Southern Exposure Recap #Southern Exposure

by jennifer5. March 2014 13:15
Last Saturday I had the most amazing opportunity! I was invited to attend the Southeast Produce Council's annual expo, #SouthernExposure held in Orlando, Florida. The Southeast Produce Council is an organization dedicated to supporting farmers and to promote fresh fruits and veggies from the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. organization dedicated to support farmers and to the promotion of fresh fruits and vegetabl... [More]

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Weekly Workouts February 23-March 1

by jennifer3. March 2014 14:00
I am so busy my head is spinning. As you probably know if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or are a "real life" friend, my life is INSANE right now as we are totally remodeling our kitchen and 2 bathrooms. But I still made it to CrossFit! Here's how my week played out! Sunday-Rest day. I spent the day packing and moving household items in preparation for the contractors! Total Steps: 13,820   Monday-Crossfit CrossFit Open Workout 11.2Complete as many rounds and reps as possibl... [More]

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If you can read, you can cook

by jennifer2. March 2014 19:47
Growing up in the 1970's and '80's my family ate a lot of salad. I do remember my mom eating beets, and we also had a pretty big backyard garden with peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more. My parent's made pickles. We went apple picking. It was pretty neat. Unfortunately when I became a young adult and had more control over my diet, the produce turned into Little Debbie Swiss Cake rolls, pizza, and lots and lots of fast food. I don't really remember spending any time with my mom or da... [More]

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