Lose weight, improve your fitness and #rethinkyourday with Polar-Win a Polar FT80

by jennifer17. March 2014 15:50
It's no secret that Polar changed my life. I write about it often on the blog and on my social media channels. Not only did they change my life, but I also believe that they saved my life. And I'd love to pay it forward by gifting one of my readers a Polar FT80. The FT80 is not your average, run of the mill, beginner heart rate monitor. This computer that you wear strapped to your wrist is a MUST for the fitness enthusiast who wants to improve their strength and cardio.What do you have to do t... [More]

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Weekly Workouts March 9-15

by jennifer16. March 2014 19:13
This week we began our 3rd consecutive week of home remodeling. It had been an exhaustive previous 2 weeks, but I thought I knew what was in store for me for week 3. I was wrong. Turns out a complete kitchen and bath overhaul is much EASIER than to have 1200 square feet of your home tiled.  I'll be writing a post soon (with pictures!!) about the entire remodel! It looks beautiful! Okay, so with the craziness that has been going on, my workouts have still been cut short. But that's okay. Re... [More]

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Recap of the CrossFit Open 14.2

by jennifer13. March 2014 12:52
After my less than stellar performance in the 14.1 Open WOD, I had slightly higher hopes for 14.2. And then I saw the WOD.Gulp. A 65 pound overhead squat. Going overhead for me is difficult no matter what. After shoulder surgery in 2002, and years of physical therapy, my shoulder still "clicks" and "snags" when I go overhead. Not to mention that tight hip flexors often prevent me from breaking parallel in a squat, and in CrossFit breaking parallel is a MUST, especially in a competition. Coming... [More]

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