very honest opinion that should have been the end of it.

But it wasn't.

Mamavation decided to use this mistake to further their own agenda against McDonald's. And I have a problem with that. What happened to the SUPPORT that they claim?? Does it only extend to their members and those that AGREE with them?? So 5 years and 200 pounds ago I wouldn't have been welcome?

I fully support that Mamavation wants to educate mom's about the ingredients that are found in the foods that we feed our family, including those ingredients found in McDonald's food.

But to know that a woman, a MOM, made a MISTAKE and then to bash her, to call for her firing, to find joy in someone's misery, I have to draw the line.

I am all for living a healthy lifestyle, but I am also for EMPOWERING WOMEN, to LIFT THEM UP, to help them to BE BETTER MOMS.

Was Lizzie's tweet rude? Yes, no doubt about it. But there is obviously something personal going on between Casey and Lizzie. And I firmly believe that it needs to be handled between those two women.

I'm still trying to figure out how Lizzie's rude tweet demonstrates McDonald's marketing tactics. I'm just confused.

And I'm sad for both Lizzie and Casey. Both of them are mothers and I'm sure both of them are trying to do the best that they can to provide for their children.

So as we lead up to Mother's Day weekend, I ask you to be a little nicer to the other women in your life. We are all trying to do the best that we can.


Weekly Workouts April 27-May 3

This week was a pretty great week in workouts!! For the most part my schedule has returned to normal. Whatever normal is. Tongue Out I'm also participating in the May Fitness Challenge hosted by my friend Jen K over at JVKom Chronicles. You can follow along using the hashtag #20X31

Sunday-Rest Day! I have NO IDEA what we did. I'm sure we did something, though. I just don't know what it was! Surprised

Total Steps: 11,379

Monday-CrossFit. Week 2 Day 3 of our 12 week squat program. We did back squats at 83% of our one rep max. Then a nice quick WOD consisting of 3 4 minute workouts. In the first four minutes, I sprinted 2 minutes on the air dyne and then spent the remaining 2 minutes doing situps, and we repeated this 3 times, but the second movement changed for each round. So first was max rep situps, second was max rep burpees, and third was max rep single jumps.

Afterwards, I'm sure I walked a mile with my workout girls. I just honestly can't remember!

Calories: 723

Total Steps: 23,351

Tuesday-CrossFit No idea what we did. None. Gosh, I hate that!! But I'm sure it was fun, I'm sure I sweated a ton, and I probably walked afterwards!

Calories: 497

Steps: 16,824

Wednesday-CrossFit. Um.....sensing a pattern here. No clue what went on.

Calories: 782

Steps: 16,427

Thursday-Rest Day! Spent the day volunteering at my kids school. It was a nice day, but it totally reminded me why I got out of the school system.

Total Steps: 13,536

Friday-CrossFit Today was make-up day. I did week 2 day 4 of our squat program which was front squats. And after those squats it was Coach Jen's BIRTHDAY WOD MAKE-UP!!

We had to pick the same weight for the power snatches as the power cleans. Therefore, I went with a light 35# because I'm still hammering out technique on the snatch. I flew through the power cleans since I normally do 65 pounds. I finished the WOD in 11:01. It was POURING rain, so no post-WOD walk, but I did do a quick 500m row.

Calories: 712

Total Steps: 14,617

Saturday-Rest Day!!  Just hung around the house, washed the dog and gave him a haircut, did some chores. Nothing exciting. It was pouring rain!

Total Steps: 17,941

Overall it was a good week. I'm planning on working on increasing my step count this week. It was lower this week because of two rainy days.

I've also really been hammering at my diet. Eating much cleaner, and avoiding TV snacking.

How was your week in activity and diet??